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Parablu Inc

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Sector: Technology

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Parablu is an award-winning provider of secure data management software, engineers new-age cloud data protection solutions for the digital enterprise. Our Privacy Gateway powered solutions protect enterprise data completely and provide total visibility into all data movement. Our suite of products includes:


  • BluKrypt – a Privacy Gateway that completely secures critical data on the cloud
  • BluVault – a powerful and secure data backup solution designed for the cloud
  • BluSync – a secure file sharing and collaboration solution for the agile enterprise, and
  • BluDrive – a secure file transfer solution.

These solutions easily integrate with existing infrastructure making it a seamless solution for enterprise data protection and management needs.

Regulatory pressures

Regulations like GDPR are making businesses more and more accountable for the data they hold.  This pressure becomes even more pronounced as businesses leverage the cloud for op-ex and elasticity benefits.


Regulations don’t let businesses outsource the risks involved with data loss – and businesses are realizing that it is imperative that they have complete control over their data assets, using techniques like encryption and pseudonymization even when stored in the cloud.


Concerns / fears around ransomware

Ransomware has the potential to put a company out of business completely. Ransomware attacks have become more frequent in the last couple of years.  Sadly, existing anti-malware solutions cannot be relied upon to detect and stop all ransomware.


The rapid and quick moving malware underground ensures that anti-malware vendors are always playing catch-up.  Businesses are realizing that the best defense against ransomware is a reliable and secure cloud backup – which helps them avoid being held hostage by a faceless attacker.


Utilization of cloud storage subscriptions

While our solutions have been built to be storage agnostic and work against a wide variety of cloud and on-premise storage targets, our leverage of cloud storage subscriptions like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive give us an unfair advantage over competing solutions. Our integration with such cloud storage subscriptions helps customers utilize unused storage in these subscriptions without requiring them to spend for additional disk on the cloud or on-premise.


This translates into a ~ 70% cost advantage and makes us particularly appealing for such Microsoft or Google customers.

Strong security powered by military grade encryption and strict segregation of duties

Parablu’s secure gateway processes all data that flows to and from the public cloud. We use AES-256 encryption combined with a strict enforcement of SoD – to ensure that the enterprise has control over the encryption keys and can change them at will. This overrides the “trust-me” security that a lot of SaaS offerings sell customers today, which leaves open the possibility that the SaaS or infrastructure vendor has the ability to also decrypt enterprise data should they choose to. This helps put companies in a stronger position when complying or defending against regulation such as GDPR.


Integration with end user cloud subscription services such as MS OneDrive for Business and Google Drive

Our ability to leverage and utilize cloud storage that the enterprise may have already purchased, results in a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the customer and helps drive up the Return on Investment (ROI) for the O365 or G-suite subscriptions they may have purchased from Microsoft or Google.


Highly scalable architecture

Parablu’s unique 4-layer technology stack breaks through boundaries typical data management solutions run up against. Every layer of the stack is linearly scalable, allowing us to manage and protect data across tens of thousands of nodes/users from a single management console.


Cloud agnostic 

Parablu’s solutions have been designed to be cloud and storage agnostic. Unlike other SaaS solutions that tie customers down to a cloud or an infrastructure choice, we can offer customers solutions that work with their choice of cloud vendor, co-located infrastructure, or even on-premise infrastructure. We also offer a fully managed, hosted model for customers who want a complete out-of-the-box SaaS offering.


Low cost

Parablu’s R&D is completely done out of Bangalore, India. We have a product team with a strong DNA in storage and security but are able to keep Engineering costs low. Our use of stable, open-source components means our licensing costs are low as compared to our competition.  Our integration with services like MS O365 and Google G-suite means that customers don’t have to pay extra $$ for storage.

Anand Prahlad, CEO & President

Anand has over 25 years of experience building Enterprise software solutions and brings a unique mix of security and storage DNA.   He was previously Head of McAfee’s R&D Center in India and served as Managing Director while also leading Engineering for all of McAfee’s Data Center product engineering teams as Vice President.


Previously, as SVP of Worldwide Product Development at CommVault, he was part of the management team that led CommVault to a successful public offering. Anand claims more than 40 patents relating to storage and data management.


Anand holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI USA


Inbaraj Karuthakannan, Director of Engineering

Inbaraj Karuthakannan (IK) serves as Director and the Head of Engineering for Parablu.  A proven technologist with hands-on experience designing and building products, he has a successful track record of delivering software projects, while managing large teams.


IK has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and has spent a good part of his 14 year career experiencing all the different parts of the software development life cycle. Prior to Parablu, Inbaraj played senior roles and held leadership positions in Engineering at Dell & Symphony services.