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Juice Financial

Location: New York City, NY

Sector: Fintech  .

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Leading Alternative banking platform provides solution to consumers through its brand to Small & Medium Business (SMB) through and to enterprise customers, using its Juice Financial Enterprise offering.


Bank disruption with digital solution is growing in double digits and will continue for the foreseeable future


2.  Product

Juice Financial technology and product offering in market leading and can be scaled with proper funding.


3.  Price

Since the recent change in its business model from enabler to complete solution, the company is raising funding in an affordable price, similar deals are made in much higher valuations. Good chance for significant value creation!

• Platform- Efficiency, Compliance
Our cloud base platform is unique, it combines booth financial and contextual data in one platform. That allows us to mange the issuance life cycle with extreme clarity and efficiency


• Fast on boarding
Our self service go to market platform is first of a kind, saves time and money. Think Square


• Experience
We have implemented successfully more than 100 card schemes, many where market first, our organizational memory is loaded with experience and expertise that is hard to match.


• Agnostic
We are bank agnostic and processor agnostic that unique cloud base approach allowed us to switch bank and processor recently and expand globally fast once we are funded.


• Global
Since our platform is in the cloud and agnostic ,we have no limitations on global expansion


• Flexible
Our system logic is set in such way that the logic is kept with it and not in the processor level, which allows us to introduce new features like, saving accounts, early access.


Global demand for alternative banking solutions is growing in double digits pace worldwide, an estimated 400B load volume and 8B in revenue potential in us alone and same in the rest of the world.



We built a cloud base issuing and management platform that address the need of consumers, SMB‘s and enterprise customers for a feature relevant banking solution. Our platform allows for a rapid and scalable deployment and cost effective and compliant management.


Why us

As a proven private label solution provider we enabled successfully government agencies, retail banking customers and consumers. our end to end solution is best used in use cases that represent high complexity, short time to market and when bank product is not core offering.


Why now

We found a path to scale the business, we have simplified the onboarding process to reach a significant competitive advantage in market we see potential in such as SMB.


Positive investment momentum and rich valuations

Q1 2018 was another record quarter for funding Fintech companies especially companies in our space like Chime,N26,Revolout and GreenDot.

Moshe Golomb, Founder & CEO

A Fintech pioneer with proven track record of developing and commercializing financial products. has 20 years of management, product development, business development and financial experience at early-stage technology companies and banks such as optimum interactive and First International Bank.

Moshe holds a BS in economics and business and an MBA in banking and finance from Tel Aviv University.


Morris Azulay, CFO

Morris has acted as CFO and COO at many tech startups over the last 20 years, and has significant experience in capital financing. Morris holds a BS in economics and accounting from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from Herriot Watt University.


Dr. Ilan Perez, VP Technology & President

Dr. Ilan has over 20 years of experience in product & development management in technology companies such as SAP, Dr. Ilan was instrumental in developing the Juice enterprise program management system.


Barry Kessler, GM reloadable cards

Barry has over 25 years of delivering product innovation, development  and operations management for prepaid and financial services industry in leading companies like Clarity and Total Systems


Mike Eller, VP of Sales

Mike has 15 years of business development and sales of financial services for the underserved consumer focusing in pre-paid and stored-value card programs for CompuCredit, NetSpendandIncom.


Eitan Ram, GM, Gift Cards

Eitan , has over 20 years of operations and systems experience in the stored value software and POS network industries. Former business unit manager at Retalix/NCR


Greg Johnson, VP card operations

Greg has over 10 years program management experience in the prepaid industry.  Prior to joining Praxell in 2013, he worked as a Senior Relationship Manager for a Meta payment systems the largest Prepaid Issuing Bank.


John Walsh, Compliance Officer

John has over 20 years of experience planning and addressing risk management issues in the financial services industry, including roles at Wachovia Bank NC, Bank of America at Charlotte, NC, and Merrill Lynch