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Westford Properties Ltd.


Location: Vancouver, BC

Sector: Real Estate

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Westford Properties is an Alberta based property development company with the business goal of creating growth and profits through real estate developments. Westford Properties is an active real estate business seeking profitable opportunities across Western Canada.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • History of successful developments – During the past 14 years, Kingswood has successfully executed and completed over $50 Million in real estate projects. Our successful track record has been built through experience, superior diligence & research and exceptional decision making by a qualified team of not only real estate professionals but financial experts who all understand how to read through the statistics and data to create tangible results.
  • Professional team – The team consists of successful developers, certified accountants and professional financial services.
  • The company is vested – The team is vested in the projects.


Westford Properties is an Alberta based property development company with the business goal of creating growth and profits through real estate developments. Westford Properties is an active real estate business seeking profitable opportunities across Western Canada.

Ketan Ladva, CEO & Founder – With more than 14 years as a real estate professional, Ketan will lead and execute the goals of Westford Properties Ltd. His experience focuses not only on the acquisition of investment properties but in addition, he is well versed in asset management, risk assessment, financial analysis and reporting, new construction, design expertise and project management. Ketan has successfully completed over $50M in real estate transactions and is a partner of Kingswood Asset Management.

Phillip Skinder, President & Founder – Phil Skinder is the President of Skinder Financial Services (SFSI) – a Canadian based Corporate Finance Advisory Firm that provides structure, strategies and management to reduce risk, maximize return and help private companies access capital. Since 1996 SFSI has been directly involved in over $50M of financing for venture capital funds, early stage companies and start-ups throughout a wide variety of industries.

Vipul Pachchigar, Treasurer & Founder – Through holding a Canadian Chartered Accounting designation, Vipul has held senior level roles within the financial and risk management sectors with in organizations such as Ernst & Young, HSBC, Royal Dutch Shell and Royal Bank of Scotland. Vipul’s breadth of experience includes building efficient business processes, analyzing and completing real estate transactions, analytical due diligence of real estate transactions, as well as financial statement and internal control reviews. Vipul is a partner of Kingswood Asset Management and focuses in all financial aspects of the company.

Robert Shore, Secretary & Founder – As President and CEO of Market News Publishing Inc. ( – US) for over 20 years, Robert’s knowledge and expertise on publicly traded companies is unparalleled. Through extensive due diligence, research and analysis he discovered that financial structures being used in real estate throughout the North American regions, could be re-framed to reduce risk and enhance returns in a manner similar to the financial structures used in other industries. For the last 10 years he has been working with Phil Skinder to develop venture funding strategies and financial structures for reduced risk and enhanced returns within the real estate industry.

Sanjiv Sheth, Operations Director & Founder – Focusing on providing his clients with turnkey real estate investment solutions, Sanjiv draws on his expertise to source opportuniites, arrange optimal financing and define multiple exit strategies for each project. Having a background as a Chartered Certified Accountant, Sanjiv has worked with large international firms in London, England. As a partner of Kingswood Asset Management, Sanjiv’s role is to establish and strengthen relationships with Investment Partners as well as provide analytical skills necessary for project evaluation, management and execution.