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Location: Canada

Sector: Other.

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GuideAdvisor connects guides and travellers via a marketplace that focuses on displaying the guides’ personality and credentials to assist the traveler to make a more informed decision about who they will trust with their lives and experiences. The Guides create Guide Profiles that include photos and/or videos of themselves in action, bios, licenses and certifications, reviews by past customers, company information, a Q&A with the Guide, and their immediate offerings, called “Trip” Profiles. GuideAdvisor saves guides and travelers alike, time, money and risk.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary –  started out as a booking engine, like everyone else, but we listened to our customers, both guides and travelers, and they clearly said; would someone please just connect us. So that is what we do.


1 Billion travelers –  with unique needs, desires, and personalities are not being addressed by the existing booking platforms that list only pre-packaged experiences and do not connect travelers with guides pre-booking to get to know and trust them.


25 Million Guides – with unique offerings, knowledge and personalities cannot be listed on existing platforms easily and therefore cannot be easily found or display that they are certified and trustworthy.

Traction –  1 Million + unique visitors, 15,000+ guide/trip click throughs, 10,000+ organic visitors per month, database of 100,000+ guides,  7000+ voluntary guide accounts, 3000+ guide/trip reviews, 63,000+ facebook fans.


Research & Relationships – We have  a good relationship with the guides, and they want us to succeed. We co-created a private FB page for Tour Guides/Operator for them to converse with each other which now has 8,887 members and growing where we receive daily information on what guides truly want and need. They complain here, they brainstorm here, they ask if anyone knows if “X” exists to help them and so on.


Partnerships – We have fostered a relationship with the WFTGA who currently have a membership of 200,000+ guides that is growing daily. They are looking for a marketing portal to endorse, and want us to be it, once we make the pivot that we are looking for funding  to make.

Susan McCarthy, CEO

Dynamic, entrepreneurial minded, experienced in business and process development, operations, and project management. Has worked within government organizations, educational institutions, not-for-profits and the private business sector. Strategic thinker, budget conscious, highly organized, and results-driven.


Nancy Ross, CMO

Experienced Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing.


Sheila Flaumitsch, COO

Sheila is able to manage her team’s time and her own, to maintain a healthy relationship with them and a work/life balance that allows everyone to recharge when needed. This may be the most important point to her success as COO for GuideAdvisor.