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Continuing Education Records & Resources, Inc.

Location: Brentwood, CA

Sector: Software


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Express Interest is a software which provides a marketplace for licensed professionals subject to mandatory continuing education for re-licensure, the continuing education companies and institutions serving the selected professions, licensing agencies, employers, and advertisers of products and services for the disciplines served.


Market Size

14.4 million licensees in 40 professions, representing 48 occupations.  The continuing education provider market currently includes hundreds of companies and institutions for the 40 professions.

The advertiser market is similar with more hundreds of opportunities to advertise on the

Research & development completed; fully operational website

Website is fully operational and can be applied and expanded to any number of licensed/certified occupations in the United States.  Pilot tested in California and ready for national distribution.


Major marketing campaign can be initiated immediately

Social media and other marketing strategies are ready for implementation as funding becomes available with major work completed within three to six months.


Projected Return on Investment (ROI) greater than 15:1

Mandatory market which continues to grow annually with expansion from 48 to nearly 200 occupations in 50 states, territories, and the District of Columbia over the next 8 years


Organizational structure facilitates moderate operational expenses with substantive revenue margins

As an online business, brick and mortar structures are not required.  Utilization of contracted consultants enables fluidity of skills to be brought onboard for accomplishment of specific short-term goals.  The organizational structure is goal and objective designed.

Marketplace approach

By bringing together licensed professionals, continuing education providers, licensing agencies, and advertisers, a more comprehensive program is offered that saves time and expense for all participants while generating substantial revenue for CERR, Inc.


Founders and management team

Expertise of founders and management team reflect professional competence and excellence.  All founders and management team members are state and national leaders in their respective disciplines and are licensed professionals.


National and International Growth potential design provides a national base for licensure in all 50 states.  The software can easily be expanded to include additional professions and can be readily modified to provide the same service in other countries with approval/certification/licensure for professions.


Research and Design

CERR, Inc. carefully designed, tested, redesigned, and retested the website over a five year period with careful attention to the needs of the mandatory and expanding market of continuing education as required by state and federal licensing agencies, both from the standpoint of the licensee and the continuing education companies and institutions.

Patricia Rae Evans, PhD, PT (Ret), President and CEO of CERR, Inc.

Dr. Evans is a highly respected health care educator, association executive, and organizational consultant.  Dr. Evans received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, two master’s degrees from The American University in Washington, DC, another from The Fielding Graduate University, and her PhD from The Fielding Graduate University in California.  Dr. Evans is the former Director of Education for the American Physical Therapy Association, Chair of the Health & Human Sciences Department at Samuel Merritt University, and a consultant to the Information Systems Security Association and numerous other organizations. She is a co-founder of AlphaWave Consulting Services & CERR Inc.


Leslie Fauquet, M.A., CCC, SLP, Owner & President of

Ms. Fauquet is also the Founder and manager of, which provides free education information & support for parents and professionals. She graduated from Central Michigan University where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Ms. Fauquet has been very successful in obtaining and maintaining top ranking in the search engines for both and and has co-developed several websites for non-profit groups.  She is a co-founder of CERR, Inc. and served on the Board of Directors from 2012 – 2016.


David Hayes, PT, Corporate Treasurer, Member of Board of Directors, & Co-founder of CERR, Inc.

Mr. Hayes is the CFO and Owner of Rehab Alliance, a rehabilitation contractor providing occupational, physical, and speech therapy services at numerous facilities throughout Caifornia.  Mr Hayes receive bachelor degrees from the University of California—Los Angeles and Texas Woman’s University. Mr. Hayes is a past President and past Chief Delegate of the California Physical Therapy Association and a past President of the SOCAL Aquatics Association.  He is a member of the California Association of Senior Housing Facilities and the Western University Physical Therapy Department Advisory Committee.  He is a co-founder of CERR, Inc. and has served on the Board since 2012.


Victoria S Hayes, SLP, Co-Founder & former member of the Board of Directors of CERR, Inc., (2012 – 2016)

She is an owner and President of Rehab Alliance a rehabilitation contractor providing occupational, physical, and speech therapy services at multiple facilities located throughout California. Ms. Hayes received her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and her master’s degree from Chapman College. She has served as faculty for the California State University—Los Angeles and has presented at numerous professional conferences.

Ms. Hayes has successfully presided over the development and operation of Rehab Alliance, the company she and Mr. Hayes founded in 1987.She has received multiple service awards from professional organizations and the Council on Aging.


Robin Wand, PsyD, OTR, Corporate Secretary, member of the Board of Directors,

And Co-Founder of CERR, Inc.

Dr. Wand is a co-founder of AlphaWave Consulting Services, former Chief Executive Officer of the East Bay Community Recovery Project, and former member and academic administrator at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA.

Dr. Wand also owned and operate a clinical psychology private practice in the SF Bay area. Dr. Wand received her bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University, two masters degrees—one from the University of Hawaii and one from Pacific Graduate Institute, and her doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology.