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Bloc Products Ltd.

Location: Red Deer, Alberta

Sector: Retail & Consumer Products.

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Bloc Products Ltd. is involved in the manufacture and supply of innovative healthcare products. Their current product range includes “PuriBloc”, a small water purification device that removes bacteria and contaminants in tap water and adds missing minerals and balances pH levels for healthier and fresher tasting water. A version of PuriBloc has also been designed for dog and cat bowls to help reduce pets exposure to bacteria and other contaminants – there is no similar pet product on the market. Also “NicoBloc”, a natural and drug-free method of removing tar and nicotine from filter cigarettes to allow smokers to either give up smoking completely in a stress-free manner or to keep smoking but with reduced health risks associated with the consumption of tar and nicotine. Products yet to be brought to market include the NicoBloc “NicoPen” device. A pen device the size of a normal cigarette to fit into the normal cigarette packs but operates like an epipen to dispense the NicoBloc product for the user. Sleek modern design and convenience for the user.”PainuBloc”, a device for curing lower back and many different body pain ailments associated to spinal pain etc. for which FDA registration is already in progress

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The NicoBloc product is manufactured from 100% FDA approved food grade ingredients, is drug free and blocks up to 99% of Nicotine and Tar from the smoking experience without changing the taste of the normal brand of cigarette smoked by the smoker.



PuriBloc is NOT a water filter. PuriBloc is an innovative new product designed to purify and keep clean water clean. It removes 100% of bacteria from the drinking water, it balances the pH level and it releases minerals into the water in order to optimize the mineral content for human consumption.

It improves the taste of the water and keeps the water fresher for longer and prevents any bio film from forming. One PuriBloc capsule will keep working for up to six months and can process up to 1000 litres of water over this time. All clinical trials and efficacy results were conducted under Professor R J Russell, Associate Professor of Microbiology, Moyne Institute of Preventive Medicine, Trinity College Dublin.


1.  User friendly – Customer can continue to smoke their normal cigarette with less than 1% of tar and nicotine with no noticeable change to taste or satisfaction

2.  Personal choice – The smoker can continue to smoke with the benefit of Harm Reduction (no tar or nicotine) or stop smoking at some stage when their nicotine consumption has been reduced to almost zero (normally within 6 weeks)

3.  Success rates – NicoBloc achieved 60% stop smoking success rates in corporate field trials. Competitive NRT products achieve around 20% success with counseling

4.  No side effects – By gradually withdrawing nicotine, NicoBloc users experience minimal side effects unlike other products such as NRT patches, gums and E cigs (which all deliver nicotine). Also approved by NHS UK ethics committee for use with pregnant women (unlike other nicotine based stop smoking products that may present a risk to the unborn child)



1. User friendly – Can be used 24 / 7 in any water bottle anywhere and gives great tasting pure drinking water on the move (e.g. for running, gym, cycling etc). Also Pet PuriBloc available for your pets’ drinking bowl
2. Environmental – Eliminates the need to purchase expensive drinking water as PuriBloc also works on all normal household tap water. This eliminates 2000 waste water bottles for every one PuriBloc use. Just fill your own bottle or jug from your normal tap every time
3. Cost – PuriBloc purifies 2000 bottles of water and lasts for 6 months at a cost of $20 approx. No maintenance required, just pop into any bottle, jug or coffee machine and leave for 6 months for perfect drinking water every time

Ger Hayes, Managing Director
Ger Hayes has specialized in the smoking cessation sector and has worked on developing and refining the principles and strategy behind BGL including completing all product classifications / testing and securing all government medical clearances on a worldwide basis. Ger has over 25 years experience working in the Intellectual Property sector (new product concepts, research & development, global patents, trade mark registration, etc).


John Dennehy, Global Sales & Marketing Director
John Dennehy is a seasoned and respected Irish and international marketing and sales strategist with many years of experience at senior levels across a broad spectrum of industries including International Project Management, Medical, MIS, Financial Services, Environmental and Chemical, Telecommunications and Charity sectors. As a highly skilled communicator, negotiator, and motivator, John is adept at opening new markets both nationally and internationally as well as assisting in the preparation of companies for sale.


Alan Haymes, Technical Director
Alan Haymes has been involved in smoking cessation since 1997 where he developed and managed the company’s corporate stop smoking programme (“The Rosen Programme”) in the UK. Following the success of “The Rosen Programme” in both the UK and Ireland, Alan formed NicoBloc plc together with Ger Hayes in order to develop the programme into a global retail OTC product. Alan is also responsible for the product efficacy, technical documentation, conference presentation and distributor support in terms of training and media relations. He has a BSc in the Behavioural Sciences and is a Licentiate Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.


Ciaran Newman – Production & Logistics Director
Ciaran Newman has operated his own business consultancy company since 1989 as a provider of sales, marketing, production planning services and logistics to a client base of international trading companies based in Ireland. Clients have included Nissan, SMC Pneumatics, Mercedes-Benz Ireland & TSM Controls Limited. Ciaran is also a past president and fellow of the Institute of Training & Development. Ciaran is responsible for the total outsourced production.