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Location: Scarborough, Ontario

Sector: Industrial

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Dagiga Inc. manufactures thermofoil doors, panels, and other thermofoil components for industry customers in millwork, kitchens & cabinets, healthcare, furniture and store fixtures & displays.

The company also manufactures a secondary line of products – raw MDF doors, and panels, and also special paintable thermofoil doors/surfaces/components.  These products are then painted/ finished by the customers.  This market is potentially bigger than the main thermofoil business.

The last market, which has not yet been developed, is for proprietary products made by DAGIGA that are sold directly to B2B and B2C markets.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

DAGIGA’s quality is healthcare grade standard and their field failure rate is virtually zero.  The product does not delaminate, discolour or crack. The company also uses only the highest quality raw materials to ensure proper bond and longevity of the product.

DAGIGA is innovative i.e. they make products others can’t, solve problems for customers other firms won’t and develop new product ideas (seamless cabinets, paintable thermofoil etc).

Many providers won’t modify how they sell their service.  Customers have to buy the whole product.  The company is willing to work with the customers in the best way possible.  So they have 3 business models that are all driving sales positively:

  1. Traditional – DAGIGA provides all materials, cuts the MDF and presses it with the colour
  2. Press and color only – customer provides the MDF only and DAGIGA presses it with the colour provided by DAGIGA
  3. Press Only – customer provides everything (all raw material).  DAGIGA presses their parts with their material using DAGIGA’s pressing technology and process

Quality of Bond – The product does not fall apart.  At present it has a very long lifespan.  It has exceeded 10, 15 and 20 year accelerated testing.  The product has been independently lab tested and it does not come apart under heat stress testing (visit the quality section of our website).  The field failure is less than 1 sq/ft in 20,000 sq/ft.


Quality of Service – DAGIGA offers exceptional quality of service as confirmed repeatedly by their several key accounts. It allows their professional buyers/supply chain to have peace of mind.


Competitive Pricing – DAGIGA’s level of quality is made by a handful of other companies (2 or 3) and their pricing is 50%-100% more per sq/ft. The company offers exceptional value for the money paid by customer.


Delivery – The industry is notorious for delaying orders, DAGIGA is known for meeting their deadlines and providing excellent customer service.


Capabilities – DAGIGA has large press capabilities that allow them to press wall sections not just doors (up to 4’ x 10’). The company innovates and is able to solve difficult challenges for customers with respect to their projects.

Marco Acchione, Operating Partner/Business Development

Strong executor. Drives revenue and profitability without forgetting the human aspect of business. Develops strong strategic partnerships resulting in enhanced profitability, and optimized stakeholder value. Strong team-building, leadership, and communication skills, coupled with strategic insights into emerging opportunities and challenges.

Specialties: Strategy, Leadership, General Managing, Communications, Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Building

Traits: Passionate, Driven, Energetic, Collaborative, Team Oriented, Inborn Sense of Urgency


Yaseen Dadabhay, General Manager

With extensive experience in Retail, Manufacturing, Beverages and Hospitality, he has earned a reputation as a trusted business leader and advisor. Both within his family business and at major global brands his remit has been to drive companies to achieve their financial, operational, people, logistics, and customer experience objectives.

Yaseen has over 25 years of experience growing his family business to nine figures, as well as holding various leadership roles for several major international brands, including Starbucks and H&M.  He has direct industry experience in the cabinet/thermofoil space via his family business, growing this business unit to 8 figures.

His dedication to empowering teams to go above and beyond to achieve business goals fosters cultures of growth and success.  Yaseen also holds advanced graduate degrees in Law (L.L.B + L.L.M) as well as Psychology (L.L.M).