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Midori North Corp.

Location: Ajax, ON

Sector: Technology

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Midori has been incorporated for the purpose of providing internet/digital marketing and social media content for a growing number of existing companies. Uniquely, Midori provides services based on:
a) its association with development, project design, conceptualization and organizational planning , for each existing company
b) project planning to the construction stage and
c) during and after construction, is engaged in internet marketing and social media aimed at
i) initial sales
ii) marketing including branding and promotion of current and prospective company retail operations and
iii) operation of reservations, customer services and off site services for retail operations.

Midori provides its marketing services using proprietary techniques and workflows developed and proven over more than a decade in the global market. Best described as hyper-personalization, it markets to each identified prospect in a unique and personally relevant manner, tailoring its selling arguments to the individual, based on demographic and other data drivers.

Digital MarketingWill form the main source of ongoing income and expansion


Sales – Condominium sales and resort sales have staff and developed expertise (indeed, are the originators) of various ownership models, most critically, shared resort ownership. Existing staff have developed ownership options from existing ownership models, particularly fractional share models, adapting them to meet current demands demanded by the developing/changing market


Breadth of services – Embedded and dedicated to the design and actualization/completion of each project from initial concept to future daily operations


Concepts and negotiation – Able to function (through successful) adherence to the concepts underlying each project and marketing within planned budgets while bringing the considerable power of PURLDIVER TM to bear in customer engagement


Sustainability and Healthy Lifestyle Focus – Identified as an area of considerable demand in the current market, that competitors recognize but have been unable or unprepared to provide. Permaculture enhances this focus making projects more unique and site specific


Portability – Marketing systems developed through PURLDIVER TM allows for near real-time changes and new approaches that are portable among, and to, existing and new projects 


Existing and growing source of clients and services – These provide a level of business maturity where immediate cash flow  and expansion is predictable.


Internet marketing and social media – Internet, social media marketing and sales and business promotion becomes an expanding growth portion of Midori’s future services.


PURLDIVERTM Integration – Provides a reliable method of ensuring relevant communication to individual customers and prospects resulting in messaging logic and consistency throughout the sales cycle; more effective on-boarding of new customers; identification of potential resort guests and the capitalization of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to all. PURLDIVERTM integration permits design and message variation and nurturing of individual customer business operations.


Partnership with Existing Clients and Midori to promote interests of Existing Clients over long term – Allows market place consistency among Client Companies and permits design and message variation and rationalization for progressive business operations.  To some extent Midori is intended to have the capability to respond technically to create future success and growth.  Accordingly, Midori’s built-in market place response avoids learning curve for new direction and products.

Richard S Michna, President/Director

Richard is experienced in securities and banking, corporate organization and financing, real estate development and financing, development and planning, negotiation and management. After the incorporation of Envoy Capital Inc. 2006, a holding company for client companies including Weather-Vane Enterprises Inc, where he served as Director and President., he has become active in real estate projects and associate businesses in Muskoka (tourist business and related operations) and Toronto and Durham (historical buildings and zones, residential and retail developments) which provided experience and knowledge base for establishment of Midori North Inc.


Bob Pente, Lead Marketing Strategist & Creative Director

Bob has established a global reputation as a marketing innovator using data to drive digital print and online communication to establish individualized marketing relationships in diverse industry verticals. The resulting hyper-personalized marketing techniques and software have been contributing factors in moving the discipline of marketing forward. Seeing the opportunity for data to move the needle, Bob is a global pioneer in the discipline of variable, cross-channel communication. Many of the most successful variable marketing programs in the world today were conceived and executed by him.

As Midori’s lead marketing strategist and creative director, Bob’s long dedication to design and aesthetics, and his deep belief that analytics and measurement are paramount, will lead Midori’s design and marketing to success.