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Eliese Resort & Spa Ltd.

Location: Jamaica, WI

Sector: Real Estate.

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Eliese Resort & Spa Ltd. is undertaking the development of a luxury resort property on the South Coast of Jamaica designed to capitalize on a market presently underserved. The location is at Farquhar’s Beach with 1200 linear feet of beach frontage with gentle sea surf and no under tow, no rip tides met the mandate for a charming location for a worry-free vacation.
The company’s strategy is to:
1) Employ a season and tested hotel management company through a Hotel Management Agreement with prior experience of working under a soft branding arrangement.
2) Contract a global hotel brand with a soft branding agreement to capitalize on their deep marketing and distribution strengths.Soft branding agreement will be negotiated on the completion of land purchase agreement. Present discussions with the Caribbean representative for:
– Hilton Worldwide
– Marriott International
3) Construct a well-designed property in a market with older non-beach focus properties.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

INCREASING TRAVEL FOCUS DEMOGRAPHICS – Tourism in Jamaica is booming presently, visitors increased by 5.3% in 2015 above 6% in 2016 with another increase targeted for 2017. Government plans are to expand visitor-ship pass 5 million by 2020. Rising international tourism is a proven and long-lasting trend growing from 25 million visitors in 1950 to 1.087 billion in 2013 and forecasted to reach 1.8 billion by 2030.

Because of the increase in Airlift and visitation Jamaica has not experienced a slow season over the last two calendar years.


STRONG YIELD ON INVESTED CAPITAL – The consultant report states a 38.2% net income ratio and a 21.5% internal rate of return over a ten-year holding period is a strong reflection off returns.


STRONG OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND TRUSTED GLOBAL BRANDING – Business is the exploitation of a perceived market, Jamaica has strong returning visitor ship demographics – with their comfort levels increasing with every trip, then discovering a global brand operating from a charming, peaceful side of Jamaica, with unspoiled beaches, acres of nature preserve, and a vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere on island is an instant winner. Developing our luxury brand Eliese by capitalizing on the global reach, marketing and distribution of a well know global hotel brand soft branding agreement, along with contracting a seasoned and tested hotel management company to operate the property – this is a profitable development.


European plan luxury room rentals and tour packages:

Main source of revenue is luxury room rentals and tour packages. i.e.: week-end get a way etc. The Jamaican market place allows for hotels to place rooms on contracts to tour operators and airline companies. The HMA will be asked to find a profitable balance with contracting their rooms.


Weddings, conferences and banquets:

Boardroom and meeting space to facilitate conference and banquet offering. With the average cost of a wedding in New York being over US $80k and US wide being above US $30k this will be the main driver for the company’s wedding services. Landscaped gardens and lawns to be utilized for weddings, photo shoots and tented events.


Food and Beverages:

Restaurant facilities: one located seaside specializing in seafood, main floor restaurant facilitated to crater to on property conferences, banquets and weddings, plus a roof top restaurant and bar offering international and Jamaican fusion dishes. Restaurants concepts will be developed to compete for local population patronage.


Spa and wellness center:

Resort property consisting of: a large infinity pool, relaxing mineral salt bath pools – naturally hot right from the ground open to locals and guest of the hotel. Jamaican localized spa developed on the theme of hot and cold using Jamaican developed spa treatment products for all in house therapy sessions.


Rental shop:

Catering to the active guest needs offering small sailing crafts, ocean and river kayaking, bicycle and moped rentals.


Gift and artisan shop:

On property gift shop offering authentic Jamaican made artisan products.

Arthur Hendricks Williams, President

Mr. Arthur Williams (Jamaican ex-pat) has an extensive business background:

  • 1990 – B.A. Economics from the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • 1990 – Started the Hendricks Beverage Company for the localized market population. Retail division supplied customers with Fresh Canadian Springs water, Industrial division sold and repair pumping systems. Business operated until 2004 when it was sold.
  • 2005 – Moved Family to Calgary Alberta
  • January 2005 – hired on as an Investment Advisor under the CIBC World Markets Wealth Management arm of the CIBC bank. On his own steam, he went out and promoted his business from scratch accumulating a book of business with above forty million dollars under management.
    • His service team included a CMA for his client financial planning needs.
    • Estate planning specialist for his client’s life insurance needs
    • Besides being the team lead his main role was to dissect business models and company reports before investing his client conservative assets. This was accomplished due to his license in options and derivatives, hedge funds, insurance and individual equities.
  • May 2013 – started investigating the Jamaican tourism sector, accumulating data, research, and market assessments for a transition as a boutique hotelier. The foundation for the plan comes from the objective facts gleaned from the Jamaican tourism data and trends, plus discussions with Caribbean focus hotel consultants and boutique hotel managers and marketers.
  • November 1, 2016 – Resigned from his roll at CIBC to pursue the Business plan – the Hotel Eliese and Resort – after coming to minds with property owner in September 2016.