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Freightera Logistics Inc.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Sector: Other


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Freightera has solved a fundamental problem in logistics by creating a unified pricing, availability and booking system usable by transportation companies of all sizes (‘Expedia for freight’).  Freightera provides an automated online B2B marketplace for commercial shippers providing instant all-inclusive freight rates from hundreds of carriers and 100% online booking.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

Integrated system – Search, booking, lading documentation and invoicing generated simultaneously offering huge productivity gain


Multimodal – Application built to serve all modes of commercial transport


Multi-regional – Application built to serve any geographic region


Single contact – Booking, shipping, insurance, tracking, customer care and settlement all handled by Freightera.


Green option – Shipper can choose Carriers and modes with lower emission options.


Scalable – Unlimited capacity of system

1.  Proven market – Freight service entrenched and essential to domestic and international trade


2.  Expansion within market – Currently addressing < 2% of the global 3PL market and predicted growth


3.  M&A – Significant consolidation and acquisition activity of this type of service by major industry and technology players.

Eric Beckwitt – Founder, CEO, and Director

Eric has successfully designed, obtained funding for and implemented large scale private and government resource management projects for 24 years. Eric has worked as a GIS Analyst, developed global business websites and reported on IT projects to international organizations, to Congress and the President of the U.S. Eric was the principal development team leader and patent holder of what has become the Freightera freight marketplace application.


Zhenya Beck – Vice President, Marketing

Zhenya has a Master’s degree in Journalism from Irkutsk State University and as Co-Founder of Centauria Design, she worked with large organizations and NGOs in web design, web development and online automation services. In 2013, she directed the design and content development process that won “Best Transportation Website” award among 66 countries in the Web Marketing Association’s WebAwards. Zhenya is the recipient of the Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics from the University of BC and is responsible for Freightera’s marketing with an emphasis on promotions and optimizing the company’s exposure.


Norris Phillippe – Vice President

Norris worked for 20 years in the freight industry across Canada, the U.S. and overseas and for 15 years as the Co-founder, President & General Manager of Enterprise CodeWorks, a software development and consulting company with clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals. His entrepreneurial experience and background knowledge of Freightera’s two core business components provides support to management and the rest of Freightera’s team. Norris has an MBA from the University of Liverpool. He is a partner and Vice President of Equifaira Advisors Inc., which provides management consulting and advisory services.


Todd Buchanan – Advisor, Strategy & Execution

Todd has worked with over 100 Fortune 500, public and private companies, on the creation and implementation of business process management methods and technology. He founded SiCam Systems Corporation, a hi-tech company that conducts research, development and international deal delivery of specialized process management technology products and consulting services. Most recently, Todd was a founding executive of the LYFE Kitchen and Luvo food brands in the position of Vice President, Strategy and Execution, primarily responsible for raising the capital required from start-up through hyper growth, building the operating plan and infrastructure to scale the business. Todd is also a founder, managing partner and director of Equifaira Advisors Inc., which provides management consulting and advisory services.


Asghar Khan – Director

Asghar comes from his previous held positions as Head of Strategy, Asia Pacific for PepsiCo; Director, Business Planning for Rogers Communications and Director of Finance & Operations for Nutech Engineering. Asghar brings his experience in strategic planning, financial management and mentorship to Freightera, to assist in the anticipated rapid growth of the company. Asghar has an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is also a founder, CEO and director of Equifaira Advisors Inc., which provides management consulting and advisory services.