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Rover Parking Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON

Sector: Technology

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Rover is the marketplace for shared parking.

• We save our parkers time, money and stress of finding parking

• We make our owners money from space they otherwise would be unable to


Often referred to as the airBnB of parking, Rover is creating a brand new supply of parking from space not traditionally allocated for public access, such as personal driveways, churches, schools businesses, apartment buildings and condos. Our new proprietary hardware for underground parking will give Rover users access to millions of new spots.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

Peer to Peer parking is set to grow at an unprecedented pace. The timing is perfect due to major current trends in Mobility, Property Technology, Sharing Economy, Smart Cities & Automotive.


  • Sharing Economy expected to grow from $35B to $335 by 2025
  • Governments are starting to lean into change as opposed to push it away
  • Smart City Pilots being executed globally
  • Automotive investing heavily into technology
  • Maps based technologies investing into parking
  • Real-estate looking at new ways to maximize profitability


The North American Parking market is $30B. As parking lots get turned into condo’s and street parking into bike lanes, as mobility starts changing commuting patterns and the autonomous car begins to become a reality Rovers distributed model of parking will become an integral piece to parking supply in our new smart cities. Currently Rover has figured out how to get parking supply in areas of high demand and has proven the model makes sense. It is now time to take the experience and processes we have been building for the last two years and scale.

You have the opportunity to join a fast paced start-up at the ground floor. Rover is the largest peer to peer parking operator in North America. Operating out of Toronto, Canada we are ready to scale across North America.


We built :

  • Incredible Team
  • Intuitive Technology (featured on the app store twice)
  • Replicable Sales & Marketing engine
  • Operational Process that ensures our users have a great experience.
  • Exceptional Brand


We have :

  • Grown at over 20% month over month since inception.
  • We have parking transactions in Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal
  • Saved our parkers hours of time
  • Made our owners thousands of dollars
  • Recognized for our innovation (PWC, E&Y, Globe & Mail, Apple)


We are :

  • Piloting new turn-key solution for underground parking.
  • Launching a network of peer to peer electric vehicle charging stations
  • Partnering with automotive for our targeted data
  • Actively involved in Smart City initiatives.


We need Money to:

  • Continue strong growth in Toronto
  • Launch Ottawa and Montreal
  • Replicate across Canada and into the US


The operational experience Rover has gained over the past 18 months gives us the competitive advantage to be the company that scales quickly across North America. Come along for the ride.


Andrew & Tim met in 2013 when both working for the start-up CanFocus. Tim & Grant met over 5 years ago when they were both following more traditional career paths. It was serendipitous when we all got together in late 2014. Andrew & Tim had started building the application when they were re-introduced to Grant who was working on the same idea. Grants marketing background fit perfectly with Tim’s operational experience and Andrew’s technology prowess. Rover was born and together we have created a mobile experience that is changing the parking industry. In summer of 2015 Nick Enchev joined the team to fill a major development gap we had with Ios. Coming with over 15 years development experience Nick helped us launch a product that has now been featured by the app store twice.


Tim Wootton – Founder & CEO

As a natural leader Tim has the proven ability to create teams built on trust, teamwork and a common goal. Tim joined the company Kingsmill Foods in 2009 working directly for the President.  Over the course of 4 years Tim helped set the strategic direction of the company, saved over $2M in procurement costs & increased sales from $5M to $15M. This lead to the eventual acquisition of the company and the next opportunity, an MBA from Queen’s University. Queen’s lead Tim into technology start-up and at the end of him MBA was offered a position at a newly formed start-up called CanFocus which was started by the Entrepreneurship Professor at Queen’s. Over 8 months and after securing a sales agreement with 2 major furniture conglomerate (steelcase), 3 successful paid pilots & acceptance into Ryerson’s DMZ accelerator program Tim left Canfocus to start Rover Parking.


Grant Brigden – Founder & CMO

Before founding Rover, Grant held key lead marketing roles for several fortune 10 Technology companies. Grant also has a successful technology/start up focused past, having working in Silicon Valley for over 7 years where he helped to drive a newly formed companies revenue from 0 to over 100 million in 3 years. Grant and his marketing strategies/programs have also been recognized by several industry leading awards including the Globe and Mails’ Most Promising Start-up, Ernst &Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and PWC’s Vision to Reality Award (Finalist). Grant has also served as a key advisor to a broad list of Fortune 100 clients, around the primary topic of using mobile technology and brand strategy to accelerate business growth.


Andrew Holbrook – Founder & CTO

Software Engineer for full systems design & implementation on both server and client. Oversees entire project and makes big picture      decisions on technologies to utilize. Andrew has built the infrastructure for 2 other start-ups before helping to found Rover Parking. His decisive and articulate manner help ensure we find the root of problems and build smart solutions for them. His pro-active mindset helps us ensure we build for the future. Software is his passion, it’s both a career and hobby.  


Nick Enchev – Founder & Director Technology

A software technology expert with 15+ years of experience as a Senior Developer/ Architect for well established firms such as Scotiabank, Loyalty One, Digital Cement and OLSON amongst many others. Nick left the agency world and started his own development firm in which he helped clients with both apps and infrastructure projects. With a passion for gaming Nick has also built several interactive mobile apps currently available on the App Store (Triptych, Krono). Nick joined Rover in early 2015 to help ensure our users on both iOS and Android had a great front-end experience.