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CxO Analytics

Location: Atlanta, GA

Sector: FinTech

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CxO Analytics is a provider of CFO intelligence that helps companies improve their financial health and performance using forward looking analytics along with the largest financial dataset available on private companies. We are changing the way financial decisions are being made, from a gut reaction to better informed decision making based on data analysis.  


We go beyond just looking at sales and net profits to help companies understand what real financial performance looks like across multiple dimensions.  Quickly gain insight on how your company compares to peers and the best performing companies in your industry.  See where your company has performance gaps, their size and how to close those gaps.


With 360-degree monitoring of your company across the financial spectrum, we alert you to issues before they become critical, issues not found in KPIs and financial reporting.  Use our interactive tools to resolve these issues, trying different approaches and knowing the financial impact each approach or combination will have on your company, before deciding on a plan of action. 


We help you save time and improve the accuracy of planning, budgeting and forecasting.  Understand where to best allocate resources, when to seek capital or reduce debt, how to reduce business risk, and more.  Better execute with improved results, gaining a competitive edge.

1. Most comprehensive financial dataset on privately held companies

  • Access the largest, most accurate and comprehensive financial dataset on privately held companies to gain insight into industry trends and developments. See how your competitors and the best companies in your industry are performing while gaining a perspective on how your company is financially positioned against them.
  • Save time and develop more accurate budgets and forecasts that are reflective of how your industry is performing. Plan better, understand where to allocate resources, know how to reduce business risk, when to seek capital or reduce debt, etc.
  • Develop and execute an exit strategy understanding what it takes to get the valuation you need and how it compares to your peers.

2. Forward facing analytics

  • Make a bigger impact with your time and data incorporating comparative industry financial data to transform FP&A. Shorten planning cycles, aligning business drivers with industry positioning to more accurately generate budgets, forecasts, goals and strategies.
  • Unlock the value of your data while gaining deeper insight into what performance looks like and how to achieve it across multiple dimensions of your company using forward looking predictive and prescriptive analytics. Be more proactive and execute faster and with greater confidence as data visualization quickly signals areas of concern before they become critical.

3. 360-degree multi-dimensional financial monitoring

  • Financial data changes daily, not just at the end of the month when financial statements are produced. Our early warning system looks across multiple financial dimensions of a company and identifies areas of concern before they become critical, areas not apparent in normal financial reporting and KPIs.
  • Our interactive prescriptive analytics gives users options in dealing with critical issues, helping them understand the size and nature of the issue, and determine the best course of action. Users can see the financial impact each individual or combination approach has on the company before finalizing an action plan. On-going monitoring helps management stay on track or adjust their action plan accordingly.
  • Being able to identify and close performance gaps against an industry’s best performing companies provides a company a true competitive edge, not found elsewhere, that can grow exponentially year over year.

4. Intuitive usability

  • Implementing analytics can be cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. Within minutes our users are actively using our platform without the need for special analytical, BI or programming staff support, extensive training, expensive software to install or IT support.
  • Our visual analytics cut through Big Data to provide insightful, easy to understand, actionable data that can be quickly applied to improving a company’s financial health & performance without needing an accounting degree or a CPA to interpret. Integrating company’s financials takes just a few minutes, whether the data is coming from an accounting system, spreadsheet, or manually entering the data.

5. Analytics that grow as your needs grow

  • Because the financial needs and analytics of a $5M company are different from a $500M company, our platform continues to support your needs as your company grows. No need to make costly changes in platforms, add personnel, undergo extensive training or face data conversion issues.

1. Deep moat around proprietary financial dataset

We offer the largest proprietary financial dataset of its kind with over 1.1m private companies, 4x larger than any competitor.

No competitor offers or would be able to replicate our financial dataset in terms of:

  • Accuracy – ~75% of our data comes from audited financials
  • Data coverage – 98+% coverage on over 250 data fields
  • Range – representative across an industry with companies ranging in size from less than $1M to over $4B in sales
  • Scope – over 2,600 industries are covered, Sourced – from multiple organizations
  • History – over 15 years of financial data
  • Validation – by independent 3rd party

2. Forward looking, actionable analytics to improve a company’s financial performance

  • Financial reporting and descriptive analytics are backward facing, reporting on what happened last month, last quarter, etc. and too often KPIs either lose their value or become the goal.
  • Our forward facing predictive / prescriptive analytics incorporating our financial dataset provides direction and options for improving your company’s financial health and performance. Gain insight into industry trends, peer and competition performance for better planning and budgeting.
  • We provide 360-degree monitoring of your company across the financial spectrum, alerting you to issues before they become critical, issues not found in KPIs and financial reporting. Use our interactive tools to resolve these issues, knowing ahead of time what the financial impact each approach or combination will have on your company before deciding on a plan of action.
  • Just as a $5M company’s financial needs are different from a $500M company, our analytics continue to meet and support your needs regardless of company size. No need to make costly changes in platforms, add personnel, undergo training or face data conversion issues.

3. Marketability – expanded utilization of the financial dataset and products

Financial data drives business; from credit scores to lending to M&A to investment research and more.  Our 2nd generation platform is making a paradigm shift in the way financial data is viewed, understood and applied, not just once a month but throughout the month.  In the process, financial decision-making moves from a gut reaction or winging it to better informed decision making based on data analysis with improved results.


Activating the value of our dataset takes multiple forms.  Many of our functions can be spun off as standalone products to address specific market needs.  Additional product enhancements broaden our market, while mining of our extensive dataset opens new opportunities.  Embracing emerging technology further expands the use and reach of our data beyond our SOM while our pricing model reflects our value proposition.


We are shifting the use of financial data from a one-dimensional view to a more comprehensive multi-dimensional view in multiple areas, such as moving from:

  • Credit scores to financial health scores
  • AR cashflow management to total liquidity management
  • Backward facing descriptive financial reporting to forward facing prescriptive, actionable financial reporting
  • Reactive crisis financial management to proactive financial management and planning
  • Investing with little or no quantitative measured risk to investing with insightful multi-dimensional measured risk
  • Access to untrusted financial data to accessing trusted financial data

Gary SamolukCEO

Gary is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in bringing IT products and services to the market. He has held various senior management positions across the C-suite with the ability to cross the chasm between technology, sales and marketing, finance and management.


As a visionary he continues to advance the use of new, emerging technology with an uncanny ability to see the practical approach of technology, the application product and its delivery for meeting and solving real business problems.


He has been an innovator in bringing to the market new products and solutions in telecommunications, financial and insurance services, systems integration, voice technologies including voice biometrics security, and SaaS business services.


He is both an author and speaker addressing the application and adoption of technology to today’s business issues. Gary completed BBA in Finance and Economics from Georgia State University.


Boris NenideCTO

Boris Nenide has dedicated most of his long-standing career to developing financial analytics and industry benchmarking software tools while at FINTEL, LLC, which he co-founded in 1999.


For more than 15 years, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses have utilized FINTEL’s tools, resulting in their financial gains and sometimes even their survival.


Since joining C-leveled as Chief Technology Officer in 2013, Boris has continued to work on data services and business intelligence solutions while spearheading the development of numerous mobile and Web applications. Boris prides himself in managing his team of highly skilled developers who he feels can make anything functional on a very efficient and timely basis.


Boris attended University of Wisconsin for his MBA in Entrepreneurship, International Business, Operations and Information Management, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Petersbugh State Transport University, Masters in Mechanical Engineering.


Dave SuttonActing CMO and Board member

Dave Sutton is a leading authority today on Transformational Marketing – enabling businesses to reach, connect and engage with customers in a way that gives them a reason to care, a reason to buy, a reason to advocate and, most important of all, a reason to stay. He is the founder of Top-Right, LLC – a transformational marketing firm that helps companies move to the top right quadrant of their competitive frame and corner the markets where they choose to compete. TopRight’s 3S Playbook model of the right Story, the right Strategy, the right Systems, turns sales transactions into customer experiences that connect and communicate why you do what you do and what difference it makes for your customers.


Dave is the author of the new book, Marketing, Interrupted – Sometimes the only way to succeed is to go a little crazy (April 2018). He is also the co-author of Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing — the ground-breaking book considered to be the definitive statement of a new business discipline designed to create sustained, profitable, organic growth. He is the former CEO and President of Inforte Corporation, a publicly–traded sales and marketing technology consulting business. He is also the former CEO of the renowned Zyman Group where he established himself as a pioneer in the field of Enterprise Marketing Management working along side one of the world’s pre-eminent marketing practitioners, Sergio Zyman, the former Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.


Robert HezlepCRO

As a leader on the IndustriusCFO team, Robert works with business of all sizes to provide technology-based strategic solutions that drive efficiency in business & industry analysis, with the goal of improving overall business results, optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, adding value, and reducing costs.


With a background in business development, He has experience in sales, marketing and general management. He excels at developing internal and external relationships that maximize business growth opportunities.  Utilizing his analytical skills, He has led teams in developing the strategic plans and actions that successfully met set objectives. He uses his leadership and management strengths to build teams that take organizations to the next level.


He has vast experience in helping businesses take that next step in business growth. Anywhere from start-ups, companies ready to exit, and mature companies that are overcoming growth obstacles.