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WebsPlanet Ltd

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Sector: SaaS.

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WebsPlanet is an industry pioneer in white label online presence solutions.  Over the last decade, we have built a loyal, international client base of service providers such as directories, telcos, domain providers, and web hosting companies that sell our website-builder to their SMB customers.  We have spent the last 3 years developing Cosmos; a revolutionary SaaS Commerce Platform for Applications to enable our partners to sell 3rd party services and applications to SMBs.


Cosmos provides an entire ecosystem connecting channels, SMB customers, and application providers. It is a white label, all-in-one solution for the SMB end-user to manage a business online.  Key features include an intuitive user dashboard to visualize activity across multiple applications, a marketplace to purchase more SaaS products, business operations management area, and billing system. Additionally, end-users will benefit from the platform’s deep integration with each application, providing an unprecedented level of connectivity between the many online services required for them to remain competitive.  For the service provider, Cosmos is the best solution for delivering a branded dashboard and marketplace to their customers.


WebsPlanet has designed the platform in such a way that our service provider partners can invest their time and resources in sales and customer growth instead of building and maintaining a robust software solution.

1. Cosmos is the first End-to-end management tool designed to help SMBs manage their business online & improve business performance

While there are many marketplaces in the market that provide accessibility to cloud SaaS apps and allow SMBs to purchase apps online, Cosmos is the only one focused on solving some of the day to day issues SMBs are facing to create true value. For example:

  • Cosmos automates the connectivity between the purchased apps, creating unmatched user experience for the SMBs
  • Cosmos aggregates messages and statistics from all apps into one dashboard and management tool, allowing the SMB to easily follow up on any open lead they got from any app, all from one dashboard
  • Cosmos provides a built-in mini-CRM designed to fit the unique needs of any SMB

2. Proactive BI based recommendations and bundles

Cosmos records the SMBs’ purchase and success behavior and learns “what works”. Based on this BI, Cosmos suggests pro-active recommendations to its SMB users in order to help them improve their business performance.


Based on this BI, service providers are able to create revenue-generating, churn reducing packages making Cosmos a mission critical tool, providing real value to their customers.


3. Built-in billing system

In today’s Cloud based apps, each app has a different billing cycle – monthly, yearly, one-time fee. Cosmos comes with a smart advanced billing system that knows how to handle each subscription type (including upgrade/downgrade events taking place in the middle of a billing cycle).


Service providers can use the built in billing system or enjoy its APIs to get all the relevant data and reports needed in order to integrate into any existing billing system. This reduces the huge hurdle of integrating new products into the old, heavy billing systems that most telco companies are using.

Complexity:  Time to Market / Deployment

The speed and efficiency of implementing the Cosmos platform is unmatched.  Not only does this save time and money during launch but also when adding new services and adapting to shifts in market trends.  This allows our partners to deploy an integrated solution very quickly and respond to ongoing customer needs.


Innovation / Agility

Both WebsPlanet and our Cosmos platform were born out of innovation.   Cosmos was designed to create a better experience for SMBs by providing an innovative, truly integrated ecosystem of clients, software providers, and service providers.  One excellent example of this innovation is the upcoming integration with Amazon Alexa which allows the user to retrieve important information regarding their business via voice control.


This means SMBs can access information from their SaaS applications even though that SaaS provider does not have such an integration. There is no other solution on the market which packages this power of integration into a user-friendly, functional tool for small businesses.


Holistic Approach

Cosmos delivers everything a service provider needs to take the solution to market:  User dashboard, Marketplace, Subscription provisioning and management, Integrated billing system, Robust admin area for user management, reporting, etc, and much more.


It can be a true turn-key solution. For the SMB, the same logic applies. Cosmos can provide all the online tools they need in one place.  Beyond just access to each of these tools, Cosmos also presents crucial performance data to the user as well as dynamic recommendations based on these KPIs.



WebsPlanet has always strived to be an agile and responsive company.  This mindset has allowed us to work with partners across multiple industries and also meet their strict requirements even when they did not fall in our normal scope of work.  The ability and willingness to adapt to customer needs has proven to be a key differentiator for our company.


Online Presence – Industry Experience

WebsPlanet was founded as a white label website building platform over 10 years ago.  This led the company to initially work with directory publishers and later other profiles such as domain providers, telcos, and hosting companies.


The focus on the online presence industry has allowed our team to gain a deep understanding of the needs and trends in this industry.  While traditionally our product suite has been centered around websites, email accounts, and domains, the applications integrated into Cosmos fit perfectly into our area of expertise.

Guy Karolizki, Co-Founder & CEO

Over 20 years of experience in High-Tech companies in the online presence and web industry. Guy leads WebsPlanet’s business activities including sales, marketing, business development, finance, legal and HR.


His ability to develop relationships with employees, customers, partners and suppliers is a key part of WebsPlanet’s success.In parallel to his role as WebsPlanet’s CEO, Guy also serves as a mentor in Nielson Innovate and WeWork Lab (early stage technological incubators) and is a member in several advisory boards.


Specialties: Specialize in SMB Online and Mobile Presence, company management and leadership, business development and marketing. Guy has turned a start-up into a profitable company (reached a $10M turnover at its peak) and has been winning Deloitte fast 50 –  2 years in a row.


Moshe Livne, Co-Founder & President

Over 20 years of experience in High-Tech companies in the online presence and web industry. Moshe leads WebsPlanet’s business activities including sales, marketing, business development, Product and Development.


A seasoned and successful leader with a track record of innovative technologies. Experienced in converting opportunities into success and driving for profit and growth. Well networked and highly successful in implementing company strategy, defining company direction, and achieving goals.


Specialties: Leadership, business development and marketing. Responsible for the company vision and implementation. Moshe completed BA Psychology from Haifa University and holds an MBA from Ono Academic College.


Aharon Ratner, CFO

Over 30 years of experience working with a wide variety of companies (In Israel and USA) in the high Tech and IT section. Aharon’s wide expertise includes M&A (from the buyer as well as the seller side), fund raising, financial management, investors relations, legal and HR.


In parallel to his roles in the High Tech industry Aharon is a staff member in the faculty of Industrial Technology Management at HIT college.  His courses deal with financing and international business strategy.


Aharon completed B.Sc (honors) & M.Sc (honors) from Hebrew University and Directors Course – MIL – The Israeli Center for Management.


Doron Bracha, VP Customer Success

Doron has been working in the web industry for over 13 years, mostly with the SMB sector. Doron has taken upon himself many roles including Project Management, Account Management, Support, Client Success & all operations. As part of his many roles in the company, Doron relocated to the company’s offices in the US to help support our US and Latin America strategic accounts.


For the past 2-3 years Doron has been working extensively in defining, planning and producing on our new product “Cosmos”, while bringing his experience & knowledge of SAAS solutions in the SMB sector. Doron is a Practical Visual Communication engineer.


Eyal Gur, VP Quality & Customer Care

20 years of experience in software quality in various successful companies. Eyal’s experience includes both hardware and software product testing. Eyal’s career started with manual testing and rapidly transitioned into automated testing and Agile processes.


Eyal is a Practical Software Engineer fromTel-Aviv University.


Uri Rabin, VP R&D

Uri has over 20 years of experience in software development, including 8 years of executive roles in R&D. Uri is bringing proven experience in leading the entire life cycle of both product development and projects.Uri holds vast knowledge and experience in web, cloud technology and the marketplace industry.


Peter Edquist, Director of Sales – North & South America

Peter leads WebsPlanet’s sales and marketing efforts in the Americas region. He has 10+ years of business development experience working across multiple industries throughout the US and Latin America including Security and Defense, Manufacturing, and Tech.