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Nexxt Energy Corp.

Location: Warburg, Alberta

Sector: Energy & Mining


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Nexxt energy is an oil and gas concern that is engaged in the exploration and the production of oil and gas. The assets that the company engages have upside potential for production growth. Nexxt Energy Corp targets assets that have proven and current production with low decline curve characteristics. The company strives to keep their operating expenses low, with the objective to increase overall production and increase shareholder value through further asset acquisitions.

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MG cp Summary

Lean Company – Unlike traditional oil and gas companies which are top heavy, Nexxt Energy is a lean company that can keep operating expenses low by utilizing the many oilfield traders as sub-contractors instead of full-time employees.


Increasing Shareholder value – Nexxt Energy recognizes its shareholders as a foundation and thus understands that they must continually seek production growth and increase their asset base with best value assets.


Low operating costs (OPEX) – Nexxt has a strong experienced management team that understands the market conditions of oil and gas. They can be nimble with the ups and downs of the market and will operate with a low “OPEX” foundation.

Previous oil slump – Has left various assets unused as they were difficult to manage because of high operating expenses generated by high prices and large amounts of employees. There are many core asset opportunities still available on the market that have real value, are very productive and have longevity.


Demand forecast – As the past markets have been slow and afloat with oil there has been a limited investment in oil properties leaving a future gap with supply and demand in the next few years.


The Team – The company has a board that is highly experienced in oil and gas operations.

Adedamola Oladeinde, President

Mr. Adedamola O. Oladeinde, also known as Ade, serves as President /CEO Dalop Management Consulting Inc. and a Board Director and President, Nexxt Energy Corp. Mr. Oladeinde served as Project Manager/ Lead Facilities Engineer, Chevron Canada Resources Ltd since November, 2013 until February, 2016.Operations & Maintenance Project Manager / Facilities Engineer at SemCAMS Midstream Company since May, 2012 until October, 2013. Mr. Oladeinde also served as Senior Mechanical Engineer at Rio Tinto Alcan BC Operations from April 2011 to May, 2012. Mr. Oladeinde has held various positions within the Oil & Gas Industry, Mining and Manufacturing Industry. He is also a member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan Provinces, respectively. He currently seats on the board of APEGA Education Foundation. Mr. Oladeinde obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 as well he has earned an Executive Masters of Business Administration in 2016 from the Sandermoen School of Business, University of Fredericton, Canada.


Robert Gomien, CEO & VP Finance

Mr. Robert Gomien has worked in various board and corporate roles. His current role is VP of finance with Nexxt Energy Corp. and CEO where Robert has successfully assembled a board of oil field professional engineers, operations managers, geologists and accountants. As past role of president of AHG Group Ltd., he oversaw the tranche of financing of 5 multi-family projects valued at 6 million. He completed project financing, project management, oversaw development, execution, and divestment of the projects for investors. Robert also holds working interests in 3 oil and gas operating units and leases in Texas, In which his company owns a 20% W.I of the units and 3800 acres of leases. Robert worked on his B.A. Commerce at AU, diploma in sales at Mc Millan College, and holds a computer technician certificate from A.O.L. Robert is pleased to bring his expertise in project financing and project execution and management to shareholders and directors.


Ronald DresserVice President/CFO/Secretary/Director

Ronald Dresser is a U.S. Navy veteran who earned his Bachelors degree from Baruch College, CUNY in 1985. During his 35 years experience as an accountant, he has worked for some of the largest Real Estate Management firms in New York City. Since 1994, he also has been the owner of Viking Capital Service, Inc, a real estate consulting firm that helps real estate companies solve their management problems from setting up their accounting system to actually working with them on a pro diem basis to help them prepare for their annual audit. He brings his 35 years of experience to Nexxt Energy as Vice President to use his accounting expertise to run the company in an efficient manner.


Arnie Boss, VP Operations

Arnie Boss has been involved in the oil gas production, operations management and oil gas well operator side of oil gas industry since 1999. He has been involved with many aspects of unit operations, such as down hole problems solutions and mitigation of production issues as well as keeping well production running smoothly, efficient, and cost effective so that operations can keep their OPEX low and profits maintained. He currently oversees 5 gas plants and over 20 operators.  His well production expertise and his vast skills set along with industry connections in oil field are invaluable. He oversees currently 5,036 boe per day of production and over 400 wells for a junior oil company. Arnie has worked for senior and junior conventional and unconventional oil gas companies as operator and operations management.


Glen Flachour, P. Geologist

Glen started out as a MWD engineer working for Halliburton providing well tool services. Once he became familiar with drilling operations he transitioned into well site geology.  Currently he works as a subcontractor providing geological supervision on core, deviated, stratigraphy, and more recently directional wells. Glen has worked on large capital projects such as Athabasca-area Cenovus Energy heavy oil projects, including Steepbank, Christina Lake and Pelican Lake. To date, He has successfully completed over 45 wells.  Glen’s experience also covers unconventional multi-leg directional wells which he has overseen for Penn West Energy in the Seal Lake area.