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NGEN Technologies Inc.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Sector: Technology


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NGEN Technologies – The Leader in 3D ‘Glasses-Free’ Display Technology! NGEN Technologies uses a state of the art parallax barrier which is a special film with precision slits, allowing each eye to see a different set of pixels which gives the 3D effect.

Business Documents

  • Effective stereoscopic 3D Capturing – Improved product yield of duel cameras
  • Excellent Convergence Algorithm – Excellent quality in capturing and playback
  • Proven Barrier (Film) and Lenticular Technology- Creates different left/right image and the effect of three-dimensional depth
  • Wider Viewing Angle- Barrier position movement using eye tracking
  • Minimal Crosstalk- Minimized Ghost Image, More precise film alignment during manufacturing using customized alignment machine

The company has invested significant resources and currently in preparation to introduce the following product to the market: Glasses Free 3D Mobile Display. NGEN’s technology uses a state of the art parallax barrier which is a special film with precision slits, allowing each eye to see a different set of pixels which gives the 3D effect. The film is placed in front of or embedded into the LCD glass, allowing it to show a stereoscopic image without the need to wear 3D glasses. NGEN has further developed a 3D engine capable of converting 2D content to 3D content and a 3D camera system that utilizes two cameras to take true 3D pictures and video. NGEN currently working on the development of a patented eye tracking 3D system in order to produce a much larger viewing angle by tracking the position of the user and adjusting the parallax barrier so that the left and right views are always directed to the users eyes correctly. We will design, manufacture and sell 3D enabled mobile communication (Smartphones) and electronic devices (PDAs) under OEM/ODM structure. We plan to manufacture and sell under Samsung models and ZTE line up of Smartphones. Through our facilities we continue to develop new and innovative applications of our glasses free 3D technologies for mobile phones, PDAs and electronic advertising devices with an expanding commercial market appeal. The company’s proprietary IP and products such as 3D film and algorithm will be closely guarded and protected through multi-layer encryption and controls

Clifford M. Rhee, President & CEO

Mr. Rhee has served as President and CEO and a director of our company since inception. Mr. Rhee is a graduate from McGill University in the Mechanical Engineering and Certified Management Accounting programs (C.M.A). Mr. Rhee is a registered professional engineer. From 1986 to 2009, Mr. Rhee held executive positions with several multi-national corporations whereby he was responsible for strategic business initiatives including mergers & acquisitions, turnarounds and growth. In 2004, Mr. Rhee led a private investment group that acquired Thomas Equipment (name subsequently changed to Osiris Corporation) from McCain Foods Ltd., which eventually led to public listing on the American Stock Exchange. (AMEX: THM). Mr. Rhee served as President and a director of Thomas Equipment, Inc. and certain subsidiaries from November 2004 until June 2006. From June 2008 to February 2010, Mr. Rhee has served as President, CEO and a director of Oncidium Health Group, a medical services company which was later sold to a private equity fund. From 2009 – 2016, Mr. Rhee founded CTX Virtual Technologies where the company’s revenue grew from nil to $230 million USD.