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Metrospaces Inc.


Location: Miami, Florida

Sector: Real Estate

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The company is a real estate private equity firm that invests in residential and hotel development projects in emerging markets, with a particular focus in Latin America. The company also has hotel operation capacity.

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MG cp Summary
  • Private equity shop type of set up – This allows us to maintain a very low overhead.
  • Local market expertise with world-wide knowledge – Our day to day partners and managers have made their career in the region. They know all the main local players in the industry and are highly recognized as such. They have experience in operating during different economic cycles, from crisis to explosive growth. During these times, our team has always been able to excel as far as ROI is concerned. Additionally, they have established working relationships with world-class hotel operators.
  • Access to global financial markets – The international relations we enjoy in finance and operational expertise are a rare find in Latin America.


The company is a real estate private equity firm that invests in residential and hotel development projects in emerging markets, with a particular focus in Latin America.  The company also has hotel operation capacity.

Daniel Silva, CEO – As a consultant, he has served in various international and multilateral agencies, including: World Bank (WB), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Program for Environment (UNEP), United Nations Program for development Programme (UNDP), German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), the Latin American Parliament, and others. As a private consultant in the field, he has provided professional services to several international consulting firms: Radian International (USA), Tetra Tech (USA), PRC EMInc (USA), AG (Spain), ERM (UK), and others. Between 1998 and 2000 he was Vice President of Environmental Resources Management in Argentina. Between 2000 and 2006 he served as chairman of Deloitte & Touche Argentina Environmental, a Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu company. Since 2007, CEO of Ikal Winery & Lodge (Argentina). Since 2008, he became Vice President for Prohotel International (USA) in South America, and owner of several hotels, including Ikal del Mar and Esencia, both in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Prohotel International is a full-service group that specializes in marketing, branding and managing luxury properties worldwide.   In the academic field, he has been a professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Catholic University, the University of Belgrano and the School of Business at the University of San Andrés, having published more than ten books in his field.

Oscar Brito, SVP – Mr. Brito started his career in real estate markets at the age of 30 while acting as Managing Director for GBS Capital Partners, a Miami-based merchant bank.  He first started buying distressed residential units in Buenos Aires, shortly after their economic crash in 2002-2003.  Since then, he has been involved in over $350M worth of real estate developments and investments in various mayor and emerging markets in Europe and Latin America, including the London Bulgari Hotel were Mr. Brito was a minority founding partner.  Prior to investing in real estate, Mr. Brito was very active in raising capital for technology start-ups.  During his investment banking career, Mr. Brito helped entrepreneurs raise over $150M in debt and equity for various companies and projects.   Mr. Brito is very passionate about deal making, capital raising and real estate development.  “I strive to give the very best of my self to my clients, partners and every project I’m involved in.”  He graduated from Duke University with honors in the year 2000.