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Resverlogix Corp.

Location: Calgary, Alberta Sector: Life Science .
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Resverlogix Corp. is a Calgary and San Francisco based clinical stage biotechnology company focused primarily on the development of apabetalone. Apabetalone (RVX 208) is a first-in-class small molecule selective BET bromodomain inhibitor, which acts via an epigenetic mechanism that can regulate disease-causing genes. Apabetalone is the only selective BET bromodomain inhibitor in human clinical trials. Apabetalone is currently being studied in a Phase 3 trial, BETonMACE, in high risk CVD patients with type 2 DM and low high density lipoprotein (HOL) and is expected to be initiated in a Phase 2a kidney dialysis trial.

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MG cp Summary

Late Stage Human Clinical Trials  – Resverlogix is focused on significant unmet need in high-risk CVD, diabetes and CKD patient populations, with a phase 3 human clinical trial (BETonMACE) in high risk CVD.


Advanced R&D – Resverlogix’s in-depth understanding of BET inhibitors and world-class medicinal chemistry allows it to develop candidates with better specificity, which affords the opportunity to target chronic disease through the BET pathway.


Market Leader Targeting Significant Unmet Need – Apabetalone is expected to be indicated in several high-risk patient groups totaling over 10M patients in the top seven markets (US, 5EU and Japan).


Established Safety Profile – Over 1,400 patients have been treated to date with apabetalone with no significant safety issues.


Novel Mechanism of Action – Regulation of gene transcription, the turning on or off of various disease-causing genes (unlike the CRISPR approach of changing DNA).


Quality Investor Base – Proven track record of attracting high quality and long term institutional investors

Resverlogix is developing apabetalone, its lead compound, and other compounds that specifically bind the bromodomains of BET proteins. In binding to these bromodomains, these compounds affect the expression of multiple genes with roles in multiple cellular processes that underlie disease. Apabetalone, is currently in phase 3 human clinical trials in 13 countries worldwide and Resverlogix’s platform features other promising follow-on compounds.


Utilizing its knowledge of BET proteins and epigenetics, Resverlogix has identified small molecule candidates with the following characteristics:
–Function via selective inhibition of BET proteins
–Alter the activity of genes that play a key role in disease in relevant cell models
–Demonstrated preclinical and clinical activity against disease targets



DONALD J. MCCAFFREY, President & CEO/Co-Founder

Co-founder, strategic leader and organizational mentor of the company
Over 35 years of business experience including 18 years of drug discovery & development
Personally raised over $300 million for research and clinical development in the areas of CVD, diabetes, CKD, orphan diseases and other indications of high unmet need


DR. EWELINA KULIKOWSKI, Ph.D, Senior Vice President of Research & Development

Over 12 years experience in scientific research and drug development
Involved in the development of apabetalone (RVX-208) from its discovery through to the IND and into clinical development
Doctorate in Oncology from the University of Calgary in 2004


DR. MICHAEL SWEENEY, MD, Senior Vice President of Clinical Development

Over 26 years in the pharmaceutical industry
11 years at Pfizer Inc
CMO and VP of Research and Development at Depomed
VP Medical Affairs at CV Therapeutics, Inc


DR. ELDON R. SMITH, OC, MD, FRCPC, FCAHS, FAHA, FIACS Board of Directors Lead Director

Published more than 250 papers and book chapters
Former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary
Former Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Cardiology
Past President of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges, Vice President of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology.