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Location: Atlanta, GA

Sector: Software

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BlueLeap’s application, Dialogue, is a cloud-based platform that provides the next generation of conversational support and process control for enterprise customer service teams using consumer messaging applications (e.g. WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber etc…) as communication channels.


It goes beyond simple messaging enablement, allowing call center business analysts to build a complete end to end business process (from the CRM to the consumer) using a drag and drop workflow. Integration into AI, telephony and image recognition platforms are already complete and allow for proactive issue resolution. Further, the business can iteratively change their processes, by click instead of coding.  The messaging channel can be strategically managed, as demanded by consumer behaviors, without IT disruption and without costly implementation and maintenance.


It also fills a market gap by automatically combining the content of those messages with other company data to enable valuable consumer and market insights.

1. Patent pending routing and logic algorithms

Our secret sauce is our ability to manage distributed data, technology and interfaces into messaging apps, while providing a simple drag and drop mechanism for our customers to manage their business process without coding.


2. Deep industry experience learned by working with global call centers

Small potential entrants do not have the right combination of expertise.. Technical complexity coupled with rapidly evolving messaging platforms necessitate steep learning curves. We got our start in the services arena and learned on our own dime.


3. Familiarity with all major messaging platforms and use cases that demonstrate global capability

Our competition focuses on using the messaging channel as an extension of chat. We have a much more expansive offering. We focus on Text, Video, Image, Audio snippet interactions and helping our customers use them for strategic affect within their organization. We support WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Facebook  Messenger and more.


4. Global customers and unique use cases

We already have tackled many of the most demanding use cases. We have customers and proof points that demonstrate 10X benefit in cost savings and revenue acceleration. Large potential entrants can’t move quickly enough, since this is such a dynamic, evolving space. It’s similar to the way startups dominated the web development space long before larger companies could begin to compete.


5. Savings based pricing

All of our competition sells on a per-seat basis. Ours is based on savings as derived from customers moving from legacy to our digital channels.

1. Growth

Grew software revenue 108% and gross margins to 95% in 2018


2. Sales Momentum

Currently BlueLeap is outpacing projected transactions per customer by over 205%


3. Exit Strategy

BlueLeap has a 3 to 4 year exit strategy, reasonable projections and solid approach to growth.


4. It has already attracted paying customers

BlueLeap has 7 customers and has not invested in marketing to date. Additionally, prospects are finding BlueLeap on the web via google searches.


5. The CEO has made significant investments

The founders and advisors have invested $750,000 of their own money into the venture.


6. An experienced CEO and management team.

The management team is composed of seasoned executives each with over 20 years of experience within enterprise corporations and start-ups.


7. Large companies are following BlueLeap’s progress enabling a solid acquisition possibility

BlueLeap is interacting regularly with Oracle, Salesforce and recently Slack. They are being eyed by these larger platforms as a key strategic component necessary to support the demands of their customer base.


8. Has deep domain expertise in messaging, SaaS and the enterprise business

The founders started the company using revenue generated from services. Their original designs were based on discussion with large global customers. They have already climbed the category learning curve.


9. Has strong, sustainable competitive differentiation in a large, fast growing market

Their secret sauce is the patent pending routing and logic engine allowing them to deal with messaging data realtime often before it reaches the agent. Barriers to entry are high:

  • Small potential entrants do not have the right combination of expertise. Technical complexity coupled with rapidly evolving messaging platforms necessitate steep learning curves. We got our start in the services arena and learned on our own dime.
  • Large potential entrants can’t move quickly, since this is such a dynamic, quickly evolving space. It’s similar to the way startups dominated the web development space long before larger companies could begin to compete.

Eric Burgess, CEO

Entrepreneurial with deep start-up experience. Eric has lead Sales and Marketing within large services and software companies. Over the last eight years, he has been focused on helping companies leverage messaging in their daily operations. He’s a results-focused Marketing and Sales Strategist who combines trailblazing innovation and extensive software development knowledge with experience across the full marketing and sales life cycle to help companies create and sell products that are easy for consumers to use.

Visionary leader and persuasive communicator who builds empowered teams that deliver extraordinary results. Experience with start-up and large, global corporations. Key accomplishments include:

  • Nominated for Catalyst Magazine’s Top Fifty to Watch and for Ernst & Young’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.
  • Reduced average days lost from 250 to 110 days and average days won from 175 to 85 days by rebuilding client’s global opportunity management and account management processes.
  • While working with JDA boosted sales by 162% and improved operating margin by 200%.
  • While at Genpact Led entire BPO/ITO sales process, resulting in global deals of $20M, $30M and $60M over 18 months.

Hope Frank, CMO

Proven product, brand builder and global business leader. Strategic thinker coupled with innovative ability to balance ideation and analytical problem solving. Built a consistent track record of results through innovation, collaboration and hands-on execution. Deep experience executing strategic and campaign level marketing processes and leading M&A through complex marketing operations.


Top 50 CMO by Forbes Magazine & CEO World. Top 50 CMO Global Social Influencer, 2014, 2015,  2016, 2017, 2018. Brand & Digital Visionary, 2015, 2016, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of the Year,  2017, 2018. Expert Digital Marketer to C-Suite and SMBs, Broad Tenure in SaaS and Global Enterprise, B2B and B2C.


Specialties: Marketing Automation, Social Commerce  Cybersecurity, Infosecurity, Privacy, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality,  Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 5G, LTE, SDN & SON, NFV, 3D Standards, Video Stream  Optimization, Mobile, Wireless.


Expertise: Demand Generation, CRM, Performance Social, Influence, CRM, Real-time Analytics &  Optimization, Member, IMA, DEG, Digital Cinema, Gaming, Wi-Fi, Sports & Entertainment (ESPN/ABC/NBC), IR, PR inclusive of APAC, LATAM, EU, UAE Developed and Led Digital Training  Programs in China, India, Australia, UAE, EMEA.


Chad Terry, CFO

Seasoned CFO with deep experience growing companies and positioning them for sale.

Key Career Milestones Achieved:

  • CFO of Alogent that was acquired by Goldleaf for $43M in 2008
  • CFO of Solohealth and led fund raise of $32M debt/equity in 2012 for national kiosk rollout in
  • CFO of Accelarad that was acquired by Nuance for $34M in 2014

Chad completed his BBA in Accounting from Kennesaw State and his MBA from University of Georgia


James Coburn, Global Delivery Executive

Based in Melbourne, Australia, James brings to the table 23 years of executive management experience at IBM. He has successfully improved the customer experience with many different companies across a variety of industries.


Extensive experience in Information Technology across a variety of industries – currently focusing on engaging customers with an integrated experience through mobile messaging apps. Skills in account and project management, cloud migration, strategy, sales, digital transformation, solutions architecture, software development, systems integration, financial governance, infrastructure operations and delivery, service management, outsourcing.


With a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Melbourne, James knows exactly what it takes to improve customer satisfaction rates.


Darian Schramm, CTO and Programmer

With over 12 years’ experience building high-volume transactional marketing system for enterprises, Darian has deep development experience and is particularly adept using Python and Django. Darian has worked as a technologist with digital marketing agencies from New York City to Los Angeles as well as built software products for start-ups.


Darian’s experience spans the application from UX builds to database data model design and deployment. Notably, he worked with Plone building video content management systems (CMS) for the likes of AT&T AddWorks and CBS.


With a Computer Science Degree from West Virginia University and extensive experience in building scalable enterprise applications and solutions, Darian makes sure things run smoothly and efficiently.