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Location: Sacramento, California

Sector: Technology

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Kryptoblocks has developed a Commerce and Loyalty Platform based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


Product : rewardX  ( Commerce and Loyalty Platform)


Features of reward : marketplace, loyalty and reward, payment, coupon, publishing, advertising, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence , Chatbots, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


It’s a new way of doing businesses with cutting edge technologies and integration with existing businesses.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • Rewardx provides universal rewards in the form of cryptocurrency or merchants can set it as point basis. Provide coupon, ecommerce marketplace, gift cards
  • Unlike its competitors, Kryptoblocks has built a decentralized marketplace
  • With Blockchain the company provides full traceability and audit trail and artificial intelligence provides the customer segmentation, propensity score, recommendation engine and churn analysis , customer behavior modelling and predictive shopping
  • Rewardx provides the decentralized publishing and ownership via Blockchain and Artificial intelligence to deliver the right content to right the person
  • Blockchain will solve data lineage problem in CRM and data ownership and security controls
  1. Technology Advantage – The product utilizes cutting edge technologies , Blockchain is used as distributed ledger, wallet, artificial intelligence to provide insights, watch social and others data source to provide recommendation.
  2. Cost Advantage – Overall cost is low and the platform is ready to go. The company has tier plans that add features to the product.
  3. Differentiation Advantage – The company provides a better product than competitors by including cutting edge technologies and solving business problems in the areas of loyalty program fragmentation.
  4. Innovation Advantage – Kryptoblocks has build the universal coin as loyalty program, their innovation is in the areas of Blockchain, artificial intelligences and integration of Internet of Things.

Akash Singh, Phd/ CEO 

Akash Singh was designated as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in Skry (Coin Analytics) and he was the leader of Artificial Intelligence in area of Blockchain.   He was CTO in R&D department of Huawei and improved their AI and Cloud offerings.  He was Chief Architect for IBM for 13 years and progressed the IBM Watson and steered multi-billion dollar businesses. As the Head of AI for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), he put down the groundwork of AI for their customer base.  Dr Singh headed the Holmes product development and customer ecosystem, during his tenure with Wipro as Director Artificial Intelligence.  And last but not the least, AI lines of universal communicator solutions was successfully managed by him as Principal Artificial Intelligence Scientist for Entefy.

Dr Singh has attained his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and is famous for his vast knowledge and experience in the machine learning and probabilistic approach to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data glitches. Recognized by abundant industry awards; an in-demand keynote speaker; Lecturer at Stanford University, UCLA and MIT, Dr Singh is now leading the team and business strategy at Kryptoblocks.  His main focus will also be on product and ecosystem development.

Mani Bhooshan, CTO

Mani was working with IBM and leading the architecture and design for IBM customers, before joining Kryptoblocks.  He brings in profound technical expertise and leadership skills. With his 12 years of experience in Architecture and Design, Mani is head of overall strategy and Architecture practices and product development at Kryptoblocks.


Anita Gupta, CMO

At Kryptoblocks Anita leads the overall marketing initiatives.  Her prior experience is that of CMO for AI company.  She has 14 years of experience in Marketing. Anita has authored papers in International Journals and has received awards from International Consortiums.