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Location: Laramie, Wyoming

Sector: Clean Tech

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WellDog measures data that are key to making good decisions about producing hydrocarbons or sequestering carbon dioxide in geologic formations.


The company sells the data or the systems that measure them, including the SweetSpotter – which identifies the location of natural gas and carbon dioxide, the WatchDog – which measures the pressure at which those gases are produced or injected, and the Reservoir RockHound – which measures the rock properties that correlate with desirable reservoir properties.


The company creates large data sets that can be mined using data analytics to better understand geologic reservoirs, which is especially important for unconventional resources.

1. Unique patented technology used to measure in-well hydrocarbons

WellDog is the only company in the global oil & Gas industry capable of making direct in-well measurements of hydrocarbons.  This patented technology involves Raman Spectroscopy.

All tools are manufactured and maintained by WellDog. The measurements generated are more accurate and definitive than current industry practice.


2. Safety

WellDog’s unique Safety Management system delivers exceptional safety standards and provides industry-leading Key Performance Indicators.


3. Service Quality

As in any other industry, service quality is key to a successful business. We work very hard at creating a world-class customer service culture, with product reliability > 95% based on over 4,000 well installations.


4. Cost Effective

WellDog was structured from its inception to excel in the high volume low-cost market of the Unconventional resource market. We developed our business model to de-feature products to make them fit-for-purpose for the smaller demands of Unconventional resources (as compared to offshore developments), reduce supply chain costs by using our high volume buying power, and yet deliver world-class performance in important client areas – while also delivering compelling margins to our shareholders.

1. Mature company

Market, management, intellectual property, technology, branding, etc are all highly mature after 15 years of commercial activity


2. Startup valuation on raise that is closing out now

Due to business disruption in Australia, valuation and terms do not reflect that maturity, and investment history and momentum are high


3. Compelling mission

This is a company that after 20 years has arrived at the center of some of the largest and most important macrotrends of our time

John Pope, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • John has over 20 years of technical & management experience in the O&G industry
  • Appointed by the Governor to the Wyoming CBM Water Use Task Force (2005-2007) and Interstate O&G Compact Commission in 2006
  • Earned a BS in physics from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Wyoming

James Walker, Chief Operating Officer & President

  • Was a major hire in 2013, bringing a successful track record in the downhole well monitoring industry, with high credibility in the O&G service industry
  • Previously held positions at Baker Hughes, Expro, Quantapoint and led QuantX, an Expro-Baker Hughes JV, to over $200 million in sales
  • Earned a BS (Joint Honours) in Geology & Mining Engineering, and an MBA from Robert Gordon University

Bob Rees, Operations and WatchDog Product Line Manager

  • One of the industry’s leading experts on design and installation of well-monitoring systems.

Usman Ahmed, Director, Executive Technology Advisor

  • One of the industry’s leading experts on unconventional resources
  • Previously VP Global Unconventional Resources Business Unit at Baker Hughes

Nate Nicholas, External Counsel, China Sales

  • Expert in energy policy and China market dynamics.
  • Formerly policy advisor to WY Governor Matt Mead.

Kendall Mire, Permian Basin District Manager

  • Handles the Regional Sales and Operations Engineering
  • Formerly with Baker Hughes, Halliburton

Grant Myers, Technology Manager

  • Expert in Raman spectroscopy and related analytical chemistry methods.
  • Formerly with NIST and Univ of Utah.