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Weather-Vane Enterprises Inc.

Location: Ajax, ON

Sector: Other .

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Weather-Vane was reorganized in 2014 from a holding company to a company providing management of development and control and business oversight for a number of wholly owned single project subsidiaries, each engaged in condominium resorts plus associated venues and retail operations situated in the Muskoka and Haliburton Counties, in Ontario, Canada.

Single Organizing Company for a Growing Number of Developments

Weather-Vane investigates site locations and arranges for acquisition (including purchase and construction financing services).  It provides initial feasibility and concept planning services for new projects, overseeing development planning and marketing through an associated company, and directly manages construction, schedules, organization and negotiation; contracting with various engineers, architects, designers, green technology companies and contractors, project and construction managers, as well as providing post construction operational and growth strategies for the subsidiaries as a group.


Sustainability Developer

Weather-Vane maintains a sustainability strategy emphasizing sustainability and green technologies assuring that resorts and retail premises are reduced users of energy guided by net-zero and passive objectives, reduction of carbon footprints, reduction of operating costs for resorts and business as users of the housing and facilities at each resort.  It works to maintain technological currency in movements and trends in design, permaculture, architecture, materials and associated technologies to benefit construction and generate positive awareness for marketing purposes.

As part of its business, Weather-Vane is a member and active participant in sustainable tourism in cooperation with governments, profit and non-profit organization and other bodies including certification groups such as LEED and tourist promotional and development groups (both regional and international)


Post Construction Services

The company maintains post construction cooperation and standards across all operating resorts to ensure consistency between resorts and associated operations, each of which operate with different design and curb-appeal parameters. This results in economy of scale with regard to inventory, staffing and upgrades.  Subsidiaries operate in each location as independent businesses, remaining sensitive to local concerns. This social sustainability ensures that Weather-Vane will be seen as a good neighbour and enjoy an on-going welcome status in each of the communities where it operates.

  • Weather-Vane Identifies, acquires, and develops smaller sites and resorts not attractive to hotel focused developers
  • The company can match marketing budgets and efficiency of larger resorts while maintaining distinctive resorts
  • Uses sustainability as a development and marketing model
  • Marketing and operational costs are minimalized and monitored
  • Sources of income are discrete and protected
  • The ability to remain flexible vis a vis project on-boarding

Richard S. Michna, President & Director

Richard originally cultivated interests in Middle East and Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto, Columbia University and the Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes in the late sixties and early seventies.  He lectured Cultural Anthropology at Trent University and commencing 1973 acted as Islamic bibliographer at Robarts Library, University of Toronto while finishing his PhD qualifications and examinations.  Concurrently, Richard took the opportunity to attend the faculty of law at the University of Toronto and, on gradation he changed his carrier direction upon being offered articles at the Toronto firm of Cassels, Brock.   He then began his practice at Blake, Cassels and Graydon, in securities and banking law and subsequently was invited to take advantage of joining practice with colleagues and class mates in other growing firms.  In 1991 he established his own business and real estate private practice until retirement in 2004.  In 2006, after acting as secretary and legal advisor to Prodigy Graphics Inc., Envoy Capital Inc. and its subsidiaries including Weather-Vane Enterprises Inc. became a main focus of business finally concentrating on mid-range condominium and resort mixed use developments with an emphasis on emerging green technologies and the idea of developing projects in a different context relying heavily on the benefits of current marketing trends.

Together with Bob Pente established a digital marketing company, Midori North Corp., for the purpose of marketing Weather-Vane Enterprises Inc.’s developments and ongoing businesses.   Midori North Corp. has already listed on the OCMX.


Reta Cook, Comptroller

Reta has acted as accountant and comptroller for a number of corporate clients with more than 40 years of experience.  She has acquired particular expertise in construction management, contract and expense oversight, payments under contracts and withholdings and has actively participated in settling terms and pricing and estimate evaluation for numerous commercial and residential projects.