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Health Gauge

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Sector: Health


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Health Gauge is a personal health monitoring and management solution that provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI) & machine-learning (ML) based platform solution and a device (wrist- or card- form options) to support people in tracking, understanding, and managing their health. Health Gauge’s platform allows users to communicate with and share health data with their doctor, health/wellness practitioner, family, and friends.


Health Gauge is far more than simply a wearable; it is a solution that provides deeper analysis, and higher accuracy using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Health Gauge provides greater awareness, insights, and supports, enabling people to address developing or ongoing health problems more actively.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

1. High-value AI/ML platform base for advanced health solutions R&D – Our company assets provide a world-leading platform using latest generation tools such as TensorFlow as the production base for our unique Neural-Net tools that will support leading-edge R&D and end-user clients.  Our platform tools will provide for an improved way for new machine-learning and AI tools to serve people in ongoing health monitoring and management.


2.World class & highly specialized skills in AI & ML development –  The University of Alberta, where all of our core team is trained, is a top-three world leader in creating highly-skilled and valuable resources in AI/ML development, engineering and microelectronics, and health sciences.  Our team is in high demand for our capabilities and getting national and international notice for our work.  We have 2 resources with M.Sc. degrees in advanced AI/ML skills and have augmented that with additional software, engineering, and business skills.


3.Strong connections with University of Alberta / Comp.Science, Health Sciences, and Engineering –In 2017, Google’s DeepMind organization made Edmonton, AB it’s first international investment growth location, based on the experience and profile of educators and talent here to serve Google’s growth needs.  Our work taps into the same core asset base but with a core focus on the high value market opportunities in the health sector, advanced research into new AI/ML applications, and IoT development.


4.Unique and extendable IP assets with a global market opportunity – The team began to establish its IP/patent stratagem in 2015 and has recently submitted its patent to the Canadian and US patent offices, after a period of development work that extended through 2017.  We are now in a position to undertake additional IP/patent work to grow and further extend our initial patent strategy.


5.Strong development partners in advanced software, IoT, manufacturing and health sciences  – Over the past two years we have been meeting with a number of organizations locally and in different parts of the world – meeting with people who share our vision for the future of health monitoring and management, that serve people in ways they’ve never experienced before.  We have established a number of important connections that we feel will help us scale fast and grow our business quickly.


6.High profile first client opportunities with AHS, icddr,b and Government of Canada (Military) – The Company is in negotiations with high profile clients in Canada, the United States, and Asia – who want to acquire in the overall Health Gauge product offering.  The high value assets relate to the Company’s key focus and competencies in AI/ML applications, focus on consumer-health interests, and providing latest generation solutions that enhance and support the health system in the use of advanced technologies to serve end-users.

Randy Duguay, CEO, and Co-founder

Randy Duguay has been involved in new solutions development for over twenty-five years and has worked in health solutions development for over fifteen years.  He is a former executive within TELUS Health Solutions (2002 – 2012) and worked with TELUS Communications for 25 year working in telecom engineering, operations, national projects, strategic & corporate strategy, product development, and commercialization.  Randy was one of the first resources in TELUS Health, now Canada’s leading health technology service provider generating now over $750m in annual revenues.

In addition to working with TELUS, Randy also has worked with the University of Alberta as a Commercialization Officer (contracted) on two occasions for special projects in wireless physiological wearables, and in review of an Virtual Reality data centre joint venture.


Bruce Matichuk, CTO, and Co-founder

Bruce Matichuk, MSc. has been in the software industry for 25+ years focusing on the application of AI to real world problems. In the 90s, Bruce developed an AI based integration system that was popular with Fortune 500 companies including Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Holiday Inn, Lockheed Martin and others.

He was one of the founders of Poynt, Canada’s first search engine company, and was a founder in Clinitrust, the first Canadian based secure email and communications platform for doctors and patients. Recently Bruce co-founded Salu Design Group Inc. to enter the personal health monitoring and analytics market. Salu is using AI/ML techniques to measure and analyze biometrics for hypertension management. AI is a passion for Bruce and he regularly speaks on its emergence and impact, and how businesses can use AI for their benefit.