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Location: Portland, Oregon

Sector: Technology, Blockchain and AI.

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ziggie is an on-line digital platform and coin economy for increasing brand and consumer engagement, including more efficient marketing and promotion, a transparent user experience, and amplified purpose and impact. Individuals and companies are rewarded for sustainable action through an electronic token exchange and we intend to utilize blockchain and AI to target millennials who reject traditional methods of marketing and brand engagement.

First mover advantage

ziggie has no head-on competition for creating a brand & consumer engagement platform integrated with a coin economy for sustainability. Our platform will achieve better results for our clients at lower costs than any existing business solution.


Defensible IP

All of the elements of our coin economy and applied behavioral methods are defensible IP for ziggie.


Market traction established

Our current e-commerce and marketing platform is already building usership for our full suite of digital products. Please see traction:


Technology Base:  Mobile responsive Magento 2.0 ecommerce site with custom UX and UI


B2B Customer Base: 80 sustainable brands signed in 6 months with 50% drop ship and building to reach 70% in 2019, 300 brands in pipeline; significant merchandise discounts negotiated for cause.


B2C Customer Base: Launched e-commerce May 2018, building usership of 54K for our platform; launched flash sale capability; growing additional product categories; brands & impact organizations requesting additional cause-oriented sales events.


Margin Validity: Drop ship rates at 30% commission, a minimum of 10 points above industry standards.


Strategic Audiences Validity: Signed agreements with 11 international & national impact organizations; 1.5M+ impressions for ziggie through partnerships at cost of $.0007 per email; joint enterprise with Heifer International, employing blockchain and our behavioral methods to help small farmers register and purchase their land—signed and monetized contract to deliver IP.


Marketing Assumptions: Marketing to strategic audiences demonstrated lowered costs of reach, sales conversion rates as high as 1.7% and growing, and CTR significantly above industry for both display advertising and Facebook paid.


Technical Requirements Completed: For peer-to-peer app, ready to build MVP application.


Marketing of Reputation Coin™: 8 national advertising agencies advising on Reputation Coin™,Vanbex, one of the top firms in North America, ready to build blockchain application.

ziggie has 6 major advantages over its competitors including:


1. Coin  economy (ziggie Reputation Coin™) allowing faster, easier, decentralized customer acquisition with immediate rewards for action, as well as proprietary agreements with brands.


2. Sales model is differentiated through leading edge peer-to-peer capability & use of Reputation Coin™.


3. Drop ship model increases cash flow beyond traditional retail.


4. Focus on strategic audiences generates 4 million + reach with minimal cost.


5. Technology to be easily utilized by advertising agencies to improve engagement & results for clients’ brands.


6. First mover advantage.

Craig Brod, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Retail professional and entrepreneur; 30 years experience in executive leadership and start up roles. Exceptional skills in envisioning and implementing new retail experiences to capitalize on emerging consumer trends.


As a trained psychologist, Dr. Brod is an innovator in the application of cognitive behavioral principles to the design of retail spaces and shopping behavior (digital and physical spaces). This includes conscious design of strategies to radically increase brand engagement through framing, neural loops, intermittent reinforcement, micro-behavioral designs, and optimal duration of relevant content strategies.


Adam Robinson, Senior Advisor & Chief Financial Officer

20+ years of COO and CFO expertise in private equity, hedge fund management and investment banking across Asia, Europe and Africa. He directed the set-up of new businesses in various countries and launched new financial products while working with management to define and manage strategic direction.   Mr. Robinson has extensive business management, risk management, operations, marketing, administration and finance expertise. He is a UK chartered accountant having been an audit manager at KPMG.


Susan Park, Chief Revenue Officer

Retail executive and strategist with consistently strong business results in delivering innovative and exciting products to market with over 20 years of experience in consumer markets. Through roles in merchandise management at top companies includes Gap Inc., Sephora and lululemon athletica, and significant experience in strategy and business development both within corporate and management consulting teams, Ms. Park’s work has focused almost exclusively on growing companies. Ms. Park has a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a M.B.A. from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


As the Chief Revenue Officer for ziggie, Ms. Park is directly accountable for e-commerce, marketing and strategic partnerships with brands and social impact organizations.


Bailey Heckel, Chief Operating Officer

A senior leader at publicly traded companies such as lululemon athletica and Coldwater Creek. Ms. Heckel has over 20 years of experience in retail, organizational architecture & branding. She delivers business strategies along with fully integrated experiences for customers and employees. Through leadership roles spanning creative, merchandising, operations, and technology she approaches her craft with a focus on scalability, visibility and
responsiveness to an ever-changing business environment. Ms. Heckel’s work has been primarily focused on transformational business initiatives.


Andy Green, PhD., CTO

Dr. Green has over 20 years international experience in providing high tech solutions to blue chip companies. He holds a doctorate in Electronic Systems Engineering with special skills in deployment of microprocessors, machine learning, generic algorithms as well as high-speed order machine infrastructure. Dr. Green, as partner in ALT 224, was instrumental in creating a revolutionary trading platform. He has also has deep experience in wireless network operation and wireless/software applications development. Green is developing the architecture to connect ziggie’s proprietary coin economy with both public and private blockchains.