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Kwilt Inc.

Location: Ottawa, ON

Sector: Technology


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 Kwilt’s Shoebox device creates a personal cloud where consumers can offload photos and videos from their smartphones and still access their personal content anytime, anywhere. Kwilt turns a consumer USB keys and hard drives into their own personal cloud. Simply connect the Kwilt Shoebox to the internet, plug in a USB key or external drive, offload/backup your photos onto your USB/external drive and Consumers can now enjoy increased storage on their phones while still having access to all their photos and videos from anywhere via the Kwilt mobile app.    In addition to its own device the Kwilt software is currently embedded in over 2M routers with plans to expand the OEM channels to storage manufactures, set top boxes and other Smart Home devices.


Kwilt is set to become the largest consumer photo and video aggregation and management platform in the world. Unlike other storage platforms, Kwilt offers unlimited photo and video storage and is both brand and platform agnostic. Whereas storage limitations, pricing and privacy concerns entices the average Google Photos user to store only 500 photos on the platform, Kwilt’s unlimited storage and aggregation options allow the average user to index a whopping 26,000 photos and videos on average.

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Consumers take more than 4 trillion photos annually on more than 4.5 billion smartphones.  Photos and videos take up a lot of memory, forcing many consumers to delete old photos to make room for new ones, go through the complicated process of transferring their photos and videos to their PC or pay significantly more money for a new cell phone that contains more storage or pay for online cloud storage.   There’s also the added concern of privacy and security when using online cloud storage, as many times you are signing away your rights to your own photos and videos without even realizing it.


Kwilt is a technology that creates a personal cloud where consumers can offload photos and videos from their smartphones and still access their content anytime, anywhere, always secure, virtually unlimited storage capacity and no monthly storage fees.The target market is the 75% of mobile device users that require cloud like capabilities that do not use public commercial clouds such as Google or Apple due to cost and or privacy concerns.


How it works:


Kwilt turns your USB and hard drives into your own personal cloud. Simply connect your Kwilt Shoebox to the internet, plug in your USB or hard drive, offload/backup your photos onto your USB/hard drive and consumers have increased storage on their phones while still having access to all their photos and videos from anywhere via the Kwilt mobile app.


Kwilt works the way consumers do. It fits their ecosystem rather than forcing them to move their content around or be trapped into a platform and format. All of their photos and videos are stored on their own external drive and connected to their personal Kwilt Shoebox at home, creating their own completely private, personal cloud.


The Platform has three main components:

  • The Kwilt Shoebox: is a personal cloud storage device consumers can use to create their own personal cloud for their photos and videos. It supports a, b, g and n 2.4 GHz wireless networks and allows you to plug in a USB key or an external drive to store your photos and videos. An adapter can also be used to connect multiple drives at once. Consumers can:
    • Offload mobile photos and videos seamlessly on the go to the privacy of their home
    • Unlimited mobile storage by connecting any USB storage device to the Kwilt Shoebox
    • No sacrificing of quality by maintaining original, full-resolution photos and videos
    • Access photos and videos from anywhere, on any mobile platform
    • No monthly storage subscription fees
    • Maintains complete privacy with a personal cloud accessible only by the consumer


  • Kwilt App: Functioning like an online photo stream, the Kwilt Android and iOS apps serve as an aggregator and interface that can hook into almost any online photo and video storage system (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, and iCloud) and consolidate your entire collection into its app. If you have Kwilt connected to your online photo collections, it’s the only app you need for accessing all of your photos at any given time.


  • Kwilt cloud engine:  underpins the Kwilt platform and manages the Kwilt eco-system including all users and content.    The engine indexes all content regardless of the source and streams that content in real-time from any source when called up by the App.   The cloud engine has the potential to be the largest distributed private cloud infrastructure for User Generated Content (UGC) and allows for wide monetization opportunities of that content and the big data it generates. Where Google photos hosts an average of 500 photos per user, Kwilt indexes and accesses 26,000 photos per user on average, making it the world’s largest consumer photos and videos aggregation and management engine.


Business Model:

Kwilt derives its revenues from selling the smart home Kwilt Shoebox device, licensing the Kwilt Shoebox software to OEM hardware manufacturers, various means of user monetization such as selling additional features and services on both recurring and one-time payment models, advertising revenues and helping consumers sell their photos to marketers and creative agencies.

A unique hardware and software platform which addresses the ubiquitous mobile storage problem caused by 4.5 Billion smartphone consumers taking 4 Trillion new photos each year. The platform provides cloud capabilities for offloading and accessing mobile photos and videos to and from the privacy and security of the home and having those photos and videos accessible anywhere anytime with no recurring monthly fees. In addition to mobile offloading, any existing backed up photos and videos at home can easily be revived and accessed anywhere and anytime with Kwilt.


Unlike other solutions on the market, Kwilt is less expensive, offers an open ecosystem so other industry players can offer product and features extensions, and allows for an unlimited number of connected storage devices and drives so each user’s Kwilt solution grows with his or her needs.  Additionally, it is both brand and platform agnostic. Because Kwilt does not require any sort of proprietary drive or format, all of your photos are kept in their original format.


Unique aggregation and virtualization technology at the core – Kwilt is the only consumer technology that offers a cloud engine that aggregates multiple sources of cloud content (e.g.  Facebook, Instagram, Google, Dropbox) and home content into a single dynamic database that virtualizes the content into one accessible stream for the user.


Cost effective – Contrary to commercial cloud storage, with Kwilt, consumers do not pay to store because they connect their own storage to the Kwilt ecosystem.In essence, with Kwilt, the storage capabilities become unlimited.


Leveraging Channels for Go to Market – Kwilt offers an open standards solution to facilitate and encourage third party integration from all angles ranging from cloud infrastructure players, internet service providers, home networking device provider, storage device makers etc. For example, Kwilt software is currently embedded on over 2M router devices worldwide and Kwilt is engaged in discussions with storage manufacturers for joint go to market activities. There are over 600M USB storage devices sold every year and Kwilt can turn these into a personal cloud for only $59.


Multipronged monetization model – Kwilt derives its revenues from selling the Smart home Kwilt Shoebox device, licensing the Kwilt Shoebox software to OEM hardware manufacturers and various means of user monetization such as selling additional features and services on both a recurring and onetime payment models, advertising revenues and last helping consumers selling their photos to marketers and creative agencies.


Offers the largest access to personal data for monetization purposes – In addition to the monetization model above we see that the average number of photos and videos indexed per user by the Kwilt platform is 50 times higher than the number of files stored by consumers on Google Photos. Better yet, the Kwilt index also includes the Google Photos content! That very large volume of User Generated Content (UGC) makes the Kwilt platform the largest pool of monetizable user generated content ever indexed and organized.

Marc-Antoine Benglia, CEO 

A seasoned technology product developer and marketer, Marc-Antoine is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kwilt Inc.  Before co-founding Kwilt, Marc-Antoine was CEO of Axentra, the leading provider of home server platform. Benglia’s role at Axentra was focused on product strategy, innovation and business development, bringing to market the very first consumer home server that won wide industry adoption for over 10 years with such OEM customers as Seagate, Lenovo, Verbatim, Linksys and Netgear amongst others gathering key awards. Prior to leading Axentra, Marc-Antoine was President of Hemera Technologies Inc., a leading digital image content provider and digital image management tools developer he co-founded in 1997. During his tenure at Hemera, Marc-Antoine established one of the largest collections of digital images in the world, amassing more than 1.5 million digital image files sold through web, catalog and retail channels worldwide.


Sylvain Lambert, CMO 

A Creative Director and branding expert with over 20 years of experience in the field of high- technology, Sylvain is Chief Brand Officer and a founding member of Kwilt® Inc. where he focuses on implementing his vision to design and market the best personal memories solution for consumers. Prior to Kwilt, Sylvain was Creative Director at Axentra Corporation (2005 to 2012), allowing him to gain a solid experience in desktop, web and mobile interface and UX design. From 1997 to 2004, Sylvain was Creative Director at Hemera Technologies Inc., a leading digital image content provider, developing, creating and managing multiple brands like the popular Photo-Objects, Big Box of Art (the largest clipart collection in the world) and AbleStock (the first professional stock photography subscription website) among other digital asset properties.


Mostafa Hosseini, CTO

Mostafa Hosseini is CTO and founding member of Kwilt, overseeing the architecture of the Kwilt software ecosystem and coordinating the integration of the broad range of underlying technologies that power Kwilt as well as the deployment of the Kwilt MediaCaster embedded modules on various hardware platforms and architectures. Prior to Kwilt, Mostafa was Chief Architect at Axentra Corporation which he joined in 2001. There he actively contributed to develop many facets of the intellectual property of the company. He has experience in a wide range of software deployments from his past work, including telecommunication, software protection, software for embedded devices and simulation.


Tony Marinelli, COO

Tony is an accomplished Technology and Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Executive. As a Founder, Operator and CEO, he has a successful track record of identifying business opportunities and building companies to create shareholder value through successful exits, acquisitions and venture investments.   Across 30 years of experience, he has lead, transformed and grown companies from start-up to hundreds of employees and profitable multi-million dollar revenues. Prior to Kwilt, Tony has held C level roles at SMITH Digital and CGI.