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RSI Online Inc.

Location: Burlington, ON

Sector: Financial Technology.

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RSI Online is a Canadian owned fin-tech company that has created a mobile-friendly digital investment platform, called Venchuer.  Venchuer allows both the retail investor and the accredited investor simple, and convenient access to higher yielding investment funds.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

Trust/Transparency– RSI Online Inc is working towards a public offering shortly dependent on the overall market conditions; this will allow for growth by acquisition. RSI Online Inc. will have two currencies: cash and stock.

Less Regulation- The recent announcement from the Canadian Securities Administration explains that they are going to be supporting retail investors who invest in alternative investments such as hedge funds.

RSI Business Model- The RSI business model relies on a number of risks mitigating policies, namely the use of 3rd party companies to fulfill traditional employee function. This limits potential Employment issues such as severance. These 3rd party companies provide accounting and fund administration thus adding transparency and clarity to the business.

100 % Digital Online Offering– is a 100 % SEC approved online solution, allowing the client the following benefits: zero printing, US electronic signature act compliance, SEC approved portal, online electronic payment from and to client via EFT, wire ACH, interact, debit card and e-check(2017), weekly 3rd party generated NAV, tax efficient, accessible on any device , comprehensive investor education centre, online chat support, phone support, detailed client account statements available (24/7), document upload feature,  KYC, and AML forms for client completion, accredited and non-accredited investor form, prepopulated and Auto filled.

RSI Online is a Canadian owned fin-tech company that has created a mobile-friendly digital investment platform, called Venchuer.  Venchuer allows both the retail investor and the accredited investor simple, and convenient access to higher yielding investment funds.

Chris Rocke, CEO, CIO, and Chief Strategist
Mr. Rocke is known as a contrarian investor. He brings many years of successful securities portfolio management including $50 MM real-estate portfolio management, international business knowledge, entrepreneurial expertise, business development, leadership in privately held food and beverage, manufacturing and real estate companies. Having won both the first runner-up (1998) and winner (1999) of the Hamilton-Wentworth Entrepreneur Award and Silver “Frankie” award for independent (non-agency) advertising & marketing campaign, multiple public speaking citations and sporting awards, Mr. Rocke has the drive, skill and determination to advance RSI Online Inc. Mr. Rocke has recently been accepted by an accredited University to begin an online Master Degree in business administration.
Giancarlo Pelosini, Director of Social Media and Marketing
Mr. Pelosini brings a fresh perspective to this seasoned team. As a millennial of The  University of Brock with a “Communications and Marketing Major,” he understands the importance of engaging various online platforms in developing brand awareness, generates inbound website traffic and cultivates leads.  He is passionate about creating an investment platform that appeals to the needs of his Gen X and Y peers, as well as empowering the ordinary investor to feel more confident in their investment decisions.
Craig Fretwell, Independent Director and Consultant
Born and raised in Burlington Ontario, Mr. Fretwell’s early years were dominated by athletics and study at Appleby College.  He majored in life sciences at The University of Western Ontario, with a minor in entrepreneurship and auto racing. Following University Mr. Fretwell opened his first business at the age of 21. This quickly expanded into a small chain of successful stores. Combining the marketing and advertising lessons learned running a small business provided him with the tools necessary to follow his passion for auto racing. Multiple class championships and a national title followed. Following the seven years of racing, Mr. Fretwell was able to utilize his life science education in conjunction with business growth experience to become VP of Sales for Automated Marketing for Professionals. AMP specialized in consulting with medical professionals to providing business growth and marketing services. Mr. Fretwell provided practice growth seminars for up to 200 physicians at a time, focusing on service and passion. The proper combination of the two always ensures success. Currently, Mr. Fretwell is a senior financial manager at a national HVAC service company. Mr. Fretwell has a passion for everything IT related, including systems security and a unique problem-solving ability.


Saurin Patel, Consulting CFO

Saurin Patel is a professional accountant working in the field of accounting and finance for more than 20 years. In July 2012, Saurin founded his self-titled accounting firm in Burlington. He works with the community and small businesses to help them with their accounting, tax and business advisory needs.