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Rosberg AS

Location: Norway

Sector: Technology .

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Rosberg solves the security challenges with connected devices on mobile networks, by using new ground-breaking, and patented technologies! Rosberg have received industry recognition being featured in Gartner`s Market Guide for Secure Instant Communication as one of 17 companies world-wide, and as the only one that offers scalable software-based protection against IMSI Catchers and silent SMS attacks. Rosberg`s encrypted communication solution solves the compliance challenges related to electronic exchange of personal information and is also used as a tool to prevent CEO fraud. Rosberg`s technology brand is “Verji”, an ancient Norwegian word describing the one who protects

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MG cp Summary

Rosberg solves the security and compliance challenges on mobile networks, by using new ground-breaking and patented technologies.


Rosberg addresses the security challenges on mobile networks that enable eavesdropping and hacking of mobile devices. Rosberg protects against the main 3 weaknesses which is, Silent SMS/ SMS attacks, eavesdropping by hacking the signalling system SS7 and false cell towers/ IMSI catchers.

Our encrypted communication solution solves the compliance challenges related to electronic exchange of personal information and is used as a tool to prevent CEO fraud.


Rosbergs Verji product solves these challenges and is sold in the following four variants.


Verji SMC (Secure Mobile Communication) containing the following modules
Encrypted exchange of messages between users
Encrypted exchange of all types of attachments between users
Protects against all kinds of eavesdropping of messages, solves the compliance challenges with exchange of personal and health information and protects against CEO freud.


Verji SMC Professional also contains
Encrypted speech between users
Detection of attacks by fake cell towers (IMSI-catchers), notifying the user and asking to put the phone in flight mode to protect against loss of data. After a defined time, a message will appear telling the user to exit Flight Mode.
Protects against all kinds of eavesdropping and surveillance. Protects against false cell towers/ IMSI catchers.


Verji ICP HQ Protection (IMSI Catcher Protection) is a solution designed to protect a location or a business office. If your office or the location is exposed to a IMSI catcher attack, employees will be notified.


Verji ICP Professional is a solution developed for defense, intelligence and companies with its own security department. The solution will be offered to the market in 2018. In addition to the functionality described in Item 3, data is collected from all users to a central location for analysis. Functionality is being developed to show the location of fake base stations live 24/7 on the map.


Rosberg has chosen to focus on two customer segments where the various Verji solutions are offered:
1.    Efficiency & Compliance – There are many work processes that are digitized but not in Compliance with the Privacy Act and the New EU directive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Verji SMC enables players to exchange sensitive and personal information in compliance with regulations.


2.    Security Conscious Businesses and government/defence – Through a network of retailers and direct sales, the Verji products are sold to businesses that want to protect their information against theft, eavesdropping, IMSI catcher attacks and Silent SMS/ SMS attacks.

Rosberg have new smart technologies, which is tailor made to cover identified challenges and customer needs. Verji technologies are – Smart, simple, solid, flexible, and the most important thing, software based and scalable.


Rosberg is the only company that provides scalable and software based protection against fake cell towers/ IMSI catchers and silent SMS/ SMS attacks.


Protection against IMSI catcher attacks – Patent pending solution used by i.e. The Norwegian Defense. None of the competitors in Gartner`s Market Guide for Secure Instant Communication offer a software-based solution for protection against IMSI Catcher attacks


Verji can be hosted by distributor or installed at customer site – Regular business customers prefer a hosted solution, this is easy and provide them a web-based access to the management console. Some government and military customers prefer to host the solution themselves


Can easily be integrated to EMM systems. AppConfig-Compatible – Large enterprises increasingly use EMM systems to manage their Mobile devices, and it is therefore important to be AppConfig-Compatible (standard for integration). Only 11 of the competitors in Gartner`s Market Guide for Secure Instant Communication offer this


Protection against SMS/ silent SMS attacks – Patent granted solution. None of the competitors in Gartner`s Market Guide for Secure Instant Communication offer a software-based solution for protection against silent attacks


Included in Gartner`s Market Guide for Secure Instant Communications – Only 17 companies are featured in the report globally, out of this only 4 from Europe


Can communicate encrypted with ordinary SMS users – Message is sent encrypted to server, which will decrypt the message and send as a regular SMS to receiver

Alf Kenneth – CEO & Cofounder

Alf has served in senior positions as Manager and Co-Founder Caveo AS for a period of 7 years, as Regional Manager SkandiaBanken AB for 2 years and was the Cofounder of Aktiva Finans AS which he founded, built and sold to Skandia Banken AB. Alf has also served at various management positions Vesta Insurance (11 years)


Odd Helge Rosberg – CTO, Cofounder & Board member Odd was the IT-Manager at Tysvaer Kommune for 14 years, a part of Large Account sales Cimtec WM data for 2 years. He has served as Senior Sales person for TBK, a former department within Telenor ASA, for 2 years and has also served as Service Engineer / Senior Sales Manager at Norsk Data for 9 years.


Jan Martin Kristianses – CMO, Cofounder & Board member Jan Martin was the Sales Director Norkapital Gruppen for 2 years, the Manager and CO-Founder Caveo AS for 7 Years, Senior Financial Advisor at SkandiaBanken AB for 2 years CEO & Co Founder Aktiva Finans AS for 7years. He founded and built Aktiva Finans AS before selling it to SkandiaBanken AB.