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Proof Media Inc

Location: Manalapan, NJ

Sector: Media.

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Proof is an online platform whereby verified participants, “voters” can stake monetary votes on whether online content (articles, tweets, etc.) are “mostly true” or “mostly false.”

The non-simple majority winner receives a portion of the minorities wager. The article is then given a result, (95% Mostly False).

Management Team

The management team comes with more than 50+ years of combined experience in capital markets, finance, technology, and media. The team has held c-level positions and have managed startups and early-stage businesses where they have been directly responsible for growth and leadership.

Additionally, the management team has published articles and speaks regularly on many subjects including but not limited to media, information services, economics, finance, and strategy.


Solving an important ethical and market problem

All stakeholders associated with Proof are helping to solve a major societal challenge of fake and misleading news.  Proof assists in achieving the ultimate goal created with the invention of the Internet – to democratize content, yet in a way where information is trusted.


Opportunity for financial gain

Proof’s solution is predicated on the global adoption of a network of engaged news consumers.

Should Proof obtain this goal, its believes that Proof can obtain substantial revenue and achieve meaningful profits.


Proof’s solution is inherently scalable. Voters are incentivized via gamification to produce the validation scores.


First Mover

The Proof solutions requires the very fast recruitment of online voters, readers and submitters.  Upon adoption of a large network of participants, Proof will have a competitive advantage due to its network.



Proof will be competing in the publishing and digital media marketplace, with many major competitors such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many of the online news sources, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other major media outlets.

Considering that Proof does not publish any content of its own, it is perfectly situated to be an independent arbitrator of online content. Considering this, we do not anticipate any of the major competitors in the marketplace entering the market with a similar solution.


Engaged People

Proof’s solution relies on the input of humans via a social network, and does not rely on artificial intelligence to identify fake or misleading online content.

We believe that reading and absorbing content is a human endeavor and that people need an outlet to express themselves, and so we believe that engaging with Proof people will become actors in the creation and publishing of accurate and desirable content.

Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo, Co-Founder

For the past eight (8) years, Luigi has held various positions including the role as Trader at Citigroup, specializing in equity securities and credit derivatives. Luigi’s passion for financial markets led to a deep interest and appreciation into blockchain technology and he sees this technology as having the ability to fix what is broke with the internet and building Proof is part of that mission.


As a Co-founder of Proof, Luigi’s role is to help set the vision and path for the product and to work with the team to build the best community possible. Luigi’s promise is to never compromise on quality and to always remember the purpose behind Proof. Luigi attended Seton Hall University for his BMB degree in Finance, Economics and Italian Studies.


Christopher Young, Co-Founder

As one of the co-founders of Proof, Chris’ role is fluid. Chris’ main focus is to help build the Proof community, to understand what excites them about the platform, and what can be enhanced.


Some people may call this role, strategic marketing, others may call it strategy. At the core of Chris’ responsibility is a need to understand the Proof users and to work with the product management team to build the best community experience possible.


Prior to Proof, Chris wore many hats, and some he still does. Chris is a professor of business ethics at Rutgers Business School where he enjoys working with young minds as they think about their careers and the choices they make in business.