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Location: Vancouver, BC

Sector: Media and Technology

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A safe and moderated social network for kids and teens –


At Kidzworld, all kids and teens have a space to express their free-spirited selves in our safe, content-rich, and highly-interactive online community.


We build community in our connection-focused web and mobile product for kids and teens aged 9-16.


Key features including a chat room, direct private messaging, forums, blogs, groups, user created articles, and relevant editorial content to engage and educate users within our inclusive environment.


To reassure parents and support kids and teens, user interactions are moderated with a combination of an automated chat filter system and a team of live moderators. The algorithms are able to spot inappropriate context in online conversations, analyze a variety of signals from the conversation (and the user’s reputation), and categorize the underlying behavior to take appropriate action – in real time without delay. We also rely on a team of adult and teen moderators to help create a safe space for all kids and teens to connect and build relationships.

1. Unique Market Position

  • Kidzworld is the only independently owned social community for kids and teens. Kidzworld fosters an environment where kids and teens feel free to express themselves with a community that feels like family.
  • We create safe space in our products and in conversations with users. Kidzworld is a safe harbour that users, parents, teachers and advertisers can trust.
  • This foundation and position allows Kidzworld to be scaled to a much larger global level with the proper tools and resources available.
  • A recently completed brand identity and marketing strategy puts Kidzworld in the position to rapidly scale the business with an accurate and concise message to our audiences.

2.  Focus on Under 13

Kidzworld is the only fully COPPA compliant social network focusing on the U13 audience.


3.  Safe Social and content integrations

  • Kidzworld has a unique position as we provide a large database of original content within the social community that allows the members to engage with in a safe and moderated environment.
  • This is an opportunity for our longstanding advertising and content partners to advertise their products, games and movies to access a younger audience. This age group can be challenging to reach due to the restrictions of COPPA.

1.  COPPA compliance

  • Allows advertisers to reach a large user base that they wouldn’t normally have access to.
  • Creates trust for parents and teachers looking for a safe space for their kids/teens/students.
  • Reassures parents and teachers that there will be no inappropriate content or advertising on the site.


2.  Moderator-user and peer to peer relationships

A key element to Kidzworld’s stickiness is the genuine relationships formed between users/moderators – the vast majority of interactions and engagement occurs in conversations between people (vs. sharing, posting, etc. on other platforms).

These relationships keep users returning day after day and keep them in app (average session duration = 3 minutes).

According to Statista, Instagram’s average session duration is 3.1 minutes.


3.  Kidzworld tenure

Kidzworld has been building community since 2001; outlasting Disney’s Club Penguin and was founded three years before Facebook (2004).  We provide a unique community where users create personal and long standing relationships that grow with their Kidzworld Profiles.


4.  Independent

Being an independent website provides significant value for Kidzworld. Not being owned by a major brand like Viacom, Time Warner or Disney makes the site a more attractive to opportunity.

Allen Achilles, Founder/President

Allen is a serial entrepreneur and has been the driving force behind the Kidzworld vision. He brings a long-standing entrepreneurial background and leadership history to Kidzworld. His vision for Kidzworld evolved from working with his then 12 year-old daughter, Jordan, on a school science project. After several hours of fruitless search and countless invasions by unwanted porn, Kidzworld was born. Allen has always been an involved member of the community with his family being at the forefront.


Allen attended the University of Toronto, however, his entrepreneurial drive got the better of him and he left early in his fourth and graduating year to pursue his business interests. His early career encompasses the commercial building maintenance industry, property management and hospitality industries.


His early career was in the commercial building maintenance industry, founding and subsequently selling the largest non-union building maintenance contractor in Western Canada. He also spent several years in the restaurant and nightclub business.  He has been directly involved in raising over $50 million in equity for private and public companies primarily in the resource sector, in which he has had founding senior management involvement. As founding President and Chairman of Canadian Spirit Resources Inc. he assisted in over $25 million in new equity for that company.


James Achilles, Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer

With more than a decade of career experience in the digital realm, James offers extensive, savvy experience in all aspects of website initiation, from planning and development through the marketing process. His specialties include SEO, online marketing, website optimization, and product management.


James  joined  Kidzworld  in  2006  as  a  sales  and  marketing  assistant,  returning  full  time  upon  graduation from the University of Victoria. He  is  involved  in  all  strategic  decision making, online  marketing  and  website  development.


Jordan Achilles, Online Community & Web Content Manager

Jordan handles all of the day to day operations and management for the social network. Enhancing the safe user experience using a secure moderation platform along with a team of moderators.  This has created a deep connection with the community and a high level of trust with the users.  Jordan’s experience has created a specific skill set to properly spot negative users and reward the positive ones.


Jordan has been the advertising sales coordinator and liaison with all of our advertising partners. Along with the community there are joint PR and contest partnerships which help grow and create new business and advertising relationships.