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Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corp.

Location: Toronto, ON

Sector: Real Estate.

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Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation manages a pool of thoughtfully selected residential mortgages in the real estate markets of Ontario. The investment fund offers investors a steady targeted 10% return in the form of interest income, paid monthly. Investors can invest with cash and registered accounts (RRSP, RRIFs, TFSAs, and LIRAs). The company manages a pool of mortgages and pays investors 10%.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • Nest Capital loans solely on single-family residential properties in Ontario; no commercial or development loans
  • The company prefers to spread the risk and diversify the investment pool over many small value mortgages
  • The company is operating a lean business with a comprehensive underwriting process with mortgage brokers and real estate lawyers with decades of experience
  • The company selects only short-term, 1 year mortgages that helps protect from changes in property values or interest rate changes
  • All investments must be secured by mortgages
  • The overall loan-to-value (LTV) on mortgages may not exceed 80%
  • All mortgages require an independent property appraisal
  • All mortgages must be registered by a lawyer against the property
  • No individual mortgage can account for more than 10% of the portfolio

Higher Returns as compared to other MICs – Nest Capital offers a 10% return to investors that is paid monthly.


Nest Capital Invests with you – The founders of the company have invested in the fund so they have a vested interest in your investment.


The company invest solely in single-family residential real estate in Ontario – By not lending to commercial and development loans, the fund preserves investment capital for investors and mitigates against the risk of stalled development projects, insolvency of developers, construction companies, or the need for more capital to complete a project.

Roger Allinson, President and CEO 

Roger Allinson got involved in investments in real estate in 2008/09, leading him to grow his company’s real estate portfolio to multiple single-family residential properties. He started with a few single-family residential mortgages in Ontario; first with cash and then grew it into RRSP and TFSA funds. His existing private lending company has made over 60 loans totaling over $4.5M and experienced zero defaults all over the last 3 years. He has a portfolio of $6M in residential real estate and $3M in mortgages.


Chris Allinson, Director

Chris has worked in business development in the software industry since 2012 surpassing sales targets and managing a territory of 12 states in the US. Prior to that, Chris worked for an energy smart fire prevention technology start up that protected vulnerable segments of the population and protected against property loss. Chris has met a 200% of quota in most recent sales year and above quota in all years prior, and won a state-wide contract during a competitive bidding process.