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Impact Equity Inc.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Sector: Real Estate

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Impact Equity invests in one-of-a-kind properties, deploying investment capital and expertise in real estate projects located in Toronto and GTA. This real estate investment company aims to not only provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns and long-term capital preservation by combining them with innovative, beneficial concepts that push the envelope of design and creativity. The goal is to be a business that has an impeccable track record by continually growing revenues in the form of positive cashflow, passive income, tax incentives, as well as seeing healthy increases in property-values of the company’s investments.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • This fund is specific to 4 ground floor properties in Toronto’s core
  • While 4 properties are ground floor commercial in new construction condominiums, one of the properties is completed and generating immediate cash flow and the remaining properties are to be constructed
  • The fund will purchase the first completed property in all cash, and will make a further 5% deposit to the developer for the remaining 3 properties
  • The subsequent 10% deposits for the future construction properties will be made by leveraging the first property which is debt free
  • All of the deposits will sit in the developers’ Lawyers Trust Account and are protected in the event of default or non delivery by the developer
  • There will be further payment required by all unit holders on completion of the 3 properties in approximately year 4
  • The aggregate fund will generate positive cash flow from the beginning and over the next approximately 5 year as the remaining properties come on line, it will generate significant cash flows

Positive Cash flow – The fund begins with approximately 4% cash flow before debt. By the time all 4 properties come on line the income increases to high single digits around Year 6 and will continue to increase as debt is paid down.


Limited risk – The primary risk in in finding a tenant upon completion however the locations are extremely desirable in Toronto’s downtown core.


Significant Gains – Commercial rents are considerably higher than residential condominiums however the company’s cost per square foot is lower so once income is stabilized they have a significant lift.

Amin Jadavji, President

Vice President of Metro Paper Industries.  Spent 24 years building Metro Paper to become Canada’s 4th largest manufacturer of tissue.  Successfully exited the business in 2014.  Maintain a portfolio of over 1,000,000 feet of industrial space.  Also have been involved in financing several condo developments Toronto’s core.


Jameel Aj ManjiVice President

Former Partner and VP of Marketing at PSR Brokerage. Jameel spent 8 years working on some of the most iconic condominium projects in Toronto’s trendy King West neighbourhood.  In his role he worked on all aspects of the business including bringing in commercial tenants and creating one of Canada’s most desirable urban communities.