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Biopep Solutions Inc.

Location: Richmond, BC

Sector: Life Sciences


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Biopep Solutions Inc. is a private late-preclinical stage bio-tech company. Biopep’s lead candidate drug’s multivalent cancer inhibition mechanism is revolutionary in the treatment of cancer. The drug, called BPS-001, blocks the channels cancer tumors use to promote cancer survival  and their ability to grow and spread.  Rather than being limited to the short-comings of current drugs and therapies, Biopep believes that it is developing the next generation of cancer therapy that will simultaneously block the different channels of cancer growth.

Business Documents

MG cp Summary

Need for a drug that is effective against cancer resistance 

The problem with conventional drugs and therapies is that the cancer develops resistance to them over time and it returns in a more aggressive form.In comparison to the weaknesses of the current prostate cancer drugs, BPS-001 inhibits the expression of the entire androgen receptor as well as inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels, reducing inflammation and cancer cell migration, and activating cancer cell death.


Need for a cancer therapy with minimal side effects

Chemotherapy is toxic and has a negative impact on the quality of life for the patient. As well as being toxic, it is non-specific, meaning healthy cells are also affected. BPS-001 is non-toxic at over 160 times the normal dose in animal studies. As opposed to conventional cancer therapies, BPS-001 is administered weekly through an injection similar to insulin.


Need for effective late stage prostate cancer therapy

When caught early, prostate cancer is often treatable. However, the only option to advanced prostate cancer patients treatment is chemotherapy which is very toxic and only prolongs life.BPS-001 has the potential to change the landscape of cancer therapy by providing a more effective treatment of late stage metastatic prostate cancer (mCRPC) in comparison to existing drugs, without any significant toxic side effects, and durable treatment.

Biopep’s lead drug candidate, BPS-001, has a unique multivalent mechanism to treat various forms of cancer.  The initial target indication is prostate cancer.  However, unlike conventional therapies like chemotherapy, hormone depravation therapy or immunotherapy, BPS-001 has the following advantages:

  • A multivalent mechanism of action, which targets multiple pathways and sites on the cancer cell, which means the cancer will be unable to develop resistance to the treatment which is the case with conventional single targeted drugs;
  • Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels that feed the cancer (i.e. inhibits the process of angiogenesis);
  • Promotes the programmed death of cancer cells by a process called apoptosis;
  • Reduces inflammation which is a driver of all major diseases;
  • BPS-001 has very low toxicity giving it a large therapeutic window;
  • Ease of administration, a once weekly subcutaneous injection; and
  • BPS-001 has the potential to change the landscape of cancer therapy by providing a more effective treatment for late stage prostate cancer (mCRPC) in comparison to existing drugs and therapies.

Ahmed Merzouk, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Merzouk has more than 20 years’ experience in industry and academia in drug discovery of small and large molecules. The expertise of Dr. Merzouk ranges from design, synthesis, and purification of synthetic molecules to extraction of active ingredients from natural sources.


Yalcin Ilsever, PhD, CPA.CGA, IMA(USA),FICBDirector, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Ilsever is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). His PhD is in  Accounting, Finance and Statistical Measurement. He has extensive experience in the private sector in the issuance of fixed income securities and equities. Dr. Ilsever has also published extensively on electronic commerce platforms, and business measurement systems.


Gary Yalloway, PhD, Director, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Drug Development

Dr. Yalloway has over 22 years of multidisciplinary experience in industry and academia and skills in enzyme engineering and protein purification of proteins of medical and industrial interest. He has significant experience in regulatory affairs with both the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. He is highly experienced in all aspects of R&D, process development, and the scale-up and manufacture of therapeutic proteins. His specialties include upstream and downstream processing, including large-scale production and bulk manufacturing of recombinant proteins.