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Location: New York, NY

Sector: HR – Software.

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ConveyIQ is a Recruitment Automation Platform that changes the way companies engage with top talent. The company’s mission is to build the most innovative products possible that enable employers to create remarkable hiring experiences at scale.


Leading companies in over 95 countries work with ConveyIQ to communicate and screen their applicants including Dentsu Aegis Network, NBCUniversal, Concentrix/Convergys, Equinox, Proscribe, Meredith Corporation, and The New York Times. Additionally, the Company has strategic partnerships and integrations with many of the world’s leading Applicant Tracking Systems such as Oracle, IBM, Workday, ADP, Greenhouse, and iCIMS.


ConveyIQ is used to streamline and standardize communication with candidates through recruitment automation technology, which saves recruiters significant time enabling them to spend more time sourcing candidates. The Company powers this smart communication via automated text messages, emails, digital interviewing, scheduling, chatbots, and polling.

1. Technologically sophisticated and powerful product that solves a myriad of pain points associated with Talent Acquisition –

ConveyIQ has brought the first Recruitment Automation Solution for post-apply communication to market. This Suite integrates seamlessly into the ATS, powering real-time and relevant communication to candidates via text message and email.


The technology’s defensibility is multi-faceted and underpinned by the complexity of its workflow engine, which interprets ATS data to personalize communication to candidates. The speed and depth of the integration with the ATS is powered by the Company’s proprietary middleware and connectors, through its Integration Services hub.


2. Software is for a market that is highly underserved by current solutions and recruiting is still highly manual, with over 90% of HR spend funding agencies and staff, not technology. These market conditions enable disruption to occur

The biggest opportunity for ConveyIQ is to help enterprise companies that hire a high volume of candidates streamline and automate their hiring processes. This lends itself to industries such as Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Transportation, Call Centers, and Healthcare. Many of these organizations hire field workers who are hard to recruit.


Typically, these industries have been underserved by new technology, as most HRTech companies focus on solving pain points for Technology companies and the sourcing and screening of highly skilled workers, such as engineers. The pain of recruiting in a tight labor market and reaching people who are not using computers daily or on LinkedIn frequently, is a major opportunity to attract and retain these workers.


3. Very strong demand from the market and Average Contract Values currently averaging 3-4x the Company’s first product, Take the Interview, the digital interviewing product

Since the product’s Beta launch in February 2018, the Company has already generated $1M in bookings. Existing client contracts increased 2x – 9x. There is a strong overlap in the client base of the first product, Take the Interview, and Convey, but the Suite solution solves more pain points and is more integrated into the overall hiring process, which enables the company to see higher contract values and high retention over time.

1. Middleware that enables seamless connection to the Applicant Tracking System to extract data for personalized communication in real-time.

The platform integrates into existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) the way in which Marketo or Hubspot would integrate into Salesforce or another CRM system. At each stage of the hiring process, the connectivity to the ATS tells the Convey platform what type of communication to send out and to which group of candidates. ConveyIQ’s engineering team built its own middleware and connectors to the most pervasive enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems in order to facilitate the simulation of communication in the process.


All the Applicant Tracking Systems that comprise approximately 80% of the ATS market share are supported and adding additional connectors for smaller ATS players is a relatively seamless process.


2. Experienced executive team with 50+ years, collectively, of relevant industry and operational Startup experience.

Danielle Weinblatt, the Founder & CEO, has been developing products for the HRTech industry since 2011. Her first product, Take the Interview, has powered the screening process for over 200 enterprises globally, which she started developing while getting her masters at Harvard.


COO, Larry Murff, has held both Operational and Financial executive roles at Bazaarvoice, Sprinklr, Quantcast and was the CFO of Expediter Services, an early stage transportation startup that scaled to $30M in revenue prior to a successful exit.


Andy Schafer was formerly the VP of Engineering at Createthegroup, a digital creative and ecommerce company, where he ran global engineering and before that, Avanade (sold to Accenture), where he ran the application development practice.


The SVP of Sales, Mark La Rosa was both the VP of Sales from Monetate and Panjiva, and laid the foundation for the success of the famous VC, David Rose’s company, Gust, as the VP of Sales and Business Development.


3. First-to-market with in-hiring process communication solution gives opportunity for thought leadership and market dominance

Other players in the market are focusing on automation pre-apply to attract candidates versus automating the arduous recruiting tasks for high-volume employers. Additionally, Convey also scales communication during the hiring process and is able to do so because of its integration with the ATS during the stages of the hiring process. This is true engagement and marketing automation post-apply vs. pre-apply and thus, can automate parts of the process typically not automated, such as screening and scheduling.


4. Advanced workflow engine powers personalized communication to candidates during the hiring process

ConveyIQ’s personalization engine determines the cohorts of candidates that the system must send communications to during the hiring process. Based on identifiers from the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the system identifies the attributes that qualify what type of communication should be sent out, which language is best suited for the communication, when the communication should go out, and which medium is most appropriate.


It works similarly to the complex underpinnings of marketing automation systems such as Marketo and Hubspot, but is designed for recruiting professionals. The product provides templates for best practices in communicating with candidates that recruiters can utilize throughout the process.


5. Official Integration partnerships with Oracle, IBM, Workday, iCIMS, Greenhouse and the industry’s most pervasive Applicant Tracking Systems.

The connectivity of the Convey platform to the Applicant Tracking System is a critical part of its ability to deliver the solution to clients and actively personalize the communication. Partnerships with key players such as Oracle’s Talent Acquisition Cloud and Workday give ConveyIQ special access to APIs necessary for development and sandboxes that enable the Company to test its integrations without client involvement, providing a more seamless onboarding process.

Danielle Weinblatt, CEO

Danielle is the Founder and CEO, of ConveyIQ. She has operational and Startup experience from founding to scale and helped create the Digital Interviewing and Interviewing Management sectors. In 2017, she launched Convey, which is the first Talent Communication software for recruitment. Convey is the only solution that engages candidates from application to onboard integrated into all major Applicant Tracking Systems. She has led the company since inception and has experience launching 3 software products. In 2016, the company was recognized as a Top 10 HR Cloud Solution Provider. ConveyIQ has raised $18M in venture capital.


Danielle has been a contributing writer for Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post and Wired and was a contributor to the book, “Been There, Run That.” In 2014, she was named a Game Changer by Workforce Magazine and a Top Under 30 Entrepreneur by the New England Technology Summit. Danielle was an Arthur Rock Fellow at Harvard Business School and is a member of the Rock 100, a network of founders of high-impact ventures.


Danielle attended Harvard Business School where she achieved Honors and was on pace to become a Baker Scholar, while founding Take the Interview, a digital interviewing software company. She received a B.S., summa cum laude, in Applied Economics from Cornell University. She graduated in the top 1% of her business school class, Beta Gamma Sigma with Highest Distinction.


Larry Murff, COO

Larry is a financial and operations executive with a history of building and optimizing organizational structures, processes, measurement systems and infrastructure to maximize profitability, growth and global company value.


A CPA with 30 years of intensive experience across multiple industries, including SaaS, AdTech and financial services.He maintains the passion, drive & expertise to build on repeatable and highly scalable processes in high-growth, fast-paced environments.Larry is a CPA and holds a BS Accounting from University of Alabama.


Andrew Schafer, CTO

Andrew joined ConveyIQ (then Take the Interview) in 2016 to take the technology organization in a new direction under the re-envisioned ConveyIQ.  He has reshaped the product, design, and engineering teams with new people and operational processes resulting in several new products. The organization just released a fully redesigned product, built from the ground up with the latest technology, that increases candidate engagement while also improving recruiter efficiency.


Prior to joining ConveyIQ, he was the VP of Technology at an e-commerce technology and creative design startup where he led a restructuring and investment initiative to focus the company on developing a new type of ecommerce platform that powered the ecommerce businesses of such companies as Matalan, LVMH, and DKNY. Prior to that, Andrew was an early employee at an Accenture/Microsoft funded startup named Avanade staying through its growth to over $2 billion in revenue with 12,000+ employees worldwide.


Andrew attended Purdue University for Bachelor of Science in Computer and holds an MBA from New York University.


Mark I LaRosa, SVP of Sales

Mark LaRosa is a sales and growth expert for young businesses.  In his career, he has taken 7 businesses from zero or near zero sales to profitability and beyond by finding the repeatable sale, building teams, and then setting in motion the rapid growth and expansion of revenue.


Whether this was a business he founded, or a company in which he came in to usher its first sale, or a company in which he was tasked with finding its growth curve, Mark has a near perfect record.  In 2014, Mark compiled all his expertise into his book Sales, Swingers & Start-ups.


Mark accelerated sales in 7 companies: all of whom are thriving or have exited (Panjiva in 2018 for $100M to S&P). He is a Trusted and known entity in the venture community for startup sales for helping startups find the repeatable sale.


Chirag Patel, Director of Product

Experienced product leader with a track record of releasing value-added products in the HR tech space.


Chirag is responsible to launch the following products:

  • TMP Worldwide – Career Site Localization to support global expansion of the product line.
  • Jibe – Multi-lingual job search across 15+ languages and supporting 1.5MM monthly searches.
  • Sterling Talent Solutions – Criminal Fulfillment Platform, automation to significantly lower cost & turnaround time of criminal background checks.

Chirag completed his B.S. Biochemical Engineering from Rutgers University and hold an MBA Marketing & Finance, Fordham University.


Zay Hamid, Director of Customer Success

Zay Hamid was born in Sri Lanka and moved to the United States with her family when she was 6 for better economic and educational opportunities. She grew up in Pennsylvania and went on to attend Pennsylvania State University, studying Biology and Life Sciences.


After questioning what she truly wanted to do with her career, she began to explore job opportunities in technology and software. Relocating to Florida presented her with the opportunity to start at an entry-level position within an IT Automation and RMM software company called Kaseya.


In 4 years at the company, she moved on from being a temporary employee to building out the structure for and then managing their Corporate Customer Success team: $40M of business over 5,000+ accounts all over North America, South America, and the Asia Pacific.