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Location: Richfield Springs, NY

Sector: Industrial

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Currently glass recycling is not profitable and does not work, as evidenced by the fact that over 75% of all glass recycled ends up in a landfill. However, that is about to change, as SiONEER has developed a patented process that can effectively and profitably process 100% of all waste glass. By using waste glass as feedstock, SiONEER can produce mineral-based engineered industrial products for established markets within 8 major industries. Some of these products include a pozzolan for concrete construction, silica flour for mortars and plasters, abrasives for sand blasting, water filtration media for water purification applications, non-toxic pesticides for organic farming, and optically sorted, furnace ready cullet for the bottle and fiberglass industry.


SiONEER is in the process of building an industry-leading facility in Stockton, California. Both feedstock and off-take contracts have already been executed with customers, guaranteeing profitability throughout initial operations. Stantec Engineering has completed a third-party engineering audit of the facility design. In addition, the California Pollution Control Finance Authority has approved the sale of $16,650,000 worth of Tax-Exempt Bonds to finance 70% of the facility. Lapis Advisors will commit to purchase 100% of these bonds and is in the final stages of an extensive due diligence review. This investment is contingent upon Lapis Advisors successfully completed its due diligence and approving the transaction for funding.


In addition, CalRecycle has awarded SiONEER a $3M Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant, based on the significant GHG reduction which is estimated as a result of SiONEER’s pozzolan products.

1. The SiONEER technology and market approach represents a major paradigm shift in glass processing. The technology is not based on optically sorting; instead SiONEER has developed the technology to clean and process 100% of the glass into varies sizes of Amorphous Silica which can then be processed into products with diverse industrial applications.

Traditional glass processing is based on two key components: (1) the glass is optically sorted by color and (2) the material is then sent to a furnace and melted into feedstock for the fiberglass or bottle industry. The advantage of this process is that glass going into a furnace burns off all impurities.


The major limitation to this process is if the glass is too small to optically sort then it must be treated as residue and redirected to a landfill. In today’s environment the glass processors are not only losing a significant percentage of their potential feedstock with this process but also have to pay for handling and diversion to landfills which is very expensive.


2. The SiONEER patent-pending process for making a pozzolan

If clean glass is ground into a fine powder without the SiONEER process the material would have pozzolanic characteristics but the material would perform more like a filler than a true pozzolan. This would dramatically decrease its value to the construction industry.


3. A feedstock supply that never runs out and is available in the same location as its customers

Unlike other minerals, SiONEER does not mine its feedstock from the earth. Our biggest supplies will always be in the largest world population centers, where demand for glass products is the greatest.

1. SiONEER’s solution solves the US glass recycling problem where 75% of all US glass planned for recycling (9 Million tons a year) ends up in landfill. This is a nationwide problem that is growing because the current technology does not meet the needs of the recycled glass demand. The SiONEER solution is scalable to meet the growing US market demand.

  • US Goal to build 40 plants across the nation
  • Financially very viable (projections available)

2. Our technology allows us to profitably engineer and manufacturer industrial products using waste glass as our feedstock. Market potential is exponentially greater than glass supply.

  • Major product is a pozzolan which is used in making ultra-high strength concrete which will be used in infrastructure products

3. Investors in this round will invest pari-passu with current angel investors


4. This capital raise will be used to complete the required equity funding for the CPCFA Bond financing for the Stockton facilitate, however the funds raised are in Sioneer corporate


5. This investment risk has been mitigated based on the following facts:

  • California Pollution Control Finance Authority will issue a Tax-Exempt Bond to finance 70% of the cost of the first plant in Stockton, CA. (Project cost $22M)
  • Executed formal term sheet with Lapis Advisors to purchase all of the bonds ($16,650,000) Investors will get the benefit of the professional due diligence already completed
  • Had to prove viability & profitability to meet required financial bond covenants
  • Off-Take Contracts are in place, which will insure the plant profitability
  • Feedstock contracts are in place
  • 3rd party Engineering report by Stantec Engineering completed
  • Already raised $5.4M
  • All California Environmental Permits awarded and in place
  • 5 years of development work completed and funded
  • SiONEER has been awarded a $3M GHG reduction grant by CalRecycle

6. Experienced Management team including primary investors who already built and ran a $20B a year fortune 200 manufacturing company

Douglas L. Jackson, President and CEO

Doug Jackson joined SiONEER as President and CEO in January of 2013, bringing over 40 years of experience in management, sales and finance.


Prior to joining SiONEER, Doug worked for AT&T Capital for over 25 years starting as a leasing salesman and rose through the ranks and eventually became Senior Vice President of Federal Markets.


In 2002, Doug founded Technology Finance Specialists, Inc. (TFS) which outsourced vendor finance programs for Information Technology companies.


In 2007 Doug founded Innovative Green Solutions (IGS) which sold “green” solutions to the federal government. IGS sold and built the first railroad bridge made out of 100% recycled plastic to the US Army at Ft. Eustis in Virginia.


Doug began his career in Detroit, Michigan with the Dale Carnegie Courses, where he was certified to teach all 4 courses and specialized in teaching the Dale Carnegie Sales Course.


Doug has a B.S. in Business Administration from Western Michigan University.


Brett M Wilhelm, Director of New Facilities

Brett rejoined Sioneer in December of 2018. Brett brings extensive experience in both project management and actual experience in running and building glass processing facilities. Brett is a Project Management and Continuous Improvement professional with strengths in Project Management Office (PMO) leadership, data analytics, systems design and strategic vision.


Brett is certified in Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2017, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Brett spent the last 5 years developing these skills on numerous projects including major government and hospital construction projects as well as leading a major data analytic effort for a major health care provider in upstate New York.


From 2009 to 2014 Brett was VP of facilities for Glass Processing Solutions (SiONEER) where he ran the pilot facility in Richfield Springs and built the licensed clean glass facilities at Momentum Recycling in Salt Lake City Utah and for Tricentris Recycling in Montreal.


In 2014 Brett became a project manager for SCMC, LLC managing construction projects for the US Government. Then in late 2015 Brett was recruited by Leatherstocking Collaborative Health Partners to manage a $72M Medicaid reform program.


Brett has a BS in Business Economics from State University of New York.


Enrique Castillo, Stockton Plant Manager

Enrique Castillo is the Plant Manager of SiONEER Stockton LLC., and will be the person responsible for the day to day operations of the Facility.  Mr. Castillo has a background in both materials processing and recycling operations.


Between 2002 and 2010, Mr. Castillo worked for Morgan Advanced Materials (Morgan), a global engineering company that specializes in creating and manufacturing of specialized materials to be used in manufacturing processes.


While at Morgan, Mr. Castillo worked as a Business Unit Manager and then a Production Manager.  Following Morgan, Mr. Castillo began working in the Bay-Area recycling industry for Rock-Tenn Company, which would become WestRock Company for the past eight (8) years starting in 2010 to 2014 and again from mid-2015 to 2018 as a Plant Manager, Northern California Regional Sales Manager and General Manager over 2 plants in the Bay Area.


Between 2014 and 2015, Mr. Castillo worked for Republic Services in Milpitas, California as the Operations Manager of the Material Recovery Facility processing 30,000 tons per month of multiple waste streams. Before leaving WestRock to join SiONEER Stockton LLC, Mr. Castillo was the General Manager in the Sacramento facility and responsible for staffing, plant operations, environmental compliance, safety, and procurement of recycling materials.


Mr. Castillo attended the Lean Mastery Course at California State University, Hayward, School of Business and Economics, Hayward, California.


Nickolas Nejadfard, Lead Plant Designer and Engineer

Nickolas has joined the SiONEER team as the lead Plant designer and engineer. Nick is an accomplished operations and engineering management professional with 40 years of experience in glass processing.


Nick began his career in 1976 by working in the maintenance department of a SMI Glass processing plant. He was later promoted into a lead position and became the Director of Maintenance, Engineering and Fabrication for many stationary and mobile plants across the US, Canada and Mexico.


Nick has a strong and consistent track record of designing new equipment to increase production efficiencies. Highly experienced innovator with the problem-solving skills to identify and implement solutions to production and productivity challenges, improving profit margins, reducing operating cost, generating revenue increases as well as designing and utilizing the best available technology in constructing new processing facilities with low capital expenditure in glass recycling industry.


Nik attended Cleveland State University for Mechanical Engineering and holds a B.A from Kent State University.


Wendy Wright, Vice President of Finance

Wendy has been with Sioneer since its January 1, 2010 focused on finances and modeling.


Wendy Wright has been working as a consultant focused on Financial Planning and Analysis with start-up companies and small businesses since 2010. Throughout Wendy’s 25+ year career she has worked with business leaders in both public and start-up companies helping to build strategic business plans, partnering with companywide teams to define and take ownership of these plans, and then working with infrastructure groups to help align the financial plans, HR programs, and internal systems needed to support the strategic goals, future direction, and managed growth of the business.


Wendy spent the first 15 years of her career in finance, accounting, and systems development at Forrester Research, Inc. (FORR), a small, fast-paced technology research company that quickly grew into a large, multi-national, public company where she was responsible for the annual business plan, analysis, forecasting, KPIs, incentive compensation programs, and financial systems including the sales contact management system.


She worked closely with the CFO and outside accounting firm in the preparation for the company’s Initial Public Offering in 1996 as well as multiple international and multi-national corporate acquisitions.


Wendy has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina.