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Happy Loan Corp.

Location: Calgary, AB

Sector: Finance


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Happy Loan Corp. is a non-bank short term lender that provides fast, same-day funding private mortgages and loans for those who cannot get financing through traditional sources. Our lenders are primarily individual private investors and we also lend our own capital out. Happy Loan Corp. is an additional product to serve homeowners looking to borrow less than $10,000.

Business Documents

Same day funding – We provide same day funding if we receive an application and supporting documentation before noon.


Experience in private lending – We have over 20+ years in the mortgage/private lending industry as brokers and as direct lenders.


In-house Real Estate services – At our office, we have an in house real estate associate (Realtor). He is related to the owner of the mortgage brokerage and is a vital part of the business. He is able to provide fast, efficient, and reliable selling/buying services to our clients as a bundle. He is also able to review appraisals and provide additional information on property values for our lenders.


Equity lending – As private lenders, borrowers with bad credit and poor income are typical. We have established an objective review process that ensures borrowers are able to service their debt. However, our main focus is on the collateral provided by the borrower. All of our mortgages are secured and in most cases loans are secured as caveats.


In-house collection services – We collect arrears in-house and have relationships with all top foreclosure/collection lawyers in the province. We are able to get short redemption periods and default judgements for our mortgages and loans. We also have the opportunity to secure our judgements on personal property and garnishing wages and bank accounts if necessary.


Small team of experienced associates and staff that understand issues (self employed, bad credit, etc.) – We have a small team of licensed mortgage associates that are able to competently qualify borrowers. We also have a small support team that is under direct supervision and have been trained to use our semi-automated CRM system. This ensures we provide a fast response to requests, quick turnaround times for funding, and exceptional follow up with leads/clients. With more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage and loan industry we understand how to analyze deals.

Risk management – 20+ years of underwriting experience in private lending and objective review processes allow us to manage risk with high risk borrowers.


Value proposition – Fast, same-day funding for people when they have an emergency.


Secured investment – Loans and Mortgages secured on title of the collateral.


Great customer service – Exceptional 24/7 customer service with problem solving mentality.

Zoltan M. Padar, Managing Partner

Immigrated to Canada in 1981 from Hungary. Worked in the steel industry as a welder for the first two years while learning English. Enrolled in Hotel and Restaurant Management for Diploma, finished the 4 years in 2 years. Developed entrepreneurial spirit and took position as manager at King Edward Hotel for 4 years, taking revenue from $6,000 to $36,000 per week. Purchased a laundromat in 1986, at same time started building own restaurant from scratch. Sold both laundromat and restaurant in 1991. Started a successful pre-owned vehicle sales business Trustworthy Auto Sales, opened a second location within 2 years, purchased real estate, flipped properties, and held rentals. Began financing own vehicles leading to huge account receivables in a few short years. Sold all remaining inventory and moved to the US in 2000 and opened new dealership. Returned to Canada in 2002 and started lending out own capital into mortgages. Founded Private Lender Inc. Invested in all types of real estate residential and commercial for various purposes e.g. mortgages, flipping, development, holding. Current net worth approximately $4,000,000 statement can be provided


Konstantin Kuligin, Managing Partner

Konstantin Kuligin is a seasoned mortgage broker, private lender, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose innovation, compassion, and unique aptitude have earned him the reputation as a community leader and sought-after industry expert. Over the course of half a decade, he has garnered extensive knowledge within his field, specializing in not only private lending, but 2nd mortgages and commercial mortgages.

From establishing a lucrative auto company as a teenager, to launching three successful financial advisory and money lending companies, Konstantin has been a go-getter and consistent top achiever for as long as he can remember. Today, he serves as Private Lender & Commercial Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Pro Ltd. and the Managing Partner of Eclato Group Inc. and Best Capital Corp. while expanding his brand-new company, Known for his outside-of-the-box mentorship, he conducts intensive coaching through

Infinitely dedicated to giving back, Konstantin also volunteers for and has assisted hundreds of people since 2014. Chairman of Foundation for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship ( In addition, he runs an exclusive, growing group of like-minded entrepreneurial spirits called The BEST CASHFLOW Club. At the end of the day, his vision is to simply create quality job opportunities and successful business owners that will shape Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape for years to come.

Immigrated from Russia to Canada in June 2010 with his lovely wife Maria. Konstantin Resides in Calgary, AB.