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Regal Holdings International Ltd.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Sector: Real Estate


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Regal Holdings International Ltd. is a real estate development and property management company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates (RAK) with offices in Dallas, Texas. We currently specialise in the area of student housing in the United Kingdom markets under the Haria Brand of student accommodations. Our student housing developments currently centre around the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. We developed and managed over 325 rooms of high quality student accommodation located near the University of Bradford, in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. As a result of this offering we intend to expand by developing and operating an additional student accommodation facility which shall include 580 high rooms with accompanying sports courts, retail and café facilities located near the University of Bradford. Additionally we are planning on acquiring an additional building in London with the intention of remodelling and refurbishing the building to a high standard which will continue to build on the Haria Brand with the intention of growing into a nationally recognised brand in the area of student accommodation in the United Kingdom.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • Offering: We are offering £150,000,000 million aggregate principal amount of 6.25% Collateralized Senior Secured Notes due 2023.
  • Use of Proceeds: The complete development of a comprehensive student accommodation facility including 580 high end bedroom units with an accompanying multi-purpose sport court, retail and café facilities. Additionally, we are looking to “acquire” other properties as a part of our long-term growth plans.
  • Registration Rights: The Notes have not been registered under the United State Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), or the securities laws of any other jurisdiction. We have no obligation to register the Notes and do not intend to do so.
  • Maturity: The Notes will mature on January 5, 2023.
  • Interest Payments: We will pay interest on the principal amount of the Notes, semi-annually in cash, in arrears, on April 30 and October 30 of each year, commencing April 30, 2018. The Notes are being issued at an Original Issue Discount, which includes the first year’s interest payments of 6.25%. Purchasers of our Notes are advised to seek their own individual tax advice.
  • Ranking: The Notes will rank pari passu to our existing and future collateralized senior secured indebtedness up to the value of the collateral securing such debt, senior to all existing and future senior unsecured debt and senior to all existing and future subordinated indebtedness.
  • Guarantee: On the issue date, the Notes will be fully collateralized by a first charge position on our existing buildings, land and other real property in our company portfolio on a senior secured basis.
  • Redemption: There are no redemption features to the Notes.
  • Denomination: 75,000 Notes each bearing Face Amount of £2,000 Great Britain Pounds Sterling.

Johnny Williams – Chief Executive Officer

Also Previously, Mr. Williams served as president and CEO of TARSI LLC were he sold and brokered over 750M dollars in distressed and performing assets. Prior to his ownership positions in the above firms he held a position with the asset management unit of The Associates Financial Services. During his tenure at the Associates he and a lead team assembled a record breaking unit that recovered over $33 Million dollars in one quarter from charged-off nonperforming loans. With over 20 plus years experience in the distressed debt industry, Mr. Williams is well versed in this field. He’s been featured in numerous industry magazines due to his vast industry knowledge and expertise. Under his guidance, while at TARSI they became a very well respected firm. Mr. Williams’ vast experience and knowledge helped to propel them to great heights. Mr. Williams was also a stand out college quarterback which speaks well to his unique ability to lead and motivate others on his team.

Specialties: Specialize in distressed debt, buying, selling, and Brokering as well as servicing. R/E Development and Management.


MAYUR V SHAH, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mayur V. Shay graduated from with a B.Sc in Economics with Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics (University of London). Upon graduation, he joined Per-Medic Ltd (pharmaceutical retail and distribution) as Director, and obtained an in depth understanding of an SME, in finance, accounting, marketing and management. Per-Medic diversified into wholesale distributing and Mr. Shah played a key role in establishing the management systems. After, Mr. Shah joined the Board of PM Corporation Ltd., trading as Everfresh Natural Foods, a company manufacturing and distributing Organic breads and Cakes. Mr. Shah played a key role in taking the company from a turnover of £40,000 with 4 products in 1989, to a current turnover of £900,000 with 40 products. These are marketed in the UK, Europe, and the USA. His main role at Everfresh has been Sales, New Product Development and Organic Certification. . Company sold in Feb 2009. Mr. Shah was a Director of the Organic Food Federation Ltd., an UK government approved certifier of Organic processing. It is noteworthy that Mr. Shah also played a major role in establishing computerised accounting systems for both Per-Medic and Everfresh. setting up ISO 9001 for Everfresh Natural Foods.


AMRATLAL V SHAH, Senior Vice-President

Mr. Amratalal V Shah graduated with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bradford. Through work experience, Amratlal achieved the status of Chartered Engineer of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (C.Eng.). He began his career with the Central Electricity Generating Board and has had extensive experience in the Electrical, Design and Installation field, as well as related financial controls. He has had extensive experience in personnel management in England, Kenya and Nigeria, both in the Electrical and Building Services industries as well as in Manufacturing. He later joined the board of PM Corporation Ltd., trading as Everfresh Natural Foods, a company manufacturing and distributing Organic breads and Cakes. Amratlal also played a key role in taking the company with a turnover of £40,000 with 4 products in 1989, to a current turnover of £900,000 with 40 products; which are marketed in the UK, Europe, and the USA. His main function at Everfresh has been Production, Personnel Recruitment and Training, as well as establishing the manufacturing systems controls. He planned and implemented the HACCP’s quality control parameters with the company’s manufacturing process. Company sold in Feb 2009. Also a Director of Per-Medic Ltd. Member of: The Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Building Services engineers.


HASMUKH V SHAH, Senior Vice-President

Mr. Hasmukh V Shah received his B.Tech. in Applied Physics from the University of Bradford. Hasmukh also trained at the UK Atomic Energy Authority Research Centre, Culham Laboratories, in Plasma & Particle Physics and also worked on TOKAMAC, the predecessor of the current Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN. Hasmukh worked for Drum Engineering in Bradford, designing and marketing their extensive range of mechanical pump & compressor delivery systems. Hasmukh established Per-Medic Ltd with the purpose of distributing pharmaceutical products. Purchased first retail outlet in 1981 and played the major role in establishing wholesale distribution of pharmaceutical products and taking the turnover to over £6m. His primary role in the company has been in negotiating purchase prices for supplies as well as in Sales. He later joined the Board of PM Corporation Ltd., trading as Everfresh Natural Foods, a company manufacturing and distributing Organic breads and Cakes. He played a key role in taking the company from a turnover of £40,000 with 4 products in 1989, to a current turnover of £900,000 with 40 products. These are marketed in the UK, Europe, and the USA. My key role within the business has been in sourcing and negotiating Organic purchases, and ensuring Quality Control of supplies. This company was sold in Feb 2009. It is worthy to note that in 1993, Hamukht was invited by HM The Queen as one of 10 leaders of Industry and Communities to attend a Luncheon at the Buckingham Palace.