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Ecovatec Solutions Inc

Location: Abbotsford, BC

Sector: Life Sciences.

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Ecovatec is the producer of naturally derived, high value, bioactive, protein, peptide, phospholipid and lipoprotein isolates from egg yolk for use as functional ingredients servicing the nutraceutical, cosmetic, functional food and potentially, pharmaceutical industries.

Proven and patent pending processes

In the last 3 years Ecovatec have significantly de-risked this venture by building a GMP ready production facility and testing and developing repeatable methods of producing several unique ingredients. Patents have been applied for to protect the processes required to produce these proprietary ingredients and provide a tangible asset.


Unique, patent pending products

Ecovatec has completed initial testing of the novel ingredients to show their purity and effectiveness versus products currently in the market. This next phase of commercialization will bring the company into a cash flow positive state through showing value of our ingredients to established retail brands looking for differentiation and become the only supplier of these proprietary, patented ingredients.

Once cash flow positive our valuation is expected to jump dramatically resulting in significant investor return on investment. Numerous companies have expressed interest in many of Ecovatec’s novel  ingredients and are currently evaluating them.


High potential for acquisition by large multi-national

Although we project great increases in EBITDA and therefor dividends capable within our current facility, with patent protected processes and products, and unique and novel ingredients with high potential to disrupt large existing markets, the opportunity exists for shareholder exit through acquisition by large multi-national looking for exclusivity and supply chain security of these proprietary ingredients in their products.

Alternatively, our technology fits extremely well for acquisition by large egg product manufacturers who can layer on our technology to their current operations to add in a high value product stream to their product offering.

Commercially available phosvitin

Ecovatec is the only known producer of commercial quantities of phosvitin and phosvitin peptides at a cost which makes it commercially viable as an ingredient.


Patent pending products and processes

Ecovatec has unique extraction processes creating novel products and these unique processes and products are currently submitted for patents.


Natural processes

Companies in the nutraceutical, cosmetic and food industries are looking for natural, clean label friendly products to replace synthetic, highly processed or GMO derived products. Our products are also capable to producing an organic product if the market requires.


Novel, functional ingredients

Companies in the nutraceutical and cosmetic industry are looking for novel functional ingredients


Scalable production

Ecovatec has a commissioned and functioning GMP grade facility capable of producing commercial quantities of product but production is scalable internally or able to be replicated or built as an add on to existing egg processing facilities to increase cost efficient output as needed to meet the industry demand.

William Andrew (Drew) Perrin, CEO & President

Drew has a passion for learning and building technology that betters our world. A proven business leader, Drew has dedicated his career to improving the use of resources worldwide. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy field, including energy in buildings, energy management, and energy product conceptualization, design, and commercialization.


His skills managing commercialization efforts, building control processes, budgets and financial reporting to stakeholders are invaluable. At Coppertree Analytics, Drew grew the team from 2 to 27 while designing, developing, and commercializing an industry leading cloud-based, building energy analytics software. At Delta Controls he brought multiple products to market while developing the OEM business. During this time, Drew worked with numerous multi-national corporations including GE, York and Uponor.


Drew holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario.



Chris Nichols, Chief Operating Officer

An experienced operations leader with a strong record of department and facility performance improvements throughout his career in all key performance indicators including cost, safety, quality, environmental impact and employee engagement in large FMCG companies. During career has been a hands-on manager in all manufacturing areas such as Production, Quality, Processing and Maintenance Departments as well as full site and multi-site leadership roles.


Trained in and utilizing Lean/6 Sigma methodologies to facilitate process improvements and year over year sustainable cost savings of double-digit percent. Has experience in establishing and maintaining third party certification of GMP, HACCP, quality, safety and environmental management systems. Strong experience in managing numerous capital projects from initial concept to completion on time and on budget in the ranges of $10,000 to several million dollars. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science – Biology from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada


Zachary S. Wochok, Business Advisor

Dr. Zachary S. Wochok, a veteran C-Suite executive, is Founder and President of The Wochok Group, LLC, (2011 – present) a management consulting firm. He is retired CEO of food ingredient company PGP International, Inc. (1996 – 2011). He serves as President and Director of Grazix Animal Health, Inc. and Director of parent Live Leaf, Inc., to which he brings considerable experience in P&L management, business development, M&A, and corporate finance.


Previous experience includes: CEO/Chairman of NURTURE, Inc.; COO and Director of Calgene, Inc.; CEO and Director of Plant Genetics, Inc. He is a board director/advisor of publicly traded Marrone Bio-Innovations, Inc. (MBII) and has served as advisor to the Board of Cibus, Inc., Alexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE), and numerous other companies. He is Chair and advisory board member of California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research (CIFAR).


Zachary completed his BA from La Salle University, MS from Villanova University, PhD from University of Connecticut and Post-Doc Fellow from Yale University.