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Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited


Location: Wellington, NZ

Sector: Energy & Mining


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Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited (CRP) proposes to mine phosphorite from the crest of the Chatham Rise. Phosphorite contains phosphorus one of the main components of commercial fertiliser, whose use has contributed to the growth in agricultural productivity in New Zealand and around the world.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary
  • Location of deposit – Rock phosphate is low value relative to freight costs so proximity of the deposit and mining operation to the market is of paramount importance
  • Nature of the rock phosphate (characteristics composition and chemistry) Chatham rock phosphate has qualities that make it very competitive in the rock phosphate world. These include high reactivity, high calcium carbonate content, both important attributes for direct application fertiliser use.
  • Marketing and Strategy Vice President Najib Moutia Najib handled phosphate sales for OCP for Australasia and Asia Pacific for over 25 years and is one of the best known people in the fertiliser world. He has been with us since 2012

Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited (CRP) proposes to mine phosphorite from the crest of the Chatham Rise. Phosphorite contains phosphorus one of the main components of commercial fertiliser, whose use has contributed to the growth in agricultural productivity in New Zealand and around the world.

Robert Goodden (ACSM 1st Class Mining Engineering & Geology), Non-Executive Chairman – Robert is a member of the Company’s technical advisory team. He chairs Subsea Minerals Ltd developing business opportunities in marine mining and before that, as Chief Executive on a surf zone marine mining project off the coast of Namibia. He was previously on the advisory board for Nautilus Minerals advising on core drilling and sample recovery. He founded Seacore Limited an offshore drilling and construction contractor in 1976 and ran the company for 30 years until it was sold to the Fugro Group in 2006. He has also served as a commissioned officer in the Royal Engineers.

Chris Castle (BCA, ACA, CFIP), Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director – Chris is a chartered accountant with more than 37 years’ experience in investment and corporate finance. He was a founding director of Spectrum Resources and Premier Mining Securities and has held directorships in ten NZX listed companies. His mining and mineral exploration background includes projects with Amoil NZ, Kanieri Gold Dredging and Australian Anglo-American. Chris’ investment sector experience includes Brierley Investments and the Regina Confections/Charter Corporation group. He established the Aorere business in 1989 as a mining and mineral sector focused investor and share trader. He is also a non-executive director of TSX-V listed Asian Mineral Resources and chairman of ASX listed King Solomon Mines.

Robin Falconer (PhD, BSc-Hons, BSc), Executive Director – Robin is the principal of Robin Falconer Associates Ltd, with more than 36 years’ experience in geosphere, atmosphere, and ocean science surveys and research as a university lecturer, government scientist, consultant, industry employee and research group manager; in New Zealand and internationally. His work has included marine mineral and oil exploration, seabed surveys, weather analyses, oceanography, environmental studies, Geographic Information Systems, and computer mapping. He has worked at sea off New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, New Caledonia, China, Antarctica and the Arctic; for New Zealand, the USA, Canadian, Australian, SE Asian, German and UK companies and research institutes. He has several years at sea experience on a wide range of industry and research institute vessels.

Linda Sanders (Dip Journalism), Non executive Director – Linda has more than 36 years of experience as a communications executive and journalist and has significant board experience with New Zealand listed companies and community organisations. She has been a director of the Aorere business since 1989 and retired as its chairman in 2012. She has been a director of the Company since 2008 and is also a trustee of Golden Bay community organisations. Linda has worked as a communications manager for Telecom New Zealand, the New Zealand government’s Department of Building and Housing and has held a range of consultancy positions. She is also a financial columnist for national current affairs magazine The Listener.

Jill Hatchwell (BCA, ACA), Non-Executive Director – Jill was appointed to the Board in 2008. She is a director of Aorere and an executive director of Nevay Holdings, a financial advisory consultancy established in 1988 that advises a range of clients in the private and public sector. Jill has an extensive background in financial and corporate management, including roles as company secretary and executive director of Charter Corporation and group accountant at Brierley Investments. Jill has been a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand since 1982. Her other directorships include ServicelQ, the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the Aviation, Tourism, Travel, Museums, Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale sectors of New Zealand’s service industry.

Ray Wood, Chief Operating Officer – Ray is a geophysicist with more than 30 years’ experience interpreting data from the New Zealand region. He has published numerous articles on the geology, tectonics and resources of New Zealand’s marine territory. Ray has had extensive experience using geographic information systems to interpret and model geological and other data, including analysis of the impact of trawling on the sea floor.

Najib Moutia, Vice President, Strategy and Marketing – Najib, who has a Masters degree in chemical engineering, recently retired from a 30 year career at the Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) in Morocco, the world’s largest producer of phosphates. Najib’s role is to provide business-development and technical services to CRP, including enhancing yields in rock phosphate beneficiation and in phosphoric acid and fertiliser production plants.

Robyn Hamilton, Financial Controller – Robyn has been the Financial Controller of CRP since its formation in 2004. She is a Chartered Accountant with almost 20 years of commercial experience. She has worked as a Chartered Accountant in New Zealand and Australia and brings a range of expertise in the areas of duediligence, internal control, corporate governance, international financial reporting and statutory compliance. She is a member of New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and Governance Institute of Australia. Robyn has an extensive background in oil and gas and mining listed companies working for listed companies Bass Strait Oil Company Ltd, Aorere and previously Asian Mineral Resources Ltd.