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Location: San Diego, CA

Sector: Software.

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Voujo is a dating app that connects people through personality-based feedback provided by other members and a member’s friends.

Voujo is the only dating app that lets you filter potential dates by desirable personality traits. Then, see what a person’s friends say, and other members who have interacted with the person, before deciding whether to chat or meet up. The net effect: you only write part of your own profile. The rest is written by others.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

Validated User Acquisition

In our space, initial user acquisition is the largest hurdle faced by a startup. Various factors force a startup to engage in a localized, grassroots effort to acquire an initial user base that will allow the app to operate on its own without people running out of matches. Validating an initial user acquisition method is very difficult.

But once it is done, all a startup needs to do is scale it and the company is in serious business. Borrowing from the methods utilized successfully in our space, we have validated just such a method, and it can be scaled in a big way.



Building the initial mass of users necessarily requires taking a loss initially, but due to our planned lean operation, as well as our unique and multiple revenue streams, we anticipate achieving profitability (a rarity in our industry, which focuses more on users) relatively quickly and, perhaps as important, amassing a large amount of cash on hand that can be used in a variety of ways and will lessen the need to fund-raise as often as most startups, much less dating services.


Portability of Technology

Because our key features are specifically planned to not be inherent to a dating service, they will be portable. In other words, they can be used to start other business lines, particularly once we achieve a mass of users and data we can transfer over to a new, related business, thereby avoiding altogether initial customer acquisition.

First Impression Feedback

Once a certain level of interaction has been achieved between two users, each can provide personality-based, anonymous feedback. The available choices are all positive and are the particular personality traits people most want to see in a potential date out of the gate (e.g., smart, funny, nice). This feedback is displayed on a member’s profile in summary form and can be seen by those other members the member chooses to interact with.


Friend Feedback

A user can solicit up to 3 friends to provide them a narrative endorsement that is placed on the user’s profile. This feedback is displayed on a member’s profile in summary form & can be seen by those other members the member chooses to interact.


Personality Trait Searches

A member can choose as one of his or her search filters the personality traits related to First Impression Feedback. Because of the obviously/intentionally biased nature of Friend Feedback it is not incorporated into the search algorithm.


Control of Interaction

No one can see your full profile or message you unless you choose to let them. So if someone likes you, that person cannot do either of those things unless you like the person back or send them a message. You can remove this access at any time

Matt Wiles, Co-Founder

Matt places much of his focus on business, financial, legal, and strategy issues, and assists as needed with other areas. As a lawyer, he has been representing the legal interests of sophisticated businesses for over 15 years. Currently a Partner in an AmLaw 200 firm, Matt maintains an office and client base both in Ohio and California.

Serving in a first- chair, client-facing capacity, so his work largely consists of development and execution of both legal and business strategies; business, financial, securities/fundraising-related and legal issues.

Matt was named a Rising Star by SuperLawyers Magazine and served as primary outside litigation counsel for multi-billion dollar company, representing company’s interests across country.


Kyle Gernhofer, Co-Founder

Kyle focuses his efforts on the creative evolution of the product, based on user and other feedback as well as the competitive landscape, and including interfacing with developers and designers.

Kyle was selected as a recipient for the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) by the US Navy Dental Corps. As the Chief Dental Officer aboard the USS TORTUGA, Kyle was awarded the prestigious Navy Commendation Medal in 2008 for executing a multi-national exercise in Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, providing free dental care to over 1000 people in need.

He was also recognized as maintaining the highest dental readiness numbers of any Dental Officer in the United States Naval Fleet. Today, he helps run one of the busiest and most respected dental offices in San Diego County.


Meghan Brohoski, Marketing/User Acquisition

Meghan’s strengths are content marketing, partnerships, communication and social media. Her background with startups has taught her how to be scrappy, data-driven, and resourceful. Meghan, a former sorority member, heads and manages our college program.

In addition to Voujo, Meghan is also a Community Manager at a health and fitness tech startup based in San Diego. As a member of a Marketing team of two, she wears many different hats: managing the companies social media, influencer marketing, partner relations, events, vendor prospecting, email marketing, content marketing, customer feedback, and more.