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Harmonix Golf Inc.

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Sector: Retail and Consumer Products


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Harmonix Golf Inc. was formed to support the development and sale of the Harmonix Live-Head Putter and additional ‘Short Game’ products for the global golf industry. The Harmonix Live Head Putter introduces the first truly unique putter since the introduction of the “Ping Anser” in 1959. What’s different about the Harmonix Live Head putter….EVERYTHING!

Business Documents


E V E R Y T H I N G!

Now you have the opportunity to be part of the next generation of golf.  The Harmonix© Live~Head Putter is a truly unique putting instrument and the most innovative design since Karsten Solheim introduced the Ping Anser in 1959.

This is a powerful tool in anyone’s golf bag! 

These live-head putters are deadly accurate when played correctly.  The sound made by these beautiful putters is soft and warm – just enough to hear that crucial MOI.  That is the moment you will experience the natural sound – and feel – that has been missing from any putter you have ever used before.

Use Your Senses

Until Harmonix, the sense of sight has been the only thing you have had to rely on.  We all see where the ball goes after striking the ball, then it’s simply stand back and hope you got it right.  Sight is not the only sense required to get the job done.  Adding the senses of sound and touch to your arsenal will greatly improve your chances of getting the ball where you meant it to go – and look good doing it too!

Harmonix ‘Live~Head’ Putters

The patent-pending ‘Live~Head’ Putter is based on the ancient design of a tuning fork and machined from a solid brass ingot.  Not cast! As simple as it may appear to be, the physics behind the design are far more impressive than any other putter available on the market today.

A Sound Idea!

When the ball is struck, the Harmonix Live~Head resonates at a frequency that produces a soft musical tone. Different head weights produce different notes. Each note is the right size and weight to match the design without having a large chunk of metal or something that looks like a spaceship stuck to the end of an off-the-rack stainless steel shaft.

The Harmonix Live-Head is ‘face balanced’

Another unique benefit of the design is that the Live~Head maintains its ‘face-balance’ after impact and continues into the follow through.  In fact; the design is so perfect, the head will continue to vibrate for a full minute if left alone.


The vibration of the head increases slightly after the MOI which amplifies the balance.  This phenomenon is the result of the equal opposing vibration between the two parallel arms of the head.  Similar to the way a gyroscope seems to create its own balance regardless of gravity.  The Harmonix Live~Head maintains equal balance between the head and toe after the MOI allowing the user to maintain a smooth follow through that does not cause the ball to be jarred off line.

Harmonix Design

The amazing Live~Head putter will improve any golfer’s game. Putting is about confidence, patience, focus, practice and of course, the right tool for the job. A putter requires balance, feel and a scientifically proven face design that achieves perfect roll without initial back spin. The catapulting lift of the Harmonix Live-Head putter puts it at the head of the class in achieving great roll characteristics! It has perfect balance and the unique 3/5 degree Dual-Loft head design. We believe the Harmonix Live~Head Putter is the only choice.

Corporate Details

  • Canadian based Corporation
  • Registered US Corporation, banking and online payment system in place
  • Global website (
  • Insider funding to date
  • Manufacturing under way
  • Use of proceeds focused on marketing and manufacturing
  • Global marketing and distribution opportunities

Proprietary Components/Design

  • Research and development completed
  • High Tuning Fork design Putter Head (Patent Pending)
  • Dual-Loft Putter Head Patent Pending (Patent Pending)
  • Cold Formed, ‘work hardened’ compound curve Hosel (Patent Pending)
  • Triple Laminated, Titanium reinforced exotic hardwood shaft
  • The exclusive all-hardwood Harmonix, Uniform ‘U’ Grip
  • The exclusive ‘all-hardwood Harmonix, Uniform ‘Diamond’ Grip
  • Other golf “short game “ products under development


  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Initial manufacturing began in August 2016
  • Metal and wood component manufactured by automated process
  • Metal and wood suppliers contracted

  Marketing Plan

  • Extensive online support from golfing publications and golf experts
  • Contracted major golf industry press agency
  • Currently over 7,000 golf industry inquiries
  • Junior golf professionals endorsements
  • Print advertising and editorials in major golf publications
  • Putting clinics at sanctioned golf events in place

Sales Plan

  • Experienced golf industry Sales Manager secured
  • Commission based North American golfing sales organization
  • Major golf shows and expositions in place

Financing/Exit Strategy

  • Private investment
  • Public Company
  • Golf industry licensing or acquisition

The current Harmonix management team is comprised of executives from various industries, all with experience in successful start-up companies.  Their collective backgrounds provide expertise in product design, manufacturing, sales and finance which will serve as a solid base for success and future growth.   Dorn Beattie – President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dorn is the designer of the Harmonix Live-Head Putter and founded the Corporation in 2015.  After a successful career in the Canadian music industry, Dorn has taken his artistic flair and entrepreneurial bent into various business ventures including:

  • 2010 – Founded Solara360, Digital Media Systems, a digital signage company based on his invention of a dual-operating system LCD.  Mr. Beattie converted Solara360 to an International Franchise Company with memberships in The International Franchise Association, The Canadian Franchise Association and VETFran, a Franchise system for US Veterans.
  • Founded Hero Graphics a computer Graphics Company doing work exclusively for the Vancouver Movie Industry based out of Lions Gate Studios.
  • Founded Daytona Coachbuilders, a DOT Authorized Canadian Automobile Manufacturer and first Canadian ‘Replica Car Company’ based on MGTD kit and was awarded an Automobile Manufacturers License by The Department of Transport (DOT)

Garry Bunkowsky – Senior Vice-President, Business Development Garry is a seasoned sales and marketing executive having started his career with Procter & Gamble, where he was  a Sales Manager Western Canada, Manager Event Marketing.  More recently he has been involved with several start-up situations as follows:

  • A Parent Media Co. Inc. (operating as Kidoodle.TV)  – Co-Founder & Vice President Marketing
  • Call Genie Inc. (Upsnap Corp.) – Co-Founder & Vice-President Business Development
  • Vicom Multimedia Productions – Director Business Development
  • Sport Active Television Inc. – Co-founder & Vice President – Business Development

Ian Tweedie – Chief Financial Officer Ian is a chartered accountant and has extensive financial and managerial experience in both public and private companies.  Following several years in the profession, he managed the Canadian office of a European drilling fund that had invested more than $100 million in North American oil and gas properties through several limited partnerships.  For the past 20 years Ian has provided corporate finance and financial advisory services to various start-up companies, including both private placement and IPO financings for companies primarily engaged in technology development and commercialization, usually acting in the capacity of CFO and a Director.  In addition to serving on the Boards of numerous private companies, Ian has board-level experience with public companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and NASDAQ.


Franz Hasenhundl – Vice-President, Sales Franz has an extensive thirty-four-year background in the golf industry and is considered to be a short game guru. His vast experience includes:

  • Professional Club Fitter and Club Maker
  • Professional Golf Course Superintendent
  • Professional Golf Club Manager
  • Past columnist in GOLF INTERNATIONAL and Tee to Green magazines
  • Guest speaker at numerous golf conferences and seminarsGolf Course construction and re-design professional including oversight of the construction of Northern Bear, a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course