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Location: Mississauga, ON

Sector: Other.

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PUDO Inc. (Pick Up/Drop Off) is developing North America’s only “carrier-neutral” parcel pick-up/drop-off network. Through the PUDOpoint™ network, consumers can control parcel deliveries – receiving online parcels wherever they want, whenever they want – a fully customizable and convenient method of delivery.

When packages arrive at the chosen PUDOpoint, customers are automatically notified via text or email that their package has arrived and is ready for pick -up. E-commerce companies (“E-tailers”) and other shippers utilizing PUDO can save on residential “last mile” delivery costs. The final destination of the parcel becomes the safe, staffed retail environment of a PUDOpoint.

Business Documents

• Cost Savings for Couriers – Courier companies are losing margin every time they have a failed 1st attempt delivery. Couriers that partner with PUDO can use the PUDOpoint network when no one is home to take delivery of their parcel. Couriers have a convenient place to drop the parcels for a fixed price that is much cheaper than a second delivery attempt. Couriers can use the PUDO network to get their parcel the “last mile” into consumers hands.


• Cost Savings for E-commerce Deliveries – E-commerce companies are under pressure to provide free/cheap and convenient shipping options to consumers. Shipping directly to PUDOpoints is B2B shipping, saving money, reducing losses and adding options for customers.


• Choice, Convenience, Control for Consumers – Consumers can use a PUDOpoint as their ship-to address for purchases from any retailer. Victims of Porch Pirates, consumers who can’t wait around for the courier, consumers who need to sign for age-of-majority purchases, consumers who don’t want to provide their home address, consumers who live in buildings that don’t accept shipments for residents – all of these people can join PUDO for free and take control of their shipping.


• Any Courier can deliver to a PUDOpoint – Any PUDO member (E-commerce or Consumer) can ship to a PUDOpoint using any courier/provider. Teaming with PUDO allows access to the PUDOpoint network using any courier/provider. You can choose the best value for any circumstance, and you can change couriers without changing the customer experience.

1. Market Need- Customers expect more for less; free shipping, free returns, alternative delivery options. E-tailers are looking for cost efficiencies like PUDO can provide. On-line shopping continues to grow at more than 14% each year, while fewer consumers are home to receive their parcels. 23 Million Americans were victims of Porch Pirates in 2015. E-commerce needs cost effective secure delivery options. Europe has proven the viability of the PUDO model. The time is right for North America to enjoy the convenience, control and cost savings of a PUDO network. PUDO is currently working with various US-based couriers who in 2015 delivered more than 349 Million parcels. They are eager to have access to the PUDO network.


2.Revenue Opportunity – Perspective PUDOpoints can be trained and activated inexpensively and quickly with PUDO’s finely tuned training process. PUDO has existing agreements with couriers in Canada and the USA, which will increase revenue as PUDOpoints are activated. This ensures a short horizon to cash-flow break even. PUDO doesn’t need a large percentage of the E-commerce market to be profitable. A US marketplace case study for 1% market share, suggested a revenue opportunity of more than $150 million with gross profit potentially exceeding 30% of revenue.


3.Team – PUDO has attracted key management personnel with diverse experience and a proven track record. A team who is capable of taking a great idea and executing it brilliantly. Experience building niche courier systems for industry and attracting customers to make profitable businesses. Experience in executing complicated projects and managing teams of people with the diverse skill sets necessary in the modern marketplace Key management and Board positions held by US based business people with experience in the US marketplace.

Frank Coccia, Founder and CEO

Frank Coccia, founder of PUDO Inc., has over 30 years of entrepreneurial business experience in the transportation and logistics industry. He founded and developed national courier distribution systems for niche industries in Canada the United Kingdom and Ireland, specializing in the insurance, financial, legal, travel and health industries. Frank’s wealth of knowledge, and high level business contacts, have led him to work with some of Canada’s, and the world’s, leading publicly traded and private companies. He has lent his expertise to such companies as Canada Post Corp., Royal Mail International, ICS Canada, ICS UK, DHL, UPS, FedEx, International Air Transport Association (UK & Geneva), Symcor, Scotia Bank Group, Sunlife/Clarica, AXA Insurance, Chubb Ins., The DX – Hays PLC Document Exchange UK and Business Post PLC.


Kurtis Arnold, Director

Kurtis Arnold began his career as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). He’s one of a small group of people who have demonstrated the ability to work under the pressure of guiding aircraft that are carrying tens of thousands of people every day to and from busy airports. With just six years experience, Kurtis was hand picked to lead the biggest project his company had undertook in more than 20 years. Kurtis first learned about the technology in modern aircraft, then worked with teams to build a new “road map” for air traffic. The design had to work for the US Military, Canadian Military, US Air Traffic Control, Canadian Air Traffic Control and save the airlines money. Working with these teams to craft the design was just the first step. Then, Kurtis was responsible to make sure that the more than 8,000 changes were published accurately and on schedule. At the same he had to oversee that more than 800 Air Traffic Controllers received the training they needed to be ready to work with the new highways in the sky. When the switch was flipped, the Controllers were ready, the system worked safely, and the airlines realized the savings. With that project wrapped up, Kurtis came to PUDO ready to take on a new challenge; focusing the business plan, building the PUDOpoint network and making it available to the e-commerce industry.


Doug Baker, CFO

Mr. Baker, CFO, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has both a Bachelors and Masters’ degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining PUDO, Mr. Baker was the CFO of a small privately held company within a large regional CPA firm and has also held the position of divisional controller for a large publicly held company.


Matthew McDonough, Vice President
Matthew McDonough currently serves as Vice President, Network Development for PUDO Inc. In this capacity, he forges partnerships with domestic and international courier companies, dealers, and e-commerce organizations serving PUDO’s business model. Mr. McDonough brings more than 25 years executive experience from domestic and global transportation companies. Most recently, Mr. McDonough held the position of President and Managing Director, North and Central America, for TNT Express. During his 15 years with TNT Express, Mr. McDonough contributed significantly to the operational and financial success of this business unit. Prior to his role as President, Mr. McDonough held several operational positions at TNT Express, including Vice President Operations – Americas Region, Vice President Operations – North America, and Vice President Operations – United States.