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ElectroMotion Energy

Location: Summerland, BC

Sector: Clean Tech.

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ElectroMotion Energy Corporation’s globally-patented combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) or trigeneration technology replaces conventional heating, cooling and hot water systems with one complete unit. Known as The Revolution, this first-to-market disruptive technology is proven to reduce household energy costs by up to 70%. The Revolution generates electricity as a byproduct during heating cycles; where available excess electricity may be exported to an electric utility for credit. Primarily powered by natural gas, electric grid failures are no longer of concern.


The Revolution is characterized as an Energy as a Service (EaaS) technology whereby a customer’s energy portfolio is diversified with ownership of an energy generating asset while achieving efficiency. In contrast, thermal generation results in 64% heat loss alone. As a result, greenhouse gases are reduced in excess of 50% with continued dependence on the energy grid which offers a path to a micro-grid. The Revolution is managed by the Company’s ‘cloud power’ technology which provides for both independent and collaborative operation to ‘virtualize’ electrical generation and distribution through the natural gas distribution network – at a 3-to-1 energy and cost advantage versus conventional thermal generation, transmission and distribution.


When multiple Revolutions are deployed within a community by a utility, a distributed-generation ‘virtual utility’ is created which provides revolutionary opportunities and advantages to both the electric and natural gas distribution utilities. The Revolution will ultimately be deployed as a platform to end-users and include multiple recurring revenue streams for the Company. Not including retrofit housing or commercial markets, the total market in Canada and the Unites states is CDN $410 billion per year. Conservative revenue projections are $17 million in year one and in excess of $160 million by year three. A comprehensive financial model is available.

Disruptive Technology

Creating a virtual electric distributed generation network that’s up to 3x more efficient than current grid systems and that is not susceptible to grid disruptions and power failures.


Global Appeal

The grid power system is taxed all over the world and susceptible to failures due to aging technology and natural disasters. The Revolution® is a solution with large savings to the clients.


Financing Opportunity Timing

The Company has reached development stage of attaining marketable products and has sales orders.

1. Energy Costs Savings

The Revolution generates heat & electricity using natural gas (or other fuel sources) at a 3-to-1 energy and cost advantage versus central thermal-generation methods, and replaces conventional heating, cooling and hot water systems with one complete unit. During heating cycles the Revolution seamlessly provides excess-generated electricity to adjacent demand locations through the grid at a 3-to-1 energy advantage versus thermally-generated electricity from centralized power plants.


Typically, electricity is generated from a centralized source and distributed to demand sites over vast electrical grids with energy losses and peak ‘rush hour traffic’ problems. The Revolution operating model reduces expensive time-of-use and incremental, tiered-billing penalties. When multiple Revolutions® are operating within a neighborhood or community they collaboratively create dynamic micro-grids that essentially ‘virtualize power plants’ without any costs, losses, peak distribution or infrastructure load to the utility.


2. Reliable Heat and Power

Many grid systems are very overtaxed and close to collapse as they were originally designed to provide electricity for light – but less than 10% of all electricity is now used for lighting. In 2003, an overused and stressed U.S. eastern seaboard grid put almost 100 million people into an extended blackout because of a combination of factors which included peak demand and interconnected grids that could not handle the overload.


3. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Thermal Pollution

When generation and transmission losses are factored, and when emission factors are applied to all energy types consumed (electricity and natural gas), a conservative total greenhouse gas reduction of 5 Tonnes CO2e is calculated for each Revolution installation.


4. Differentiated Product & Services

The product and services will create and appeal to wide, global customer bases with differentiating features.

Jai Zachary, Founder, Chairman, CEO & President

Accomplished serial entrepreneur, Inventor and Visionary who has founded five companies including three Internet companies (ISP), a SAAS for financial institutions, globally patented energy technology, created & sold intellectual assets and operated companies over a 25-year career.


Frank Meyer, Corporate Business Development

Successful c-level executive, with an impeccable track record of business development, sales, marketing and operations with world leading brands such as Clean Energy Compression and Caterpillar. Commercial experience in over 100 countries includes the energy, alternative energy and transportation industries representing engineered mechanical/electrical components as well as leading edge capital equipment.

Citigroup Private Bank alumni with industrial P&L accountability exceeding $500 million.

ASTM International – Active global voting member of main committee D02 and subcommittee E (diesel and biodiesel fuels), J (Jet Fuels) & 07 (lubricants).


Anita Huber, Controller

Dedicated, enthusiastic financial controller and office administrator with extensive experience and skills in financial management, accounting and government funding reporting and compliance, as well as office procedures, team collaboration, and customer service, with high standards for efficiency, accuracy and integrity, and focus on achievement of organizational objectives.