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Holdun Income Fund Ltd

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Sector: Investment Fund

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Holdun is an international, independent, Multi-Family Office that helps your family, like we do our own, build wealth and security for generations. Holdun’s heritage may be Canadian, but our outlook and approach are distinctly international.


Our Mission

To assist all of our clients, like we do our own family, in growing their assets, protecting existing wealth and preparing the next generation for the responsibilities they will assume in the future.


Our Value Proposition

At Holdun, our goals and objectives are aligned with yours, as we manage our family money in the same way we manage yours, proposing only investments that have been thoroughly researched and that we are comfortable investing our own money in.

Target Fund Size $500M
Management Fee’s 1.25%
Target Yield or Return 5%
Hurdle Rate 5%

*Realized returns above 5%, fund manager receives 20% performance fee

Noteworthy Terms •Minimum Subscription-100k USD

•The fund has quarterly redemptions

•The base currency of the fund is USD


Opportunity Highlight

1. The excellent and well- earned reputation of the investment manager (Holdun) and the auditors (Grant Thornton)


2. The Ginnie Mae bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S government.


3. The fund has outperformed the 10- year U.S Treasury yield by more than 200 bps.

Brendan Holt Dunn, CEO

Based in the Bahamas, Brendan Holt Dunn is the CEO of Holdun, Founder and Managing Partner of Holt Accelerator and board member of the Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation. Mr. Dunn comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His great, great grandfather Sir Herbert Holt, was known as a pioneer in the development of the energy business in Quebec, now known as Hydro-Quebec (previously Montreal Light, Heat & Power) and he was the longest standing President and Chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada to ever have served. The legacy of Sir Herbert and his lifetime of achievements led him to acquire an empire worth over $3 billion by the 1940s.


Since taking over operational control and responsibility of Holdun from his father Stuart Dunn, Brendan Dunn has led the company’s international expansion. A 5th generation family business offering Family Office Services, Wealth Management Services, Trust Services, Corporate Services, Concierge Services, and Financial Services, Holdun was awarded best Multi-Family Office in the Caribbean 2017 for Holdun Family Office.  On April 26th, 2018 in Montreal, Holdun launched the Holt Accelerator, modern-day brokers accelerating deal-making between Fintech Startups.


Before coming on board to run the family business, Mr. Dunn spent time working in Nassau, Bahamas under Jeff Everett, the president of Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, in the research department. Brendan Holt Dunn holds a Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies, with a focus on finance, from the University of Western Ontario.