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ThermaGenix Inc

Location: Natick, MA

Sector: Life Sciences.

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ThermaGenix is committed to empowering scientists all over the world with the highest performing Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) additives. Our innovative and universal PCR additives ThermaStop™, ThermaGo™ and ThermaStop-RT™ augment polymerase specificity and fidelity, enhancing quantitative end-point data accuracy and analysis and achieving more homogeneous amplicons for downstream applications.


These technologies significantly enhance analysis of RNA substrates as well as DNA substrates. From genotyping to Gibson assembly, next generation sequencing sample preparation to diagnostics, ThermaGenix technology will maximize PCR and RT-PCR performance.

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MG cp Summary

ThermaStop™, ThermaGo™ and ThermaStop-RT™ prevent DNA Polymerases and Reverse Transcriptases from acting outside of  precise temperature ranges, thereby minimizing spurious side reactions and off-target activity. TGX is the first company to offer patented molecular reagents that control the key enzymes in very specific temperature ranges- which results in High-Precision PCR.


Key Features of ThermaStop:

• Replaces Hot-Start, cheaper & more effective – benefit for all forms of PCR

• Stabilizes Taq Polymerase for Extended Periods of Time- benefit for PCR

• Prevents mis-priming during reverse transcription of RNA

• Enhances Multiplexing – benefit for PCR

• Acts as a Cold Stop – benefit for NGS

• First Hot-Start for RT-PCR – benefit for NGS


Key Features of ThermaGo:

• First reagent to suppress product-product interactions during amplification

• Works with both antibody hot start and chemical hot start

• Enhances End-Point Genotyping using Symmetric PCR

• Suppresses chimera formation – benefit for NGS and Gibson assembly


Key Features of ThermaStop-RT:

• Provides Superior Hot-Start for RT-PCR

• Significantly improves Sensitivity and Specificity in RT-PCR

• Provides for Significant Increase in RNA Yields as reported and far better One-Step or Two-Step RT-PCR results

Entry into Global PCR Marketplace:

VERY Large and Growing Global Markets. ThermaGenix products are unique and value-adding for all aspects of PCR marketplace.


Entry in Global Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) Markets:

VERY Large and Growing Global Markets. ThermaGenix products are unique and value-adding for all aspects of NGS marketplace. It is estimated that use addition of ThermaGenix reagents in NGS Product and Library preparation that approx.. 25% of NGS costs can by eliminated- saving over $100M annually.


Entry into VERY Large and Expanding Liquid Biopsy Marketplace:

ThermaGenix represents an “Intel-Inside” like opportunity to have an investment into the largest growth opportunity to come to Life Science/Cancer Diagnostics in the last decade, and for years to come.

Peter J Coassin – President and CEO

Mr Coassin is an experienced and successful inventor, entrepreneur and leader.  Since graduation Mr. Coassin has invented technologies and worked with leading academic scientists (Hubert Koester, Edwin Southern, John Fenn, Roger Tsien, Ron Davis and most recently Lawrence Wangh) to bring to market many different technologies including DNA Synthesizers, Peptide Synthesizers, DNA Arrays, Capillary Electrophoresis based DNA sequencing, cellular technologies and miniaturization, advanced microscopy and now, truly revolutionary additives to improve critical biotechnology enzyme processes.


Mr Coassin has worked within large Fortune 500 companies to produce products (Millipore, Beckman-Coulter, Vertex Pharmaceuticals) as well as a range of startups including CoWest Instruments – Sold to Millipore 1985, Aurora Biosciences –   Sold to Vertex in 2001, Aurora Discovery – sold to Beckman in 2006, Aurora Biotechnologies – merged to Nexus 2009 and sold to Brooks Automation 2011.



Lawrence J Wangh, Founder and CSO

Professor Lawrence, received his undergraduate degree in biology at Brandeis University in 1968 and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from The Rockefeller University in 1973.  He then went to England as a Helen Hay Whitney Fellow and work at the Medical Research Council laboratories in Cambridge and London.  In 1977 he returned to the Biology Department of Brandeis University to teach courses in developmental biology, reproductive biology, and evolution.  In parallel he established a laboratory aimed at doing basic research in those same fields.  In the course of that work he and his laboratory colleagues invented a novel method for non-symmetric amplification of very small amounts of DNA.


From 1997 through 2016, with approximately 10 million dollars of support from grants and biotechnology companies, he and his team invented a suite of synergistic technologies that enhanced their new PCR method and its use in many fields, including quantitative measurements of DNA and RNA in single cell, highly informative single-tube diagnosis of cancer gene targets, and detection of numerous infectious diseases – including extensively drug resistant tuberculosis.


After nearly forty years on the Brandeis faculty, Professor Wangh and his team: Aquiles Sanchez, Ph.D., John Rice M.S., and Kenneth Pierce, Ph.D. launched ThermaGenix, Inc. in 2017 in order to commercialize their revolutionary PCR reagents and methods. ThermaGenix is committed to enhancing the quality of life by selling its technologies for high precision analysis of very small quantities of nucleic acids to researchers, biotechnologists, and medical professionals worldwide.



Charles Powell, Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Powell has spent the majority of his professional career in a variety of Life Science Sales and Marketing roles and assignments starting out as a field-sales representative with Beckman Instruments. Mr. Powell joined Aurora Discovery in May 2004 as Vice President, Sales and Marketing- eventually becoming Chief Commercial Officer and Director.


Aurora evolved over 7 years – merging with Nexus Biosystems in 2009 before being bought by Brooks Automation in 2011. In October 2015 Mr. Powell bought the Aurora Business back from Brooks Automation. In January 2017 Mr. Powell joined Thermagenix as Chief Commercial Officer.