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Didja Inc

Location: Los Altos, CA

Sector: Technology.

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Didja’s main product, LocalBTV, delivers local broadcast stations via the internet to any device anytime, anywhere at a compelling price point.

It’s hybrid cloud platform with phone & TV apps targets antennaTV homes and cord cutters plus provides other revenue services to broadcasters.

LocalBTVserves antenna TV to users in the same geographic area (called a DMA; ie Los Angeles area ‘SoCalBTV’).


CEO Jim Long’s interview at Cheddar

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

Huge growing market

  • LocalBTV is a $1 billion revenue business opportunity in a market which is undeserved and growing with cord cutters and new home cord nevers
  • 2023 TAM is 40M+ households at $15-18 per month and many additional revenue streams are possible
  • Local broadcast antennaTV homes are missing out on the significant and growing amount of video viewing taking place on mobile devices, PCs and connected TVs. LocalBTV streams local channels to these devices, targeting todays 20M+ antenna homes (9% of homes in 2010; now16% and growing) and the 10M+ homes that do not receive broadcast TV at all.

Serves younger, Millennial viewers

LocalBTV puts live streaming local channels on the screens younger viewers use for video. They enjoy the casual nature of live streams, discovering new local content and channel surfing; a perfect compliment to the more labor-intensive Netflix and/or HBO Now apps


Little direct competition

Difficult space for large TV distribution companies to make money but perfect for a company like Didja. We are a platform not a distributor.


A capital-efficient business model combining the power of broadcast TV with the internet

Simple, fast, inexpensive

Purpose built cloud-app architecture is the least expensive way to provide broadcast TV to apps.  It is regarded by pilot users and broadcasters as the simplest fastest channel changing app available and the only one for broadcast TV.


Platform designed to create new revenues for broadcasters

LocalBTV is not a national brand that competes with broadcast  partners.  We are a win win platform.  They make more revenue and we make revenue.  That’s it.


Business Model

Freemium mode for inexpensive customer acquisition will lead to more subscription users faster when we roll out across the USA. Platform enables new revenue streams and free promotion for broadcasters.


LocalBTV will capture non-cable-bundle viewers and deliver more subscribers

  • Streams all stations in a local market to connected TVs, PCs and smartphones
  • Delivers meaningful new revenue to broadcasters – ‘Found money & more Nielsen measured viewers’
  • Provides program discovery via fast channel changing and an easy-to-use guide. Includes a cloud-based DVR
  • Serves value-conscious and often Millennial customers that watch video on smartphones and laptops

Jim Long, CEO

  • Mr. Long is a proven innovator with a wealth of knowledge & experience in growing companies in the technology and digital medial space.
  • Before joining Didja, Mr. Long served as a partner with Gabriel Ventures. He currently sits on the Boards of Pops Worldwide (a Vietnam based YouTube Multi-channel network), CrowdChat (a Big Data Crowd-Sourcing company) and the Jeff Dulude Melanoma Foundation.
  • Prior to his role as a venture capitalist, Mr. Long served as CEO and co-founder of RioPort, a leading pioneer digital music service provider. As CEO, Mr. Long helped broker music licensing deals with a number of online counterparts for such major conglomerates as,, Yahoo, HP, and Microsoft. Under Mr. Long, RioPort became the first internet company to license/resell digital songs from all five major labels. Considered the “father of streaming video,” Long coined the word ‘streaming’ when he was founder and CEO of Starlight Networks, which pioneered video streaming and video multicasting powering digital video solutions for BloombergTV and Smith Barney, among many others. He also helped start Veritas (Enterprise Software) Ruckus Wireless (RKUS, WiFi video leader), Chegg (CHGG, the first online college textbook rental service) among others.
  • Mr. Long began his career in software development and product marketing at Hewlett Packard, where he invented the world’s first presentation graphics application (HP-Draw). He received a BS – Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley and an MBA – Harvard University (with distinction).


Dan Drew, VP of Engineering

  • Mr. Drew is a veteran of the software industry. His background includes large-scale enterprise software, cloud services, consumer-facing websites, digital media and mobile apps.
  • Before that, Mr. Drew was Chief Architect at Ooyala, a leading streaming platform supplier with customers such as ESPN, Vudu, Telstra and StarHub; Delivering both video on demand and live video solutions including targeted ad insertion and ecommerce functions both in the USA and abroad.
  • Prior to that Mr Drew was Director of Engineering at Proofpoint, one of the top security software providers working with customers such as Apple and Bank of America.
  • Earlier Mr. Drew worked 7+ years at Microsoft in Washington building business-critical enterprise software or acquisitions.



Carolyn Crawford, VP of Business Development

  • Ms. Crawford has over 20 years of experience across multiple industries including media, technology, telecommunications consulting services and banking in mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies. She is an innovative, critical thinker with proven success driving long-term growth through pioneering product/programming development initiatives, content acquisitions and strategic partnerships.
  • Before working with Didja, Ms. Crawford was Vice President of Programming for Dish Networks where she formulated strategy and implementation of content and packaging for Dish. She completed more than $40 billion in transactions and facilitated highly complex and intricate deals with partners such as ESPN, Fox, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Pac-12, SEC Network, Big 10 and Univision. In addition, Ms. Crawford conceived of and completed the industry’s first major over-the-top deal to deliver Disney and ESPN content to subscribers, a transaction that fundamentally changed packaging and delivery structure within the industry.
  • Earlier Ms. Crawford worked at MediaOne Inc., where she negotiated and drafted multi-million dollar, long-term national programming acquisition agreements for this cable operator with 5 million subscribers. She contributed to strategic and marketing decisions with respect to new product deployments, digital strategy and video-on-demand.


Jim Monroe, GM, Broadcast

  • Mr. Monroe has spent 25 years driving innovation in TV technology, programming, audience research, and marketing
  • Before joining Didja, he co-founded & served as SVP of programming for streaming video provider Net2TV, overseeing product development, programming and production of ad-supported, online TV shows for major media partners including Time, Popular Science, Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Earlier Mr. Monroe was with NBC where he led programming and marketing for the network’s owned stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and San Diego. He developed a regional marketing strategy to increase ratings of prime time programming. Mr. Monroe developed the programming strategy and technical infrastructure for “NBC Everywhere”, the company’s digital out-of-home programming and advertising business.
  • Prior to that, Mr. Monroe served as Executive Producer at TiVo where he developed and executed programming, advertising and research strategies for the TiVo Digital Video Recorder. At TiVo, he started the company’s research business and led the development of original programming and interactive TV advertising products and developed the DVR industry’s first interactive TV program, “TiVo Takes.”


Don Meyer, VP of Operations

  • Mr. Meyer is an experienced producer of high quality software products across a variety of footprints utilizing contemporary software methodologies. His specialties include automated continuous integration and software development infrastructure.
  • Before joining Didja, Mr. Meyer worked in the Engineering department of numerous companies including Panzura, One Step Beyond Consulting, Beyond Oblivion, Kakai Inc, SpikeSource, Avistar Communications and Apple where he was responsible for the integration, building, packaging and delivery of system software. Earlier Mr. Meyer worked at Sun Microsystems, responsible for the integration, building and delivery of Solaris for Netra products.


Technology Team

  • Didja’s highly-experienced technical team has been awarded over 16 patents in the area of streaming media, digital video, networking, storage and user interface design. In addition to the individual patent holders, Didja also has some patents pending.  The Didja technical team have worked at iconic technology companies like Apple, Adobe, Google, YouTube, HP, Tivo and AT&T Labs.
  • This team is creating the application software and back-end services software for Clippit & BTV, employing best practices and integrating trusted 3rd party software where applicable. The DevOps team is also highly experienced at managing data centers & Amazon cloud services.


Jay Perry, prior-CTO, now Tech-Advisor

  • Mr. Perry is an experienced software developer and project leader with over 19 years of experience designing, building and maintaining products ranging from cloud based platforms, web applications, user interfaces to kernels. His specialties include API design, infrastructure development, user interface design, maintenance and extension of existing software.
  • Previously, Mr. Perry owned nlogn Software, LLC, a software deign and development consulting company. Earlier Mr. Perry worked in the Engineering department of numerous companies including digital music company Beyond Oblivion, Storage networks leader Network Appliance and AT&T Labs.