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Wireless Assets Holdings LLC

Location: New York, NY

Sector: Telecom

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Wireless Assets is a cutting-edge, proprietary telecom industry institutional research spin-off from highly successful analyst firm. Self-serve asset valuation modeling platform integrating a highly intuitive and  visual interface.


Our Model: Flat Fee Access

  • Deep-Dive Research at 1/10th of the Cost
  • Predictable Research Budgeting, Flat-Fee Pricing
  • On-Demand and Real-Time Metrics and Reports, Instant Delivery
  • Low Learning Curve Compared to Syndicated Platforms
  • Reduced Diligence Time and Cost to Benchmark and Validate Business Models for Private and Private Equity
  • Targeted, Customizable Panels to Address Hybrid Business Model Validation & PE Targets

1. Cutting edge, self-service analytics and research platform for institutions


2. Dynamically-linked interactive comparative metrics, key asset and valuation models, historical data and transactions, source document repository


3. Highly intuitive and visual. Proprietary modeling and analysis unavailable elsewhere


4. Real time, dynamic architecture that integrates with third –party and client data


5. Modeling and valuation date based on 36 years of industry experience

  • Industry-centric data, experience and context – not overly-broad macro research

The company was founded by a 36 year telecom veteran with extensive financial market and modeling experience.


  • High visibility of lead analyst to over 2,000 TMT analyst projects | 36 years Telecom & 16 Institutional Investments

Excellent reputation, extremely large social network. Industry technology judge at global level.


  • Huge proprietary database and analysis warehouse

Vetted sources of proprietary data are not common in the relatively young Telecom space due to rapid technological advances and recent exposure to increased debt and equity influx.

Bill Stueber, CEO

  • 36 Years Wireless Telecom Experience. Public and Private Company
  • 20 Years Industry CEO– 16 Years Wall St. Equity/Debt Analyst
  • Highly Visible TMT Analyst Across 1,000+ Investment Professionals
  • Platform Architecture, Strategic Relationships, Lead Analyst


Ken Edwards, CFO

  • SEC Partner at #10 US Accounting Firm.
  • 25 Years Financial Compliance. Industry Experience. BDO, Cohn|Resnick
  • Expertise in Public Company CFO, Corporate Financial Development
  • Regulatory Matters, and SEC Compliance