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Location: Wilmington, NC

Sector: Technology.

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Petrics is a pet technology company that develops IoT products and associated software that empower pet owners to properly manage, track and respond to their pet’s health and nutrition needs in a timely, convenient and cost-effective manner.

We are developing an ecosystem of connected products that are easily controlled by popular mobile and smart home devices to track critical pet health data, so pets live longer, happier, healthier lives.

  • Nutrition Recommendation Engine + Food Allergy profile
    First to have true diet and nutrition recommendation engine for the pet industry. Can pair your pet with ideal foods and treats based on their personalized needs with our exclusive ingredient breakdowns and breed database.  We are also adding the food allergy testing so we can be the first to ever offer personalized nutrition with thousands of foods in the market and automatically filter based on thousands of ingredient food tolerances based on the profile. This is a game changer for the pet food industry.
  • Smart Pet Bed and Pet Health Ecosystem
    A true pet health ecosystem that is the first to use a pet bed to provide veterinarians and pet owners with up to date weight monitoring to spot health issues early.  Vets love this since they only get to check weight every 6 months to a year.  This gives them the consistent and frequent feedback loop they have been looking for since pet owners do not provide the most up to date or reliable feedback in order to make better, more informed recommendations or adjustments to their treatments.
  • Family and pet management tool
    Our app allows pet owners, family members, and other service professionals to share critical information to help manage their pet’s health, feeding and medicine schedules, and appointment scheduling.
  • World’s first smart pet bed and Issued Patent
    First to market with a smart bed system.
  • App accesses 15k foods & treats and 17k ingredients
    Petrics has worked with veterinarians and pet nutritionists at NC State to validate our database of ingredients, foods and treats. We have created the first food recommendation engine that takes each pet’s unique characteristics into consideration when selecting food options. This takes into account the pet’s breed, age, weight, existing health issues, food allergies, and genetic risks into consideration when identifying the ideal food or treat options.
  • We have an exclusive partnership with Affordable Allergy Test
    This partnership allows us to offer allergy test ordering directly through our app, providing allergy results that will tie directly into the decision process when determining the ideal foods and treats. This is a game-changer in the industry.
  • Bed has built in scale
    Veterinarians are excited about the built-in scale so weight fluctuations may be monitored more closely, raising the red flag when pet may be at risk of serious underlying health issues. Also, when used in conjunction with the activity tracker and companion app, proper weight may be monitored based on calorie intake with certain foods and calorie burn, as provided through the tracker.
  • Bed has climate control (first mover)
    First in market to offer Conductive heating and cooling capabilities keep pets with thick coats cool during hot summer days, minimizing the chance of heat stroke, all while warming pets during the cold of winter. Climate control is also ideal for geriatric pets or those recovering from an injury.
  • Accessibility& simplicity
    Easy to set up, customize and monitor all pets within the app. Perfect for today’s busy pet parents.

Edward Hall, Founder & CEO/ BOD Member

Edward Hall is NAVY Veteran and graduate of the Cameron School of Business Entrepreneurship and Business Development program at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. During his years in the service as a technical supervisor, he directed operations of anti-ship missile defense systems. Edward spent nearly two years at Elite Innovations, a Makerspace and engineering product development firm, where he helped start and grow the company while leading teams in the design and development of over thirty products that ranged from general consumer products to high-tech IoT life support systems.


His diverse experience with developing new products and commercializing them throughout various markets, coupled with his entrepreneurial drive, helped motivate his desire to start Petrics, Inc. in 2015, when he saw the need for improving pet health and nutrition first hand through his experience with his mother’s pets. Today, his passion has transformed into a reality with Petrics, as he strives to make a difference in the health and well-being of our pets, so they live longer, happier lives.


Kristopher Johnson, Director of Sales & Marketing

Kris brings over 26 years of diverse marketing experience in corporate strategy, product development, brand management, communications and business development. Kris has built and mentored cohesive teams to deliver an all-inclusive sales and marketing package to numerous markets, including healthcare, technology, technical materials and sporting goods.


Kris has worked with healthcare companies such as, Masimo Corporation, Gaymar Industries, Stryker Medical, Reichert Technologies and AccuMed Technologies, and has a complete understanding of what is required to market products both domestically and internationally. His experience in technology while working with ATTO, forged a deep understanding of developing effective distribution channels worldwide and ensuring that each channel partner achieves all expectations and revenue goals.


As a product manager with Gaymar Industries, Kris oversaw the P&L of a $38MM product line that he grew 22% overall and played an integral role in the corporate exit strategy and eventual acquisition by his top OEM customer, Stryker Medical.


Ryan Roberts , Product Manager & Project Manager

Ryan Roberts brings over 30 years of demonstrated experience in Project Management and Product Engineering to the Petrics’ team. A dedicated problem solver, Ryan has successfully directed the development, manufacturing and overall commercialization process within world class organizations, like Accenture, AT RAMAR and Sensus. His vast experience in cloud-based analytics software, mobile work packages and hardware design & development integrates perfectly with the Petrics ecosystem and ensures accurate and timely delivery of products.


In addition to his vast experience, Ryan is also the Co-Founder of The Blue Water Group, Inc., a Management Consulting firm helping manufacturing organizations LAUNCH, GROW and SUCCEED by providing Manufacturing, Quality Management, Engineering, Supply Chain, Auditing, Training and Process Improvement. Ryan is an asset to the future success of Petrics and will play an integral role in achieving anticipated manufacturing and commercialization expectations.


Mandy Miller, Director of Customer Experience (CX)

Formerly as Ten8Tech”s director of client engagement, Mandy Miller directed key partnerships developed strong relationships at every touch-point throughout the customer’s interaction with the company. Prior toTen8Tech, she enjoyed two years with beverage data app company Next Glass, and their beer app Untappd. She helped launch the company and Next Glass hit 100k downloads in 2 days and were featured by Apple. Ten days later, that jumped to 250k downloads. Mandy began directing social media, progressed to client success manager and ultimately manager of customer engagement.


Rich Slevin, Board of Directors Member

Rich is a developer and manufacturer of over 250 consumer, commercial, military and medical electronic products since 1993. He has been leading and innovating new technologies and products at the rate of a dozen a year for OEM customers. Rich has also incubated over a dozen startup companies as well as spin offs and company buyouts and is an active angel investor and advisor.


Rich’s background includes advancing engineering and executive level positions at BF Goodrich, Raychem, Kyocera and others before starting ODI. In 2008, Rich started a spinoff company, Spracht, to address the emerging teleconferencing and video conferencing markets.  In 2013, with a partner, Rich orchestrated the purchase of an IoT company focused on wireless monitoring in buildings.


Ted Coughlin, Board of Directors Member

Ted started his career by working for the Navy in Newport, RI performing research and development for submarines and undersea warfare systems.  He spent most of his career in the Washington DC region working in engineering, management and senior management positions.  His expertise was in the acquisition of next generation Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.


He managed the Tactical Systems Directorate at the Aerospace Corporation and was Senior Vice President at ElanTech Systems. Ted provided executive, technical and project management expertise in the successful development of 50+ systems/products ranging in cost from $2M to $2.5B.