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Location: Toronto, ON

Sector: Technology.

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Magnifi will be the first virtual co-working market network. Offering all the benefits of a physical co-working space in addition to its patented on-demand paid consultation tool, gig economy and knowledge workers can now connect with their clients, their community and the world by mobile device or desktop, anywhere, anytime.

Mobile-first approach

The usability and architecture of the Magnifi application is specifically designed to meet the exponentially growing mobile marketplace. Many of our competitors are centered around the desktop computer which has implications for poorer usability on mobile devices.


Peer-to-peer architecture

Peer-to-peer architecture leverages the capabilities inherent in the nodal nature of the Internet which in turn enables point to point streaming from handset to handset versus each audio or video stream being hosted by a third-party video vendor such as Twilio. Point to point or peer-to-peer streaming results in dramatically reduced bandwidth costs which are typically the highest variable costs in a business comprised primarily of streaming media and, video consultation.


Intellectual property

MindShare Technologies operating as Magnifi has been granted a patent for the billing of audio and video consultations in increments which means that it has specific rights attached to the way it creates and bills on-demand audio and video consultations.  This enables Magnifi to defend its business from a competitor using the same sort of methodology in addition to potentially litigating to prevent usage therein.


Mobile network in pocket

Magnifi provides a seamless mobile end-to-end solution that handles chat, video, and billing while offering a one-to one, personalized experience for knowledge workers and seekers to connect anytime and anywhere. Magnifi is a fully integrated marketplace in the pocket.


Affiliate program

Every Magnifi knowledge worker can earn cash by referring other knowledge workers or users who participate in paid calls. Simply by sharing their profile ‘sharing’ link with others who sign up for Magnifi, knowledge workers can now earn 5% of their gross call cost every time referred to as Affiliate Revenue.

1.  Co-Working is Foundational to the Knowledge Economy

Statistic’s show the number of co-working spaces in the United States grew 28778.6 % from 2007 to 2017. This represents 1.18 million people working in coworking spaces and it is forecasted to grow another 50% by 2022.


2. First Mover/disruptor

The Magnifi mobile market network will be the first virtual co-working space, offering a patented on-demand paid consultation tool and a suite of services for innovators, gig entrepreneurs and knowledge workers to build and grow global communities for greatest impact at scale.


3. IP (Patent)

System and Method for Live Online Consultation

Patent Filed (CIPO, WIPO)

Granted (Certificate of Grant; Innovation Patent in Australia)


4. Develop an android version in Q4 2018 and desktop/tablet of KMN  in Q1, 2019


5. Phase 1 – Q1, 2019: Develop the web app and central hub plus marketing dashboard


6. Phase 2, Q2-3, 2019: Develop foundational suite of integrated SAAS tools including: bookkeeping/accounting/financing, calendar/time management integration; 24/7 AI chat based support; analytics and marketing


7. Phase 3, Q3/4 2019: Develop a Knowledge Center granting member access to syndicated/custom industry research@ preferential rates/ business templates/online learning and accreditation tools; access to negotiated  rates on a variety of services through partnerships; tech, communications, marketing/pr/media services on a vetted discounted contract basis;


8. Continue acquisition efforts and scale out private label partnerships


9. Partnership with smart speaker manufacturer in Q2 2019/VR Beta Launch in Q1 2020

Ted Boyd, CEO

Ted is an experienced technology and marketing entrepreneur with significant corporate governance experience.


Ted holds a four year BA from Innis College at the University of Toronto (1986), an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (1997) and an ICD.D Certification from the Institute of Corporate Directors (2011).


Previously, Ted was CEO of One Advertising Inc. which was acquired by Sandbox Group LLC in 2015. Prior to this he was CEO at Iceberg, a pioneering publicly traded internet radio broadcaster, which was acquired by Standard Radio in 2004.  Before joining Iceberg, he held the position of President at book retailer, Indigo Online, where he led the launch of its first e-commerce offering in 1999. Prior to this, he served as Senior Vice-President of New Media Technologies & New Business for Young and Rubicam Canada where he founded its digital group in 1996.


Diana Davies-Harju, COO/CMO

Diana is a modern digital marketer and passionate entrepreneur. She believes in making informed decisions with a goal to growing businesses and building products people want. Through a lean start-up methodology, she takes an agile, validated learning approach.


Diana has over 18 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience, having founded her first start-up in her mid-20’s which was later acquired by an international competitor. In 1999 she was recruited by Corel to serve in a series of increasingly senior sales and marketing roles. Having moved to California in 2006, Diana founded ecommerce start-up, which was acquired in 2008. Subsequent to this she was recruited by MBM in a senior marketing role where she served until 2014. She then co-founded InnovaMap, developed a neuromarketing course before recruited to help found MindShare Technologies Inc.


Diana holds a BA in Law from Carleton University (2005) and has a certification in marketing analytics and content marketing from Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute (2015). Diana is passionate about mentorship and community building and is actively involved with not-for-profit initiatives. She mentors with Technovation and is on the board of trustees with Willis College for the Women in Technology Scholarship.


Jason Burke, CFO

With 20 years of experience, Jason excels in providing operational and financial expertise to rapidly growing companies.


Prior to founding Positive Venture Group, Magnifi’s outsourced CFO, Jason served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Conversant Intellectual Property Management (formerly MOSAID). In these roles Jason oversaw a fundamental reorganization and repositioning of the company that followed a $560M take private transaction by Sterling Partners out of Chicago. Prior to Conversant, Jason served as Vice President Finance and Principal Accounting Officer of Massachusetts-based AVID Technologies, a publicly traded audio and video solutions provider with US$680 million in annual revenues and 2,500 employees worldwide. Jason has served as Chief Financial Officer of IBM Software Group, Business Analytics Division.


Jason graduated from St. Frances Xavier University (1995) and holds a CPA.


Michael Sgambelluri, CTO

Michael is an agile developer with extensive app development and experience building and architecting mobile, web apps and live video streaming apps.


Michael has significant experience with front and back-end development, project governance, and client development environments. Specific work experience includes development of the Kik iPhone app as well as development for Google, Rogers, US Army, BMW/Mini, Jack Daniel’s, Sapporo, GM, Ford, The Hospital for Sick Children, TD Bank, BMO, Toronto Raptors & Maple Leafs, Timeplay Inc., eBrake, Feast and Bubl Technologies.


Michael holds a BA in Mathematics (2008) and MA in Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo (2010).