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Nevada Clean Magnesium

Location: White Rock, BC

Sector: Energy & Mining

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To be an environmentally friendly and globally competitive company producing primary magnesium metal ingot within the USA for the domestic auto, Aerospace, aluminum and technical industries.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • Conservative Approach – Our technology is not new but the assembly of the various technologies should result in a profitable operation. There is no new technology risk.  In addition, each step in the operation is to be tested first in the bench scale then in the pilot scale before full scale operations is designed.
  • Conservative Economic Model – The current economic model is based upon “All in” costing whereby the CAPEX is a total of all components necessary to produce the magnesium metal which include the building of an electrical, a reductant (FeSi) and the magnesium metal plant.
  • Refinement of Existing Process – The basic reduction process originated in Italy in the 1930s and is currently being operated in Brazil. Application of existing energy recovery, automation and linear integration are expected to reduce the production cost.
  • Experienced Personnel – The services of senior technical personnel who operated successful magnesium reduction facilities are committed to the project. Their cumulative years of experience are over 120 man years.
  • Deposit Location – The ore is sited in an area ideal for production of low cost environmentally clean power, such as wind, solar and geothermal.
  • Deposit Quantity and Quality – The ore body is fine grain, chemically pure and suitable for the selected reduction process. It is very large and capable of supporting the initial production target for more than 1000 years.
  • Low Cost Mine Operation –The deposit intended for the design production life, is located above grade. It will be a “side hill” excavation using rubber tire equipment.
  • Incrementally Expandable Process – By design, the production quantity can be varied to match market demand. This will be accomplished by varying the process cycle time and then adding increments of reduction furnaces with a minimal capital investment.
  • Granulation Technology – Application of this technology will reduce the cost of magnesium granules by $0.15 per pound and will enable expansion of the magnesium thixomolding operation which has been constrained due to the limited availability and cost of magnesium granules.
  • Commercialization of Waste Streams – Due to the unique calcination technology identified for the process, CO2 liberated on calcination of the dolomite will be free of contamination and will be “food grade” quality. It can easily be captured and marketed. The residue from the reduction process is a precursor form of Portland cement. It can be easily converted to cement without the greenhouse gas emissions that are constraining expansion of the cement industry.

To be an environmentally friendly and globally competitive company producing primary magnesium metal ingot within the USA for the domestic auto, Aerospace, aluminum and technical industries.


Edward Lee, Chairman of the Board and CEO

A long time entrepreneur in private business in northern British Columbia, Ed was appointed as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Nevada Clean in December 2012.   Previously, he served as the Company’s President. Ed served on the Boards of other public companies including as Director and Executive Vice President for Adanac Molybdenum Corp.   With over 13 years’ experience assisting public companies in capital formation and strategic business development, Ed brings Nevada Clean invaluable strategic insight, industry expertise and proven leadership.

James C. Sever, President and Director

Prior  to his  appointment  as  President  and  COO  of Nevada Clean,  Jim was  President of  Alpha  Omega Engineering, Inc. of Spokane, Washington providing international consultation on light metals, production and use; A professional engineer with a masters in metallurgical engineering and an MBA, He has over 40 years’ experience in non-ferrous metals, chemical, industrial and operational management.   Previously, he was employed for ten years by Alcoa and Northwest Alloys, Inc. as Technical Operations Manager for the Addy Magnesium plant located near Spokane.

Annie Storey, CFO and Director

Annie  brings  the  Company  over  25  years  of  experience,  having  provided  accounting,  financial  reporting  and corporate services  to  public  and  private  companies with  operations around  the  world  in  such  industries  as  mining and  exploration,  oil  and  gas,  technology,  entertainment,  manufacturing,  real  estate  and  biotechnology. Her experience includes 12 years in public practice with MNP LLP and KPMG LLP in the areas of audit, accounting and quality control, as well as with other mid-sized firms registered with the Canadian Public Accountability Board and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. She is proficient in the areas of Canadian Accounting Standards for Private  Enterprises, U.S.  Generally Accepted  Accounting Standards,  and  International  Financial  Reporting Standards, and has experience with both the Canadian and U.S. tax regimes.

Robert “Bob” Brown, Director

Robert brings with him over 50 years of industry experience in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials that includes twenty  years  in  the  technical  management  areas  of  light  metal  foundries  and  reduction  plants. Robert  has consulted  to  major  international  magnesium  companies  to  assist  in  evaluation,  planning,  design,  marketing  and trouble-shooting new operations.

Lothar Maruhn, Director

Lothar  serves  as  the  Chairman,  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  ScanMag  AS  and  serves  on  the  Board  of  Directors  of Nevada Clean.  In addition to leading ScanMag AS, he also serves as the CEO of Meløy Næringsutvikling AS, which is  comprised  of  a conglomerate  of  leading  companies  and  financial  institutions  in  Norway. For the  past  28  years, Lothar has been involved in advancing strategic new business development opportunities in northern Norway with particular emphasis on the public service, tourism and industrial markets.

Stephen Thorlakson, Independent Director

Stephen brings Nevada Clean a wealth of experience in the construction project management and logistics industry, as well as extensive financial and business management expertise, having worked more than three decades within the  financial services  industry.  As  founder  and  President  of the  Canadian  consulting  firm Thorlakson  Management Ltd., he has provided guidance, direction and hands-on management of major industrial and business development projects  for  clients  that  have  included  Canadian  Silica  Industries,  LaPrairie  Works,  Inc.  and  Eh-Cho  Dene Enterprises.

Jeff Wilson, Ph. D., P.Geo., Independent Director

Dr.  Wilson  has  worked  in  mineral  exploration,  consulting  and  market regulation  for  over  20  years.  He  has  also worked as an independent consultant since 2013. Previous to this, he worked for four years as Director of Geology at  Tetra  Tech  WEI,  Inc.,  a  leading  provider  of  consulting,  engineering  and  technical  services  focused  on  the worldwide  water,  environmental,  energy,  infrastructure  and  natural  resource  industries.

Lisa Maxwell, Corporate Secretary

Lisa  joined  Nevada  Clean  Magnesium  in  2013  as  Corporate  Secretary,  bringing  the  Company  over  18  years experience working in close collaboration with the senior leadership of both private and public companies.  She also serves as President and CEO of Sequoia Corporate Services, Inc., a management consulting business she founded in  2010  to  educate,  assist  and  support  clients  with  regulatory  compliance  and  corporate  governance  affairs. Her many notable clients have included Northern Iron Corporation, Belhara  Security  Systems,  Inc.  and  Premium Exploration, Inc., among others. Lisa studied International Business Administration at Capilano College, as well as Website Design and Management at the University of Victoria in Canada.