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Erudite AI

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Sector: Technology.

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Cognitive Technology Holdings, a private investment fund created for the sole purpose of investing in Erudite Science Inc. The terms “Erudite” refer to Erudite Science Inc., a corporation incorporated under the Business Corporation Act of the Province of Quebec, located and domiciled in Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.


Erudite AI designs and develops cutting edge artificial intelligence (“AI”) technologies that magnify human talent by way of augmented intelligence. Erudite’s main product is ERI (“Educational Real-Time Interface”), an AI-powered platform that provides students all over the world with on-demand access to one-on-one math tutoring, matching them with available peer-tutors that have shown proficiency in the same subject. ERI is free of charge to students and schools. The data collected and the algorithms created will be licensed to educational companies such as professional tutoring companies, universities, libraries, e-learning companies, which have much higher profit margins than selling to schools directly.

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Artificial Intelligence Expertise – Erudite relies heavily on the intellectual capacity of its diverse core team of 6 specialists. Together, they have founded a total of 4 start-ups and have a combined 20 years of AI experience. The diversity of background experience includes: technology, math, neuroscience, social sciences, and education. Erudite is very supportive of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM): The team is comprised of 43% women.


Access to various Canadian government subsidies for innovation – Canada has one of the most lucrative financial support for innovation, enabling our company to develop this technology at much lower cost than any companies in the US.

Messaging Platform – We built a mobile/web messaging system for students that has mathematical editing capability.


Smart Matching Algorithm – When a student uploads an exercise they struggle with, our AI can analyse the problem and find another student who is able to provide tutoring, while still having something to gain by teaching.


AI-augmented dialogue system – Both the student acting as the tutor and the student being tutored are guided in their conversation by AI contextualized text prompts, so as to reach the quality of a professional tutoring session.

Patrick Poirier, President/CEO/Founder Before founding Erudite, Patrick used to advise C-Level executives as Lead of Web Strategy at Rockwell Collins, a Fortune 500 company, when he was 22 years old. In 1997, he founded Zeus Vision Corp., a web and mobile application development consulting firm with clients including Bell Canada, the Department of National Defense and Natural Resources Canada. He has many years of experience as a programmer and manager of technological development, and has built his first neural network (artificial intelligence) in 2008. Patrick has a B.Sc. in Commerce (Ottawa University), a M.Sc. in Psychiatry (McGill University), a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (Concordia University), a Nano-degree in Machine Learning (Udacity), and a Certificate of specialization in Deep Learning (Coursera). Mr. Poirier’s managerial skills include writing business plans, E-business strategy documents, white papers, and executive level project proposals. In addition, he has experience in bid writing for government and private contracts, project management scheduling and budgeting. His latest success is the ERI platform, an AI-powered peer-to-peer matching tutorial application that provides professional level match tutoring for students.


Babak Khosravifar, PhD – Chief AI Officer In addition to his duties as Chief AI officer at Erudite, Babak Khosravifar is also an affiliate adjunct professor at Concordia Institute for Information System Engineering at Concordia University. His prior experience as a data analyst consultant at Ubisoft allowed him to use his talents as a business minded data scientist to deliver valuable insights via data analytics and advanced data-driven methods. He was a part of user research lab at Ubisoft, where the experimental biometric data is collected to conduct research prior to production of highly engaged games with hard game mechanics. He also ran his own company, Mentorina and managed a team to develop a dynamic and interactive Intelligent Tutoring System used for K-12. At Mentorina, he served as CEO and main person to raise funds through governmental and investors programs. Dr. Khosravifar possesses a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and a postdoc at Educational Technology from Mcgill University under the supervision of Professor Joelle Pineau, a member of MILA Lab at Montreal.


Laura Fort, Chief Product Officer Laura Fort is a certified expert in agile methodologies (PMI-ACPⓇ) and has developed and managed numerous educational products in the digital media sphere in the past 10 years. Furthermore, she has gained invaluable business experience as the CEO and founder of Studio PixMix, a start-up creating education mobile apps in collaboration with neuroscience researchers. Moreover, she developed the business strategy related Studio PixMix apps. Ms. Fort has acquired further management experience as product manager and project manager as she coordinated the different teams (developers, researchers, teachers, designers) all the while respecting the project’s values and specifications. As product and project manager, Ms. Fort developed the following key skills: project coordination and agile management, analysis of users’ data, marketing strategy, and pedagogic expertise.