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Conk Inc

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Sector: Software

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Conk Inc is software provided by license subscription, and/or services.

Patented shareable ideas (also called concepts) based query generator that dramatically improves precision and comprehensiveness of search results from any search engine.

1. Computing paradigm that is layman friendly

Patented “concepts” capture human scale ideas idea or notion and related elements of that idea or notion. “Asthma,” for instance, is much more than a word that describes a medical condition. It also encompasses symptoms, pharmacology, scientific description and other relevant terms.


2. Empowering subject matter experts to directly discover insights from all data- text or codes

In all other products, Data Engineers and/ or Modelers need to be involved to write programs (in Java, Python, Power shell, Pig etc) to modify source data into a negotiated format. With uReveal, subject matter experts can directly interact with data as it occurs in source format.


3. Unified view of all data

With patented algorithms, uReveal provides a leap of technology by empowering SME to directly blend varieties of text or codes data on the fly. Today, this is only possible through “joins” which is a technical relational construct and expensive to implement on all data.


4. Powerful, Comprehensive and synergistic patent portfolio


5. IT world generally thinks Company’s capabilities not possible


6. Conk’s capabilities will change the power structure of the search by giving users significantly more precision and control of results.


7. Conk is partnering with HCL Tech and Microsoft Azure to develop, onboard and support Conk technology for the Azure cloud platform.  

Huge market touching a very large portion of the IT world.


Conk will revolutionize IT world by empowering non-IT experts to directly manage and discover value in big data.

While Analysts will no longer be dependent on data scientists and IT,  the efficiency and productivity of data scientists and IT will also improve significantly.


Conk will have a major impact on search in two ways:

  • Precision and comprehension will be greatly improved.
  • The user/analyst will gain increased control over precision of results and significantly affect the current internet advertising model.

Charles A. Clarkson, CEO and Chairman

Chairman and CEO also managing partner of an investment partnership with holdings in early stage, venture funds and real estate. Previously President of Alex Brown Realty.


Charles is a successful Entrepreneur since 1973. He was the presidential appointment to Kennedy Center in Washington DC and multiple gubernatorial appointments to several statewide and multistate/ regional commission and boards. Charles holds a BA from Princeton University and attended George Washington University Law School for JD.


Ren Mohan, Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Mohan is a founder of the company and its Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining the company, he served as Vice President of Bank of America’s Consumer Finance Technology operations, as Manager of Data Architecture and Planning at Johnson Controls,Inc and in his early career as Technical Manager/Data Architect for McDonald’s Corporation.


He has extensive experience in developing successful data management, sharing and analysis products in startup and mature corporate environments. He has broad knowledge of all types of data base technology and is a prolific creator of patentable intellectual property in this space.


Mr. Mohan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Physics from MK University, India,  as well as a Master in Business Administration from Jacksonville University.


Scott Hayford

Scott has leadership experience at the highest levels of Defense Intelligence. Reported directly to the Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence focusing on technology innovation. Now in private industry.  Led technology innovation at Northrop.


He has planned and expected budgets up to $ 4.9 billion with supervisory responsibilities for as many as 2500 personnel. He was one of 3 selected for NSA Technical Program, National Defense Fellow, Senior Technology Advisor for the Air Force and established the Technology Laboratory for Northrop Gruman


He is a West Point graduate and hold two Masters degrees.


Lee Black

Lee has extensive technology experience. After Navy Intelligence, he began a career in intelligence and technology. 10 years at a major intel agency along with managing tech teams at CNN, Northrop, a successful startup.


Lee has been CEO of a successful startup and a Georgia State University graduate (cum laude) degree in philosophy.